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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2145987 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Heavy rain here until 7 AM.  Glad I slept until 3 AM, twice in a row.  It's been months or

longer since that happened.  Could be because I've stepped up the work on the SS, don't know.  Worked in

drizzle yesterday lots, came in if started raining. 

Looks like fun on the kayak Susan.  I've never been in one.  We went to a reunion once and was one available

to ride but neither wife or I did.  Can't remember if there was a life preserver there, neither of us are extremely

good swimmers.  Was in Jersey Shore, PA so probably the Susquehanna river or one of it's tributaries.

Think the rain is supposed to stop completely by 9 AM this morn except for stray showers so should get back to

work on the SS.  I have the cooling lines in and the transmission is up in place with one bolt in on each side.  I have

the cross member under it holding it up now.  A lot of small problems to over come to get stuff done.  A friend from

back near the farm reminded me we used to steady the transmissions on our chest to install them when we were

young, but I think those were some lighter than the overdrive ones of the 80s.  Our chests were much stronger then

also.  I got lucky at the end of the day.  Took care of everything and then it started raining. 

Have been doing some digging into financial aid options for our granddaughter.  They only gave her loan options

when she stopped into the office on campus.  Going to get into the 10s of thousands.  Think she should be able to

get some assistance.  Back when I was in college started around $400 a semester, now 10 times that. 

Glad you are enjoying life Susan.  Wife and I need to get in some more picnics when I finish the SS. 

Hope things going well in the city Paul.



From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

Yes, college is very expensive now. I think back in the day, tuition for our daughters was around $8,000 per year and that did not include housing etc.  We were blessed to give them their education and both have had successful giving careers ~ education (teacher) and a daughter with a Masters/social work. I am very proud of them.

The rain, thunder and lightning has been relentless for the last few days. Many basements, including my daughter’s in Bay Village, are flooded.  Finn has been on the Xanax pills. He pants and trembles at the thunder/lightning.

It’s almost time for our trip to Highland Ranch.

Enjoy the week-end.  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul, 

if it continues to rain as it has been, I will begin building an Ark.  So many basements flooded, rivers swollen and even an Interstate highway closed near us!  Enough with the rain…. Let’s move into dry conditions, less humidity and Fall.

Enjoy the weekend. We have Jim’s two grandchildren overnight. Guess it’s a Paddington Bear movie kind of evening….  Susan 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Warm Summer morn at 66 degrees.  Have to remember how to dress for our walk.

Haven't had a morning this warm in a while.  I've been trying to dodge rain showers for 2 days.  Good

thing todays forecast changed.  Supposed to be a dry sunny day.  Some people trying to put a house in

down the road last couple weeks in the rain.  Looks like just a foundation and no basement or they would

have it much worse.  First house put in on our road in this town in over 40 years, so very rare.  They did

put one in in the next town a few years back.  Terrible Summer for the construction industry around here.

We had a couple weeks early on they called a dought. 

I don't remember the Highland Ranch trip.  I'm sure I should, but don't.  Our Cocoa was very scared of thundar

and someone doing target practice lots.  Was just about a mile away but she was still very afraid.  She was such

a great being, was a great privilege to be her friend. 

Have the SS transmission mounted to the engine and some stuff hooked up.  Currently adjusting the flex plate

to torque converter clearance, then finish the cross member, speedometer, throttle valve cable adjustment, etc.

Should get lots done today in good weather if nothing happens.

Granddaughter finally going over to financial aid Friday to check on our Excelsior tuition assist program.  Pays all

tuition if you finish associates in 2 years, she should have an easy time since she already finished one semester.

Then if continue on, has to finish bachelors in 4 years.  We will  be able to help her with all the other problems and

expenses.  She's studying pre school education, almost like one of your daughters Susan.

Hope everyone enjoys Saturday that can.  Hope you are comfortable Kitty.



From: JavaNY


I am up early, but I see, you still beat me, Ernie. I have a 6:00 shift at Red Cross, my alarm wasn't set till 4:30 but I woke anyway. 

We've had thunderstorms the last few days, but not that much rain. Humidity is at 98% now but just scattered showers forecasted. 

Enjoy the day and weekend everyone.


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Somewhat cloudy and less humid after several days of rain.  Everything outside is soggy.

Molly, my eldest has a four year degree in Early Childhood Education. She has been a kindergarten teacher for 24 years in a public school district.  I hope your Granddaughter will consider the four year degree, far more benefits including retirement pension, pay scale etc in a public school system. I have collected my pension since 2008.  

Our neighbor restores cars and he has a CHEVY SS, similar to the one I drove in the 1970’s. I will try to get a photo the next time he brings it home.

Enjoy the weekend.   Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

I don’t envy you with that high of humidity.  Our air conditioner has been on almost the entire summer.  We have a cooler day here, so I have opted for the fresh air and screens.

Enjoy your time volunteering.  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  61 average here.  No rain this morn so we can walk.  Wish I could still jog but looks like

that's out for the duration.  Like the foot doctor says, he has many patients that wish they could walk 5 miles.

Our air is on a lot also Susan.  Like you are saying, even when the temp drops we often have very high humidity.

My alarm almost always set for 3 Paul, but seldom sleep until then.  Not good for diabetics but haven't been able

to solve the problem.  My glucose numbers aren't nearly as low as I would like them either. 

Were a lot of Chevy Nova SS classics.  I like the Chevy Chevelle SS classics.  My brother had one with a 427 ci engine.

I have high hopes for granddaughter.  Her marriage fell apart already, husband out with another girl.  Grand also

has the seizures.  She's the one helped talk me into this last quit when she was 3 years old. 

Still working on the Monte SS.  Got the cross member bolted in under it, speedometer hooked up, flywheel bolted

to the torque converter, after measuring the clearance had to put spacers in so the torque converter engages the

pump well, driveshaft greased and installed, put the rocker arm cover back on the engines after the last of the trans

mounting bolts were tight, flywheel cover on, etc...  Took most of the oil pan bolts out so can remove it and wife and I

can adjust the throttle control cable and it engages the pressure valve just when it comes off idle. 

This forum has spinning arrows all the time this morning so I should post and get it sent. 

Hope you all have a good day, supposed to be another rain free day here, then rain back Monday.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, Susan, Ernie, and all. I hope everyone is well.  August closing out with nice weather.

I'm headed to Atlantic City this afternoon for an overnight trip. 

Enjoy the day,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  Hope your trip is good.  I'm going to the farm this morn.  Has been almost 5 weeks

so much to be done there.  I'm waiting on a kit from Bow Tie Overdrives in Calif to fix the problem I have

with the throttle and transmission pressure valve.

Belle got sick Tuesday morning so she's been in and out of the hospital.  Had a temp of 106 but down to

102.5 last night.  Getting a little blood from her nose and blood test has some failures in the liver area.

Still waiting on some further tests.  She acting much better with her temp down.

A cool morning here at 47 but Sunday supposed to spike back into the 80s and stay there for the forecast.

Disassembled the back end of the bike yesterday, think I'm at the failing area but not fixed yet.

Enjoy the day all.