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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1792075 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all, so great to see you Kitty.  I was getting very worried.  Think it's been about two weeks.

We are getting ready for Easter dinner.  We still host the dinner, our daughters are being lazy also.  My wife let her

parents know there will be our 2 puppies and our daughter's 2 dogs here so don't think her mom will come to dinner.

I like dogs more and more as I get older and she likes them less.  My opinion is they're better than most human beings.

I set up a small radio here by the pc to connect to a local repeater and somehow messed up my wireless keyboard.  Had

to remove the batteries and install them before it would work this morn.  Going through a cold streak like we all are.  Only

29 right now.

Jerthie, I think I was past my teen years when boom boxes came out.  I like them for shoveling snow and working on cars outdoors.

I have a set of head phones for mowing.  They cancel noise and I get music at the same time.  I found a pair on my walks with the

dogs.  Wife got me a better pair as a gift.  Our grass is growing and mowing season is well on it's way.  I have an extension cord run

into an evergreen shrub out by the driveway for  the boom box.

We could use a vacation somewhere warm Kitty.  keeps going back into cold and some snow.  At least things are good and we're healthy.

Hope everyone has a happy Easter. 


No more snow like this to shovel for a while.

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From: Kittyarnold


Happy Easter everyone.....love to your day

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From: Jerthie123


Happy Easter to you all!!


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Jerthie and all.  We had a great Easter with daughter and her family.  It's another

cold day today but up and down until Summer breaks through.  Looks like I travel down to the farm on

my bike sometime Friday through Sunday.  There's a little rain sneaking in there some time but temperatures

60 to 70.  Was chilly yesterday but I cleared lots of broken branches from the Winter lawn.  Looks better but

I have at least one dead tree to remove here soon.  I have to use the tractor, a concrete block, and rope to

weight it up the driveway away from the neighbors, road, and wires.  To bad, it's one of the trees my wife

planted back when we moved here over 42 years ago.  She mail ordered trees, they came in the mail as little

twigs, was hard to see them as trees.  Very few have survived this long but many became large trees.  Some

of our younger trees are baby trees from those older trees.  I have to move a large ham radio antenna this

Summer because I put it to close to one of those trees and now it's growing into the antenna.  I never put

antennas up on towers the way many do, much harder to do anything with them after that. 

I ate way to much yesterday, will probably take a week or so to get my weight back down so my Glucose comes

back down.  Sad my granddaughter had to work.  She made a pie and came over to make the other one but

couldn't be here for the dinner. 

I have an external hard drive coming I think today.  I should be able to put many of the pictures on that are on

this PCs hard drive.  This one is one terabyte, very large when we got this but now 2 terabytes is common which

is what the new external one is.  This PC should get it's speed back.  When I got my first hard drive PC back in the

80s it was 256k hard drive and I think it cost as much as this one.  I have most of the pictures backed up on CDs

but can't access them from those easily.  Hard drives moved from kilobytes to gigabytes and now terabytes, I think.

Hope all had a great Easter and enjoy today as well. 


1980's IBM 5150 PC Personal Computer Working in used ...Older IBM PC from the 80s with floppy disc hard drive.


From: Jerthie123



I love reading your entries about the farm, your granddaughter, and older forms of technology.

You comment about the chilly weather... Whereabouts do you live?


From: Susan1206


Hi Jerthie ~

Ahhh...nothing like the day after a holiday!  Especially with the Lake Erie snow machine begins ~ Yes, snow here about an inch or two of wet sloppy snow on the ground.  I managed to trek out to feed my feathered friends and even brushed off their feeder!

All is good here.  We had a delightful day with Mass and being with my youngest daughter, son-in-law and Bronwen, my four year old granddaughter.  Another dinner at husband's sister-in-laws where I ate a bit of aspraragus and pineapple bread pudding.  

Hopefully, you were successful with another holiday of being a non-smoker.  I quit on the day before Thanksgiving many years ago!

((hugs))  Susan

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From: Susan1206


Dear Miss Kitty ~

We were all very worried about you.  Perhaps you were taking a break away.....  I hope you and Brian had a lovely Easter.  We dined out with youngest daughter and family.  It was far easier to pick up the tab for our brunch than to spend hours upon end at the grocery store and preparation.  Life is Good.   Snowing here now...... summer temperatures by week-end.  ((hugs))  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie ~

Shall I send this dreadful weather your way ?    They were "spot on" with their prediction.  Wet, sloppy snow almost all day.  We have two small eaglets (just hatched) and Mama is spreading her wings in the nest to keep their warm.  Let's hope the worst of it is over.  Warmer temperatures due by the end of the week.  Spring......wish it away into Summer....

((hugs))  Susan