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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1826001 views.

From: Kittyarnold


enjoy your stay in the Keys and love the picture....don't forget to look down at the sand ....might see a seashell....


From: Susan1206


I still have all of yours from beautiful Sanibel. I hope you saved your collection!!!!


From: JavaNY


Have a great vacation, Susan. 

Yes, a John Denver song. Though I think made popular by Peter, Paul, & Mary. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Kitty, Paul, and all.  54 here this morn, pretty warm when still May.

Hope you enjoy your trip Susan.  Wife also had shingles during her first pregnancy but we

were both much younger. 

We have a moth flying around in front of a camera, looks like flash the super hero.  I'm off

to the farm this morning after exercise.  I managed to get the bow and fishing arrow secured

to the bike yesterday.  So can get my brother's new wire antenna put up.  He's so proud of it

but it's just a wire antenna with a bunch of tuning coils in the coax connector.  It's ok, we all

have built something up in our minds that wasn't what we gave it credit for.

I still have to bend the fan blades out on the Allis Chalmers tractor.  They still hit the shroud in

front of it sometimes.  At least the old damaged hydraulic drive parts didn't hit the radiator when

they came lose last Summer.  Finding parts for a 1976 tractor isn't easy, got most of the parts from

a guy in Wisconsin.  A place in PA had some of them but wanted twice the price.    I see there's another

shield I can install on the tractor they removed before I was working on it.  Then I will probably take a

couple sweeps around the field.

I was also thinking of Peter, Paul, and Mary.  I had the album in the 60s.  Also had Puff the Magic Dragon.

Had forgotten about John Denver though. 

Pretty much fixed the bullseye caused by the stone from the truck on the highway in my windshield.  Still

looks like a water spot about 1/8 inch across but I can live with what's left.  Also put resin in a bout 5 other

spots fragments hit and didn't cause bullseyes. 

Enjoy the day all, great weather, 72 and partly sunny here. 



From: JavaNY


You enjoy also, Ernie. Similar weather here.  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  57 here, warm.  Will take the pups out for their mile soon.

Made it to the farm yesterday and managed to get my bow down there on my bike.

I had other work to do so we didn't get the antenna installed yet but the bow will be

there until I drive my Monte Carlo SS down.  I had forgotten about the bent fan blades

on the Allis Chalmers tractor.  I did finally get them pulled away from the shroud.  So

they don't clang every time the engine is shut off.  Very rugged fan, used a wrecking

bar and pulled as hard as I could.  Still only got about 1/4 inches but that's enough.

Got one shield put on the tractor, there's two more when I find some bolts.  All of the

cat liter boxes were so bad I just took them over to the tree line and dumped them. 

Did a couple other odds and ends and had to head home.

Probably get the lawn mowed today.

Enjoy the day all.



From: Kittyarnold


hello....hope all is well.....the trees here are all green....the cherry tree has some berries and it is 70 here today.....spring in Ct. never disappoints....Brian is out mowing the lawn....and I am watching him....some flowers have popped and some veggies are growing in the garden....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  64 here this morn, no heat wave today but guess we're getting

ready for it.  I mowed yesterday also, rider and push mower.  I still have a small area on a bank

to do because the battery ran down on the push mower.  Sharpened the blade on it so maybe

will last longer now.

We have some flowers, the Lilacs have come and gone already.  Didn't see that baby Robin living

under them yesterday, maybe he has flown.  I saw him fly about 8 feet one day.

They usually have sweat peas from a greenhouse at our farmers market the second weekend in

June.  I put it on our calendar every year because I like to eat them uncooked.  Sometimes I buy

extra and take some over to the grands.  I can't find many later in the season when they ripen in


Have a great day all, some rain here today but not all day.



From: Kittyarnold


you should stop in when ours are producing....LOL......we are down to one baby goose....hope it survives....hope your day is wonderful


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  Little rainy here, on and off.  But warm.  We are still seeing small

flocks of geese going over, very low.  Our puppies are seeing them for the first time this season.

They sound somewhat like barking and the pups sometimes bark back.  We have rain forecast

around 5 AM, then will be able to take them out for their one mile walk.  I've tested my glucose

after these short walks and doesn't really count as exercise for Diabetes.  I have to put in an hour

and half after we get back, on the elliptical.  Seems hard to keep the pups under control out on

the road but comes under keeping busy.  Many Diabetics think that's enough and usually is if you're

taking prescription meds.

We have moths flying around in front of the cameras that we use to watch the cars, they look like

pieces of white paper floating around.  Still Spring but pretty much Summer weather.

I did odds and ends yesterday.  I had a pipe driven in the bank behind the pool to pull a post in the

pool fence back straight but dug it up last year and straightened it.  Couldn't get the pipe out with a

jack so took the backhoe back there and pulled it up out.  Took the push mower out and finished the

trim mowing, battery seems to hold up better now that the blade's sharpened.  I pull the weeds on

part of the bank by the road, just to steep for me to handle the push mower on it but can mow most

of it.  Still have water and mud by the road and at the base of the pool bank also.

The parts for my audio amplifier are supposed to arrive today so can try them.  Hope, at least, the short

is gone and would be great if it started working.  Has been a couple years since I bought the mod kit and

started rebuilding it.  Around $400 for the mod kit but those amps are selling around that price with the

old parts in them from the 80s.  Four output amp at 440 watts so 110 watts for each speaker available. 

Two sets of matched transistors coming today.

I'm glad to not be smoking and enjoying the Summer weather.

Have a great day.


Kenwood M2A audio amp.