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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2086838 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  55 here this morn, have to think about what to wear for our walk.  Our sunsets are

supposed to be reddish from the smoke coming down from Calgary fires.  Is pretty.  Very warm here

yesterday, around 80, so didn't do much work with all the cooler days.  We still don't have rain in the


Happy Mother's Day Susan, Kitty.  Miss my mom.  Just had steamed clams at a restaurant in PA.  My mom

used to have those once a year when I was growing up.  Many years since I've had them.

Darn spider made a web over a camera lens again.  Will clean it off sometime when I don't think the dogs

will bark at the commotion.  Looks like the camera motion light is staying on.

Wife and grandson leaving north today to visit her parents.  I'm staying back with the rowdy dogs.  Still to

much for people even older than I am.

I'm still waiting for a ribbon cable from Kenwood northeast.  Ordered it April 7th.  Has to come from Japan.

Would have thought I would have it by now.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend all.



From: JavaNY


You also enjoy, Ernie.

3:19 sounds too early for me to be up. Meeting my sister and nieces today. High of 80 here, I don't want any warmer. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  48 here this morn, warmer than they forecast, lucky.  Only supposed to be

63 this afternoon.  I haven't seen my sister's kids in many years but did see my sister last week.  She

runs north to help my brother on the farm and I run south.  We live about 150 miles apart. 

I cleaned a lot of the tree seeds and such off the pool cover and drained the water, will probably be

dry by this afternoon.  Wife is up north visiting her parents so I have to try to use concrete blocks to

aid me in removing the cover.  Most of the time we can't be replaced with concrete blocks.  smile

I have to be up early Paul.  The dogs don't bond with us nearly as quick with their sister beside them.

It's taken me 1.5 years to teach them about traffic and they still burst out into the road if they see

something.  Only takes one mistake.  Most drivers don't care about dogs.  I have to step out for them

to even notice.  If they hit me it might slow their trip.  I have put my body out to keep dogs from being hit

quite a few times.  Right now I 'm waking up, drinking my only caffeine coffee of the day and bringing my

brain up to par.  Before I take the dogs out on the road risking our lives.  I worry about the person that

wants to kill us.  Has always been a risk in this world.

Think we reached 76 here yesterday.  I waited for 71 to take the pups out for their evening walk in the


My mom died with lung cancer almost 36 years ago so can't see her today but then I was the youngest

and my wife the oldest in her family so my mom would be very old today, almost 100.  Wife's mom is in

mid 80s.  Miss my mom terribly. 

I'm enjoying this nice weather, especially after that rain front that spun over us for 7 days. 

Have a great day all.



From: JavaNY


GM Ernie,  I guess it's much harder to train two dogs than one. 

Enjoy the day everyone.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  35 going down here, had to bring in all the new flowers for the night.

Forecast changed, all nights were 40 and above.  Now many are in the 30s. 

The pool cover not dry yet, decided to wait until I have help to fold it across the pool surface.  Then

will dry for at least a day before I store it away.  Think our Tuesday showers aren't forecast anymore.

Yesterday I mowed with the rider, the one bank and ditch with the hand mower.  I see the old mower

deck is starting to gouge the grass because it's rusting away and holes are up to one of the mandrell

pulleys.  Will have to get the spare deck painted and installed.  Wasn't sure how much time I had.   Just

took the dogs for their eve walk when wife arrived back home.  So an excited walk.

Must have been a cooler day in the city, 63 here. 

Have a great day all.  Still no word from Kitty.



From: JavaNY


It's been nice weather here, Ernie. Warm but a good breeze. Cooler on Wednesday.

Enjoy the evening all


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  41 and dropping here this morn.  We've been in the mid 60s so figured you're around

70 in the city.  Today in the mid to upper 70s here so probably a little warm there today.  Drops back down after


I spent a good part of the day, yesterday, taking the old mower deck off our tractor and cleaning it up a little for

storage.  Many of it's parts fir the replacement deck we have.  then adjusting everything to get this other deck

on our tractor.  It didn't go easy going on a new tractor after almost 30 years on it's original tractor.  Finally got

it on and tested around 5 PM.  Many times I didn't think it was going to fit.  Now I have to take it back off and put

two coats of POR15 paint on it.  Doesn't keep a thick coat of grass after mowing like our mulcher deck but still

almost 30 years old.  Eventually I will get a belly mower for our large John Deere diesel and remove the bucket and

backhoe but don't want to do that yet.  Have a couple more jobs for the backhoe and it's large for our lawn.  Will

outlast my life. 

Finally got an appointment to get my Baja inspected this morn.  Found a new shop last year to get inspections without

the guy trying to rob us blind but hard to get in.  Lost my other place after about 40 years.  The guys daughter and head

mechanic took over and didn't like low profit customers like me.  Lost parts I had to go back and get, got paint on my car,

tried to tell me my appointment was for the next week, etc...  Guess they pretty much wanted customers that spend $500

to $1000 or more with every visit. 

No word from Kitty.  Susan must be traveling.

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


update on Kitty.....and it isn't great......stage 4 lung cancer.....hasn't spread too far as of yet......stay quit  love you all


From: Susan1206


Dear Sensational Senior friends ~

I am trying to catch up with all of your postings.  

Miss Kitty ~ I read your last posting.  Sending lots of prayers your way.  Please keep in touch and perhaps let us know what your treatment plan will be.

A very cool day here in Avon Lake ~ 51 degrees.  We are traveling over an hour tomorrow to a migrating bird stop near Lake Erie called Magee Marsh.  There is a wonderful walkway through woods and wetlands where the warblers gather each year.  It’s a little cool for me….but we will hope for the promised 60 degree temperature.

I sit here in my dining room watching the lawn care mow the very long green grass. Now, if they just come back to “catch it” all.

I had a nice Mother’s Day with my two daughters and their families.  A brunch around noon and then Jim and I traveled to Schopfle Gardens to walk through the blooming azaleas and flowers.  It was nice.

On we go….another week….smoke free…..   Hugs to all,  Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

I am saying lots of prayers for you.  Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing.   

((hugs)). Susan