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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1971573 views.

From: Susan1206


Thank you, Paul for posting. All seems to be working properly now.  

I believe it is a six bedroom A Frame. I can always amuse myself with the hot tub and a glass of Cab.

A picture perfect day by the Lake.  We saw many sailboats out yesterday.



From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

Your message was received. Thank you.  I believe my ancient laptop is going to be on hospice soon…it’s just droning along and being quirky.  I hesitate to mention it to my youngest daughter and her husband. He’s a software developer with the Clinic.  They will order me up the newest and best!   Then, you must RELEARN an entire new system!  Lol

We will celebrate our third anniversary tomorrow with an overnight to a nearby ok’d hotel on the Lake.



From: Susan1206


Great pictures!  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Cute picture of Finn.  Guess I never did a search for a name on here.

I just use the drop down and click on Seniors thread.  This pc is slow o get on the internet but once on it's

ok.  Laptop at my ham radio station is faster and it's not hard wired like this one, it's on wifi.  I eliminated

lots of applications I don't use trying to find what's running when I don't want it but I've only improved it

some.  I have a 2 terabyte hard drive and I'm not even close to one terabyte yet.  This pc is about 12 years

old though. 

Worked on my bike windshield again with the 5 step process again but didn't turn out that clear.  Think I

have to use the buffer and rubbing compound and start over.  The little scratches are a pain in the sunshine,

which is most of the time I'm rolling. 

We went to Agway and got the powder stuff for ground bees.  I tapped on the ground there, with the pool

net handle, to find their entrance and put the powder on the ground about dark.  They stung Brandy 6 days

before she died so I feel less for them than I do for most animals.  Also Princess back when I walked her at

lunch times.  My arm still burning and itching this morning on the 3rd day.  Pretty sure we will find more here

and at our daughter's this Summer.

Supposed to go blueberry picking with our grandsons today.  will text our granddaughter but she's been super

busy.  Usually take take some down, with grandchildren, to the older lady that lives alone down the road.  Her

husband helped us some, after the tornado, back in the early 80s.

Finn is so cute Susan.

Have a great day all.


Cocoa's parents, Princess and Buddy, many years ago.  With granddaughter.


From: JavaNY


All the dog pictures are cute.

Insects are pests, but they are also pollinators so good to have in that sense.

Enjoy the day all.


From: Susan1206


We are headed to historic Lakeside Hotel and the Marblehead area.  A beautiful day to travel in Jim’s 2015 Mustang convertible……top down, I guess.

Lots of land for the bees ~ just not In YOUR domain!!!



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul, Susan, and all.  Warm morning at 61 here on the mountain.  I don't

know if ground bees pollinate, know most bees go from flower to flower but not all.  My

arm still burning and itching today, think ground bees only sting that lasts so long.

We picked blueberries yesterday, 16 pounds think it was.  Gave some to our granddaughter,

she didn't make it but showed up later.  18 year olds with busy lives.  Gave a container

to the old lady down the road, her husband helped us some after the tornado back 83-84.

I put aside some to take with me to the farm this morning to my brother and his wife.  My sister

is there part of today, will be the first time I see her this year.  She isn't live in caretaker there

anymore and haven't happened to be there at the same time yet this year. 

I couldn't get the bike windshield straightened out in time so I swapped with the other GS1100GK

Suzuki.  Might get it right later or might have to look for a used one.  Can't even come close to getting

a new one for 1982 bikes.  Just got that installed last eve to ride today.  Very expensive to drive the

Monte Carlo SS with it's 383 stroker engine.  Had to inject 14% more fuel than the base program calls

for to keep it from spark knocking.  Engine damage would be much more expensive than gas prices.

Takes premium and would like racing fuel.  I ran racing fuel back in the 80s in late model stock car

racing.  Stayed in first gear up to 100 mph on the circle track.

Glad you're getting out again Susan, I remember the convertible.  We had a 67 Camaro convertible

back in the 70s.

Must be hot in the city Paul with all the concrete absorbing the heat.  I got in the pool last eve after

installing the windshield after picking blueberries.  Just have to make sure I keep a hat on so not get

too much sun on my head.

Take care everyone.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, all. 

Enjoy your trip, Susan.

Yes, Ernie the concrete serves as a receptor for the heat. I go into the office on Thursdays, and it was stifling out yesterday. But it's summer so I can't complain. 


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning hope all have a wonderful day....from smoke free for 15 years....Kitty


From: Cocoa60


Congrats on 15 years Kitty!  An accomplishment.  The forum back then seems a world apart from now.

Nice Summer days.  Only 2 minutes before the alarm I woke this morn. 

Getting oil spots beneath my Baja in the driveway.  Tightened the oil filter and drain plug, hope the plug.

Had an oil drop on it.  I put a new ring gasket on it every time I change the oil so shouldn't leak but hope

that was it.

Went to Wegmans yesterday to get the ingredients to make a blueberry pie from some of the berries we

picked.  Stopped in to Penny's salon, wife wanted her hair trimmed.  I wandered around the mall.  Saw

a Chevy pick up with a snow plow at $54,995.  Price increase I guess.  Think lots of things will have to come

back down some if they want to get the sales volume they look for.  We haven't used any of our savings since

retirement and won't be taking any out until the market recovers.  Can make do with what we have.

We got the two tractors down to the lower place at my dad's farm and I used the brush hog to clear the area.

Brother got confused about the markers to bury his cats so he gave up and we didn't get that done.  The basement

was flooded in about 4 inches of water so good bet the water pump is running constantly.  I pulled the main

fuses out on the pole and tried to find stuff to step on to get across the basement to the beaker box.  Shut off

the 3 double 220 volt breakers and one single that went off the pump room.  Also went around and pulled the

plugs on freezers and frig, except the one they have the cats stored in.  Checked the light on that freezer after

putting the fuses back in on the pole.  So the cost and the danger should be taken care of.  I doubt the cats will

be taken care of as long as brother and his wife are alive.  Never thought I would be involved in a mess like that.

Gotta go walk the pups.  Have a great day all and congrats again Kitty, so glad you made it to 15!