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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2085186 views.

Ray will be in second grade. He's doing very well academically, but still has eating issues. They've tried all sorts of therapy, but it's such a slow process and very expensive and few take insurance.

I'm having neighbor problems. We had a tree fall from our neighbors into our yard. There  was quite a lot of damage and she thinks we took advantage of her. That was 2 years ago. Just recently she has been saying some very rude and nasty things to me over the fence while I'm on the back porch. It's very discerning and don't quite know what to do. 

The weather has been top 10 good this week. Hope it stays a while. Sounds like quite the flower garden you have. I have mostly perennials but do have a few pots.   I'm off to bed. Take care.



So sorry you have to wait longer for your biopsy.  I had a lumpectomy 4 years ago and a round of radiation.  Very stressful time.  I went to University of Nebraska Medical Center. Huge place. I got lost everyone I had an appointment.  




From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  45 here so not to bad.  Birds are pretty Susan.  I don't see a way to zoom in a picture

on this forum, used to try a long time ago.  I miss the birds out here but the squirrels, chipmunks, and

flocks of blackbirds eat all the food when Spring comes.  Bears start smashing feeders in the Spring


Sorry things got mixed up in your appointments Kitty.  None of us experienced at the process you're

going through, which is good.  We have a site called our portal that has all our medical stuff on it.  I

rarely check into it but just did to see my blood test results before the follow up appointment this morn.

It's good to know what's going on before the appt.  The outer office won't give me a hard copy until

after the follow up appt is over.

The 16 years seems like routine Paul.  There's no desire to smoke even in the most stressful times these


Wife is working hard transplanting flowers into large pots for around the pool.  Looks beautiful in the Summer.

Lots of work Susan.  Wife says she feels broken at the end of the day.

I only did lots of small tasks on Sunday.  Waiting for parts for lots of projects.  My Diabetes A1C is up a little so

not to great.  I see my TSH for thyroid is up so they will be adjusting the dose, couple extra trips there.  Don't know

why it keeps varying, it was just going down so they had to keep decreasing the mg.

Sad you have neighbor problems Carolyn.  We've had a bad neighbor since 1983, single guy moved in after the

tornado.  Used to swear at our dogs all the time.  Tried to fight with me when he thought one of my mower wheel

was on his side of the property line.  Just a pain to have around.  We've gotten used to having him around so

doesn't bother us anymore. 

Have a great day all, pretty good weather here in the northeast, sunny days in the 70s most days.



From: Susan1206


Dear Carolyn,

That’s a shame about your neighbor.  Do you think an invitation to sit down and discuss the entire situation would be helpful….or not?   I guess it’s difficult because we really don’t know what is going on inside someone’s life.   

I’ve worked outside for two days straight and now my back is saying….no more up and down for a while!  I will now address my containers.   Lilac bush is nearly finished.  I do love the Columbine beside it.

A lovely day.  Happy that Ray is a huge part of your life.  I will be seeing my daughter and granddaughter tonight.  Always makes me feel so happy.

As you can see, Finn is very “sugar faced”.  I guess that’s the term for Goldens who are aging.  Blessed to have had him for eleven plus year….. Not sure what I will do with myself when he passes……..

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From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

The Canada warbler is difficult to see.  Beautiful markings on face and chest.  So many of the “real” birders are a hoot to watch…..They come in total birding gear with vests/pockets and super large telescopic cameras.  Some, have check lists that they mark each time a warbler is seen.  Most are very helpful in giving information on what they are looking at.  It’s fun just to walk through the marsh and hear their pronounced singing.

Yes, getting older is not for sissies…..You seem to have a lot of knowledge and a good fix on your diabetic issues.

A lovely day here.  Second day in a row of planting.  Be sure and send a picture of your wife’s plantings around the pool.   Our pool opens this week-end.  We are now given a type of fob to gain entrance.  A few years ago, it was codes and the teens would give the codes out to non-residents.

Carry on as we say….Another day of not smoking and poisoning our body!



From: Susan1206


Hi Kitty,

Thinking of you today ~ so sorry that the biopsy was not scheduled.   I am watching an oriole slurp up grape jelly at our oriole feeder.  Wish I could capture a picture, but they are skittish and if I pick up the laptop to take a picture, he will be gone.

Hope the weather is lovely.  I just bought a hibiscus.  I am sure you had many of these in Sanibel.  I tried to winter mine over which no success… LOL



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Are you referring to the Canadian Geese?   Oh my, we have so many here in Ohio ~ they are actually quite a nuisance.    The only thing cute about them are the fuzzy ducklings that are always way to close to the roadways. 

It’s a perfect day here.  I love when the temperature allows all of the windows to be open.  Soon, the air conditioning units will be humming.

Enjoy the week.   Susan

Interestingly enough, the cardinals, robins and orioles all feed at the oriole feeder.  Thank heavens I purchase their grape jelly at Aldis or I would be broke!   At least a jar every week or two.


We await the arrival of the hummingbirds……. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  Great to see Finn doing well.  Our Chloe has diarrhea and wife has

them on rice / chicken diet with yogurt for treats.  Wife got them 3 shots each, mercury free at our

vet Dr.  Caused the sickness.  I usually only get them the Rabies shot and then because of the law. 

Dog people I know say the one rabies shot lasts their whole lives.  Wife says next time will only get

rabies shot.  Chloe is getting back to normal, the first day she acted sick also.

The bad neighbor we have would see an effort to talk as weakness.  Not an understanding person.

Unfortunately he's retired also. 

Part came in for the pool so installed it instead of my temp patch.  Pools been running and already

shocked so shouldn't get any algae.  Salt installed and chloranator running.  Algaeside in also.  Pool

should hum along now.  Water temperature was 65 yesterday, numbing for me. 

Got Monte Carlo SS insured and registered yesterday.  Might drive it down to the farm later this week.

the battery went dead once so lost the programming for base timing, timing advance air:fuel ratios.  I

have notes and can adjust everything with the computer control inside the car on the way. 

Finished my blood test appointments.  Glucose is a little worse.  Maybe time to seek out one of those

diabetes specialists.  I can't seem to keep my level down around 100, I'm often in the 120s and sometimes

in the 130s.  I dieted down into the 140s in weight and didn't seem to help the numbers and very hard to

keep my weight down there.  It's a lifetime war with all these battles.  If I get a specialist that just pushes

meds, won't be going there. 

Have a great day all.  Good luck with the birds Susan. 

We have 2 nights forecast in the 30s so have to watch and see about covering the new plants.


Hi Susan and all,

I have tried talking with my neighbor but she gets irrational and argumentative.  I will stay away and hope for the best. 

I used the grill tonight to make dinner. It has been a long time. My son usually grills when the family comes, so I was a bit out of practice. I made chicken, aluminium pouches of potatoes and broccoli.  It turned out ok and I didn't have to wash my giant cast iron skillet. I use it to make just about everything, even giant chocolate chip cookies.

I went to my mother's today and filled her pill case. We have lunch and watch the game channel.  She watches the little boy across the street out the front window.  I'm still waiting to hear back from Meals on Wheels. I showed her pictures from my son and daughter in law's week in Mexico. 

Finn is looking good!  And so are the flowers 

Hi Ernie

It sounds like your bad neighbor sounds like my bad neighbor.  It's very hard to talk to her. She only wants to argue. 

My glucose numbers are also becoming problematic.  I'm at 140.  Not good at all.  I try to lose weight but its such a struggle. Don't know if that would even help.  Its always something I guess. 

Take it easy