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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2090160 views.

From: Susan1206


Good morning, Paul ~

Enjoyed your comments regarding the game.  It was a good game…..nonplussed about the whole thing.  Commercials and Rhianna’s half time show.  Ugh.  I may be showing my age but it certainly was not the best.

Most of us from Cleveland are die-hard fans…..we are just happy with a “win” every now and then.  You are correct, they have never been in the Super Bowl.  And so it goes…. Happy Monday to all ~   Susan


From: Susan1206


Good morning, Ernie ~

The football game was good ~ We had no preference, although I believe one of the Eagles defensive coach was from St. Ignatius where Jim and his son went to high school.  

I didn’t see many of the commercials ~ what I did see, I was not impressed.  Thought the half time show was decently disgusting.  Hardly impressed with Rihanna or the dancers who looked like aliens.  Perhaps, they were dropped down from these unidentified objects flying above.

With that comment, have a good week.  Chilly day here.  



From: Susan1206


Hi Miss Kitty ~

Thinking of you today and hoping that all is well with you.  We fly this week down to warmer weather and sunshine (I hope).  So tired of the gray sky that we have here by Lake Erie.

((hugs)). Susan


From: JavaNY


I guess everybody has their own taste, Susan. But my general thought is if you are up on stage alone or with a backup band/singers, you can show whether or not you have talent. If you are onstage with 800 other people, fireworks, smoke displays; whether talent exists become irrelevant.

Still tired from my run. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul, Susan, and all.  33 this morn, that seems better now.  I'm spoiled like

everyone, want all sunny warm days and nights.  Lots of years our worst snowstorm is

still to come in March, but my backhoe is ready and we're retired. 

I didn't see much clips of the commercials.  I think the Daytona 500 is on the 19th.  Look

forward to seeing at least some of it.  Would be the sons / daughters or grandchildren of

the drivers / teams that were winning when I became interested.  The actors were probably

trying to come up with something new or shocking, usually the way it goes.  I remember lots

of people hated Britney Spears but I thought it was funny when the dog barked.  smile

Trying to sell a ham radio, don't like selling.  All the used radios on the market were used by

a little old lady and only on Sundays after church. 

Still working on cleaning up my radio station and keeping it covered so the components aren't

crippled and look bad from dust over the years.  I have to take care of everyone's garbage today

but maybe I will get started on that cable I need to build, finally. 

Like all, I'm baffled by all the objects we are shooting down.  Seems strange to me that we couldn't

detect them until now with all the sophisticated equipment we have.  Or did this just start, are we

close to war like that general predicted.  Our pilots are probably psyched, waiting all those years for

a real target, getting awards, promotions, and such.  And not even having to kill any people or other

types of animals. 

Hope Kitty is getting along well too.  Learning how to keep safe from another attack. 

Everyone enjoy the nice weather days. 




From: JavaNY


Good morning, all. 

I wondered about all these objects also, Ernie. Maybe the balloons were too low-tech to be detected, or we knew about them and monitored them. We will never know.

Enjoy Valentines,



From: Susan1206


Happy Valentine’s Day to Miss Kitty, Ernie, Paul and all those who visit our Forum.    Love, Susan 


From: JavaNY


Thanks, Susan. Hope you enjoyed the day. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Up early again, looks like this will go on for a while, an hour

before I should be getting up.  Think they said the balloon had 2000 lbs of equipment under it,

that seems extreme to me and cause for alarm way before this.  I was thinking a small camera,

small transmitter or recording devise, and an antenna.  The fact that it could transmit data real

time is way to much for us to allow it to be near us.  Think of what would happen if we were sending

such a thing over other countries or even attempting to.  They can already see to much from the satellites.

Can tell the color of shingles on houses.  Maybe we can block sensitive areas but we would have to block

many areas that weren't or they would know something was there that they needed to target.  I would

think they would not even think of violent attacks these days.  Would think it would be a bacteria or

economics.  From what I hear of our enemies, they wouldn't care if they lost part of their own population.

Which is a big part of the reason they are our enemies. 

Tried to fix a microphone that works intermittently yesterday but didn't succeed.  At least I know where the

problem is and a little about the cause.  Today hope to get a few things done outdoors, sunny and up near

60 degrees.  After that think we have two rainy cloudy days, then some colder air briefly. 

We have some decorations up for Valentines.  Don't have any new pictures down loaded to this PC.  Happy

Valentines to all, late.

Got to see one of my daughters yesterday.  Her car is in the shop for an ignition switch problem and it's their

retired friend.  He's leaving town for a few days so I'm on standby if she needs a ride somewhere.  It's a pain.

Sometimes can't get the key out, sometimes can't start it, sometimes starts but can't put the transmission in

the gears.  I've not worked on that system for many decades and it's changed over and over because it's in the

car theft area of the vehicle. 

Susan, hope you have a good vacation and the trip there after so much aggravation trying to get the traveling right. 

Reminds me of the Steve Martin movie that involved trouble trying to get a rental car at the airport.

We have a slight bit of rain this morning, most of the rain on the radar isn't reaching the ground.  Hope it ends soon

so we can go for our run.  35 out though so that's good. 

Have a great day all, very good weather here for this month.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Yes, it was a nice day.  We decided to dine out at a local restaurant.  We made reservations at 5:30 p.m. which is very early for us…thought that many would be eating out.  Not true.  Enjoyed my usual patty melt and a glass of red wine!

I continue to pack and repack and pack again.  Apparently all airlines are scrutinizing baggage dimensions, etc.  Guess I am allowed one personal item and no purse.  Arghhh..

Enjoy the day.  Warm and windy here.  Susan