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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2154357 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and Paul.  55 here this morn, not bad.  Rained hard here many hours.  Certain way over an inch,

probably over 2.  Rain predicted next 3 days.  Hope no early morning washouts so the dogs and I can get out.  I remeber

water restrictions here sometime in the 90s after 94, don't remember drought of 88. 

Didn't get much done here yesterday.  Got new rear speakers for the SS and started fitting them in the car but the rain

came.  Don't have a garage.  Warmed the car up and looked at the transmission fluid.  Doesn't smell burned to me or

wife and grandson but it is a little brown on a paper towel so that's a tell tale sign the transmission's days are limited.

So I will continue looking at performance ones.  Auto Zone does have one but one look at the car and they will try not

to warranty it, if they ever see it.  I wouldn't have to pay the hugh shipping costs to use theirs.  So costs from 1750 to

5k.  Consider myself lucky to have nursed this old one along for 18 years.  It always had weak spots. 

We all don't have to water flowers and veggies for a few days.  Hope the city was washed down Paul.

Have a great day.



From: JavaNY


We had some rain, Ernie, but not that much. Supposed to rain some more this afternoon and Friday. It did cool off a bit.

Enjoy the day everyone. 



From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  We had some heavy downpours on Wednesday, I was taking my grandson home through

some of it.  Looks like we are dry this morn.  We get the other low on Friday also.

Got a ribbon cable similar to the one I've been waiting two month to get from Kenwood Japan.  Trying to see if

it will work.  One end is very hard to get to. 

Have a great day all.


Our anniversary June 15th.

  • Edited June 15, 2023 3:33 am  by  Cocoa60

From: Susan1206


 Happy Anniversary, Ernie and spouse ~

Did your say how many years?  Very cute picture!

I was married in 1969 (a mere young bride) I might say.  We were married until he had a brain aneurysm in October 2011.  Lots of good memories, especially with raising our two daughters.

Lots of rain last night.  No need to water the plants for a while.

Off to Costco (not my favorite thing to do on a Friday).  We will travel to a far away place called Dundee Ohio, located about an hour and a half away. My niece has a lovely farm and the late husband’s family will all gather there.   One daughter and granddaughter will be going.

Enjoy the week-end.    Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Very overcast here and we had lots of rain and lighting beginning around 9;00 p.m. last night.  Finn is quite uneasy during thunder storms.  I gave him three of his calming chewies and he was still quite beside himself with the loud cracks of thunder.

Now, a morning walk at almost 11:30 a.m.   Enjoy the week-end and your travels.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  55 here this morn with light rain, should be over before 4 am.  Susan, you were

married Woodstock year.  I was only about 100 miles away from Montacello, were the concert really was

but didn't know it happened until the next year when I heard the 8 track tape of it.  Was out of touch in

our little PA farming town.  We were married 5 years later, also my high school graduation year.  Wife was

only 15 when I proposed, so lucky her parents and her took a chance on me.  Very few girls would have stuck

it out with me.  So many mistakes and poor decisions. 

Our tv burned up on our anniversary so went out today and bought a new one.  I took the cover off and looked

at it but nothing I could see.  I don't know much about how they work, neither does my brother up further north

in NY and he used to only work on televisions.  Now he does install them usually for gaming, also works on juke

boxes and game systems.  He's 81 but doesn't have a pension so still working.  Says he schedules a lot of work

since his wife died to keep busy.  His wife died on Christmas eve 2022 and my other sister in law died the day

before.  None of my siblings have a spouse now.  My brother on the farm still thinks a girl is going to marry him

but he would have to clean up and clean up his life to even get an older lady, the girls or guys putting up pictures

of girls are trying to get money out of people.  The post office is on to all the scams and make it difficult for old

people to get their money through.  He did get $1200 through to one scammer. 

Still doing some research on the transmission my SS needs, no hurry.  Many poor transmission shops out there.

Got a cable for the radio but had to dig deep to get to the other end of the cable.  I'm at two relays that eventually

wear out so I ordered some while I'm there.  They're from Germany so shipping is more than the relays.  And now

another wait but probably not to long.

I remember when your husband died Susan.  You sold the Jeep because of having to put it in 4 wheel drive.  They are

much simpler than they were when I was a kid but so many are all wheel drive automatically now.  Must have been shortly

after you quit the poison smoke. 

Hope your trip and visit go well.  My wife is going to visit her parents this weekend but I need to stay back with the dogs.

We're trying to train them but they still get rowdy lots.  To much for people in their 80s.

Have a good day all.



From: JavaNY


Enjoy Dundee, Susan. 

Yes, Ernie there are no more tubes in TVs, or much of anything I understand. Some barely visible microchips.

It cleared up here. Enjoy the weekend, everyone. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  I worked on surface mount chips for many years but need a schematic and

some understanding of the circuit.  I saw there was a primary and secondary power supply.  I

could've taken a look at it but not sure if I would see a failure if I were right on top of it.  We came

close to buying an outdated TV at Walmart for more than twice it's cost a mile down the road at

Olums, a local furniture store.  I was surprised at Walmart not having the lowest price.

Woke up at the alarm so have to get ready for our walk now.

Have a great day.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Almost humid here today….. We’ve been blessed with the cooler and less humidity days.  Summe is indeed upon us now.

A nice walk for Finn this morning.  I try to give him walks three times a day.  We did a hike over the week-end and he did very well. 

We ended up not going to Dundee.  A not so great morning with sinusitis and dreaded making the trip of 2 hours each way.  Enjoyed a brunch on Sunday with Jim’s son and family.

How was your Father’s Day?



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Did you get any message from this web-site about passwords being compromised?   Just not sure to change mine or not……..  

Son-in-law who is a coder for the Cleveland Clinic just send me a message about Artificial Intelligence becoming a real threat.  Another thing to worry about…….

Lovely day here….Finn now sleeping …..after a long walk.