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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2087553 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Susan, and Cazza.  We have 10 or 12 inches of snow, after the front finished we got lake effect snow all day.

It's snowing again this morning and we got the strong north wind drifting also.  Don't think the new puppies like it when

we take them out.  We have 40s and 50s all week after today.  Not sure if I will clear the driveway, probably some.  I did

shovel the decks and a path around the pool for the puppies.

I didn't do much yesterday, waiting for it to be warm in the basement again where I do most of my work, got spoiled when

it was around 60 down there.  Mostly I'm waiting for a relay so I know the lengths of coax cable I need to order after I mount

it to the back panel.  I watched a movie on TV and I usually watch a netflix series or hotrod channel while I exercise on the


We were going to spend some time south after this year but now we will probably build up the horse farm in PA with our

daughter to leave it for them and the grandchildren.  Lot of work and money but will be rewarding and fun.  I don't know when

we'll get started on it though.  Will take years to rebuild the farm house, build daughter's new home, build the horse barn, and

the fences.  I might not last to see it completed but will do all I can.  It does sound beautiful to find a remote place in good weather

during the Winter.  We were going to get a large pick up and camper to stay from after Christmas until our daughter's birthdays

in April.

Our grands usually ride in the St. Patrick's Day parade with their father but didn't this year.  I usually go alone because nobody

else wants to stand out in the cold.  A great deal of the spectators are college kids drinking and partying, lot of girls dressed in

revealing clothes even in the cold, but I hardly notice.  smile Like the pipe bands.

Sounds like we can form a room on facebook.  Seems like they had those on AOL back in the 80s when AOL was the only interface

to the internet.  Long before facebook.

I did go down to the basement to talk to my brother on ham radio late in the eve but two other guys started talking on the frequency

we use so I skipped it.

Everyone have a great day, Spring is at our doorstep.


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From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie, Kitty and others ~

Lovely that you attend a St. Patrick's Day parade.  When we first came to Cleveland, we went to the parade and downtown festivities with our youngest daughter.  It was an unusually warm day and many of the catholic schools had let out and children and young adults everywhere.  Joe (late husband) and daughter started drinking green beer at a place called Flannery's Irish Pub.  I'm not the beer drinker except for Christmas Ale in December, so I grabbed some Irish coffee.  It was a great fun day (2009).  

A dusting of snow, but cold.  Eldest daughter and her husband on the way to Santa Rosa Beach in the panhandle of Florida.  They hope to buy a second home there.  That would be nice because maybe Mom (me) could visit.

Stay safe.  Hugs, Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Cazza, and Kitty.  The Weather Channel on the internet forecasts Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday sunny

and in the 60s here.  If the evening is 60, like it was last time we were in the 60s, I will ride my bike down to the farm.  It's 100 miles

away so it's a nice ride.  I've already had my bike out this Spring.  Had a stuck float that caused a gas leak but it broke loose with some

riding and a bottle of Chevron Fuel System Cleaner.  I still have carburetors in my garden tractor and bike.

I do enjoy watching my grandchildren and the pipe bands in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, cold but fun.  I got heated gloves last Spring

for my walks with Brandy because have more trouble with my hands in colder weather.  Didn't know I would only use them for a couple

months with Brandy.  I've started exercising my fingers more when I do my exercising morning and eve.  It will take a long time to inprove

the circulation if it ever does.  My neck and back are much better than they were before I started exercising harder.  I was getting neck aches

that caused headaches every Winter when the temperatures dropped.  I had to wear a scarf all the time but it's gone away now, probably until

I get to old to exercise.  If I live that long. 

I did clear the driveway of snow with our backhoe yesterday even though we didn't travel anywhere.  Most likely the last snow removal with the

tractor.  It's fun to use such a machine for snow removal anyway.  49 degrees and sunny today so much or all of the snow will be gone.  I do have

a couple small projects to do with the backhoe this Summer.  Some day I will get a trailer so I can move it to daughter's property to help them.

We were going to get a large camper and the truck to tow it so we could live in the south for months in the Winter but now we plan on building up

the horse farm on my dad's farm to leave for daughters and grands.  My dad's truck will work to pull a one horse trailer but eventually we will need

to get a larger truck.  Would be nice if your daughter gets a place in Florida so you can enjoy time with them in the Winter Susan.  One of my brothers

lived in Florida for a couple years.  We visited him one Winter.  I remember walking around in a t shirt on Christmas Day.  Think was 1966 so I was very

young.  We got stuck in a snow storm a few hundred yards from home when we got back.  I have the memories.  I'm the only one still alive that toke that

trip.  We used our farm tractor to get the car home. 

All of you enjoy this beautiful weather but don't get sun burned.  I have to remember to wear a hat because most of the hair on my head is gone.


Grandboys and Brandy in the pool Summer past.


From: Kittyarnold


will miss all of our friends here and back in the day helping others stay quiet....hugs


From: Susan1206


Seems like I am having difficulty replying to this message??   I am going now to check out Facebook.


From: Susan1206


Yes, I agree.  Am on my way to check out Facebook and how we can chat.  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and Susan.  Many people had already faded into the past.  Only one other posted in

our Ashbustin Army of April 2007.  I remember one of the last on this Seniors thread got a job truck driving

and disappeared soon after. 

32 here this morning, pretty good before dawn.  Think I'm seeing bugs in the air in front of our cameras.

Less than 2 weeks before the forum goes poof!

Our two puppies are doing great, growing and playing.  Daughter is coming over tonight with her kids and

dogs.  Took our puppies and those dogs couple hours to get accustomed to each other last time but most

likely minutes this time. 

I bought one of the necklaces my daughter made, don't know if I will sell it or keep it for myself.  Others have

inquired about buying one but I really like this one.  Would like to hang it here or my wife might want it.  Don't

think I have a picture on this PC yet.  Will have to get some of the pictures transferred soon. 

Looks like I will get my blood test Thursday and ride bike down to the farm Friday. 

All of you take care.


Granddaughter soon after she helped talk me into this final quit.


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie and Kitty,

Sitting outside on the patio with Finn and it's finally Springtime!  Waiting for the birdies to come for their lunchtime snack.  I made the mistake of buying on the cheap (Discount Drug Mart) and its been rejected.  So, I stopped at a local place called the Rock Pile.  My oh my, big bags of bird seed for the tune of $47.-00 per bag.  Too too pricey for my budget.  I settled on a bag of better bird seed (small) for $8.00.  Amazing how birds can tell the better food from the cheaper one.

I formed a private group entitled Sensational Seniors 2022 on Facebook.  I invited both of you.  We will see.  I decided to keep it private..... Not sure how others would contact us if they wanted to post.  It may be a way we can keep in touch.  Not even sure how to see if Nopevember group is even on line any longer.

Beautiful Day ~ take a deep breath and praise the Lord we are no longer smokers.....    Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

Please see my message to Ernie and you.  I created a group titled Sensational Seniors 2022 and invited you and Ernie.  I kept the group private.  Not sure what would happen if others wanted to join?

Keep the Faith.  I joined a group of others at a local hospital.....to rectify some breathing problems that I now have....

Always, thank you for your support and help!   ((hugs))  Susan