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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1893363 views.

From: Kittyarnold


our backyard this morning.....blue birds....a deer with fawn.... our geese with their baby.....crows as usual....and just now? a bear strolled across the back yard down near the pond....a big one....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Paul, and all.  41 here yesterday morn, 56 this morn.  Was a sunny low

humidity day here also.  Good because I had to paint my mower deck after welding the wheel

mount on the deck.  Glad I decided to get it done because I looked at the lawn while I was

welding most of a day and could see lines in the grass.  I'm not real good at welding and a

mower deck is sorta thin metal to weld. 

Got the low power board mounted into the Kenwood amp, should get the high power board

in today when the transistors come in.  Think I will have more problems to fix after that.

Have a memorial to go to for my wife's cousin next Sunday.  Lung cancer at 54, not sure if she

smoked or not.  They were in the fracking area and getting money from that.  Lived down in PA

near where my dad's farm is.

Have to put a second coat of paint on the mower deck today, get groceries, and a little work on the

amp.  Then rain on and off for 3 days after that.  Probably get down to the farm Friday to help.

Have a great day all.



From: JavaNY


Good morning everyone. Nice weather again here, should stick around for a few days.

When I go out in the morning, there are certainly more people commuting to work here then at the start of the year. But I read only abut 20% of office workers have returned.  Terrible for the restaurants and stores that rely upon them. 

Enjoy all,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Our rain starts today.  Looks like Friday will be rain free and a good day

to travel down to the PA farm.  Yesterday was the D Day anniversary.  I didn't know my dad was in it

until a male nurse asked him about it in 2008 at Robert Packard hospital in Sayre, PA.  Was talking

about the camps they stayed in waiting to start.  Said he stayed in D6 or D7. 

Never noticed a change in traffic around here with the virus.  I only knew one person that worked

from home and he was taking care of his mom just about full time.  We are rural sort of though. 

I was a technician so I would have had to continue on same as usual, just about everything was hands on. 

But fortunately I was retired.  Wife was elder care and would've left rather than wear a mask with a face

shield all day.  I wouldn't have done that either.

I did get the second coat of POR15 on the mower deck, got groceries, and did repair on Kenwood

audio amplifier.  The amp still goes into protection mode so will ask the expert how to troubleshoot


Have to do garbage for us and daughter today.  Talk to her about driving up north  to get the Monte

Carlo SS.  It's about done and my wife can't drive long distance with her cataracts.  We will get those

fixed when she goes on medicare and medicare advantage this Fall.  Right now they want $14k and

don't accept her insurance.  National Health Care was rescued but badly damaged and isn't worth

a whole lot yet.  It's like a place holder for lots of things.

Have a great day all.


My dad, WW2.


From: Susan1206


Good morning dear Sensational friends ~
I have returned from a fun filled vacation to a place called Cheeka in Islamorado, Florida Keys. Great fun with Bronwen in the pools. A day trip to Hemingway’s home and Key West.  Very hot, high humidity and tropical.  Good to be back in Ohio to breathe the fresh cool air!   Susan 


From: JavaNY


Hi Susan. 

Looks like you had a great time. 



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan. Paul, and all.  60 here this morn, looks like a storm moved through

while I was sleeping.  Thanks for the pictures Susan, looks like the song about the keys.

The one pool is vertical and looks like it will drain.  smile  Our grandkids grow quickly.

I used jumper cables to start my daughters tractor yesterday, then mowed lawn for a

while, then she took over.  They haven't had time to get a new battery for it yet.

Labeled the sections of my old garage tent and took it down yesterday.  Will reassemble

it at one daughters home for a second greenhouse. 

When I met my wife she had just turned 15 and I was 17 but she was more mature than

me from being the oldest with 4 brothers.  Yesterday I signed her up for social security,

medicare, and medicare advantage.  Was a very strange thing for me to do.  Life went so

fast after marriage, for me Army, kids, and college sped up time. 

Supposed to be a nice day today until the storm at night.  After I welded the one wheel mount

on our lawn mower deck, I see an 8 inch crack on the other side of the deck that allows the

wheel to press up into the deck, was hidden in the coating from the grass.  Think I will take

brother in laws advice and try to bolt on a piece of metal both sides of the crack.  The metal

was thin new and is worse after all these years, difficult to weld. 

Taking the puppies for a one mile walk every morning around 4:20 AM before to much traffic.

That's as far as they should walk until after one year old I'm told.  At least I don't have to put

pain killer on my arthritic feet for a short walk.  Took me years but I settled on Brooks running

shoes with a non custom insert that pushes up on the center of my feet, with the help of a foot

doctor.  I do have some Brooks walking shoes but don't work as well, use them in colder weather.

Have a great day all.


Grands enjoy the pool.

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From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all.....cloudy start to our day here in Connecticut....supposed to clear this morning....hope all is well....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  Glad you are all doing well Kitty.  Was rainy on and off here and down

through PA.  Went to the farm anyway.  A fuse blew in the farm house and half the house was without

power, including their chest freezer.  Brother can't climb the stairs to the fuse box.  Don't know why

my dad didn't change those circuits over to the breaker box in the basement but brother couldn't

go down the stairs to the breaker box either.  So got a new fuse in and we found the culprit that caused

it to blow.

Then we finally got brother's new wire antenna up, a little higher than the 35 feet they require.  Used my

compound bow I took down there on my bike a few weeks ago.  My pant legs on my jeans got a little wet

on the way to the farm yesterday but dried while I was working.  Was wearing about 12 inch shoes so

couldn't feel the wetness.

Supposed to pick up grandsons today to take to a hamfest Saturday morning, then to the farmers market

to get some sweet peas they grow in a green house.  supposed to be ready 2nd week in June.

Enjoy the day all, I'm certain Brian is busy.


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