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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2294310 views.

From: Denim50


Hey Susan, 

You're welcome. Your wreath is so pretty. I love all of the beautiful colors of fall. 

Have a great day. relaxed 

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From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  38 here so a little warmer this morn.  Was walking very fast yesterday morn, not used to

the cold so neither are the pups.  They almost pulled me down because of a dead red squirrel out in front of

us once yesterday.  So they got scolded for that.  I've ripped out the knees of jeans when they managed to pull

me down.

Paul's run was a 5k Jerthie.  Many of the runners were going on the marathon the next day.  Still doing very well.

I had to jog in formation in the Army in the 70s, then busy with college, career, and family until after 2000.  Started

jogging around 2001 but when I went on a 5k, found I was way to slow.  Just jogged with dogs until 2016.  Then my

feet started hurting and had to slow to walking.  Still able to walk miles in the morning and the foot doctor says I'm

lucky to be able to do that, many of his patients can't.

All type 2 diabetes are progressive.  So every time you think you have it licked, you're wrong.  It seems to have

out smarted you and moved forward.  If I stop walking for my morning exercise and go to the elliptical morning and

night, glucose will drop but soon re-surges.  A constant war for diabetics.  Many diabetics don't diet or exercise though.

I'm told they just depend on the doctor to save them or let it destroy their lives and body.  None of the relatives I have

with diabetes try to keep it under control with diet and exercise.  One of my hs classmates is using that new diabetes

med that helps you lose weight and it's working.  He's lost 30-40 pounds.  He could have done that on his own years ago

and not let diabetes damage his body as much. 

Glad you're happy with your job for now Jerthie.  Most likely have to go out and start over on another one if you let this one

go.  Then have to start over and reset any benefits.  I'm retired thank goodness.  Many people don't just go to work to do their

jobs and get along with coworkers best they can.  Glad to have left it behind in the rear view mirror.  Still have much in my life

to keep me busy and provide challenges. 

Glad you're learning how to rotate pictures on your phone Susan.  I always use a PC on here.  You were using a tablet here for

a time.  The phone is to small for me to do many things.  Usually use it for texting, calls, and taking some pictures. 

Have a great day all.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie, 

I do use a tablet the girls purchased for me….but I really long to have my old Dell back.   A nice day here in Avon Lake.  I received the blood work back from Finn and not happy with the elevated liver enzymes.   I really believe in my heart it is the rx Deramaxx for arthritis that is causing this and other problems.  Now back it’s diarrhea and vomiting, seems to be a constant problem.  The vet wants to check his enzymes in six months….but truthfully, I am ready to pull him off the NSAIDS and see what happens.  Always such a dilemma with aging pups, as you well know.

Thinking today of some of our leaders of the past  - always wonder about Pancake as she helped me so much.

Carry on as we all do.  Hopefully Paul is having fun and Jerthie is doing well.

Hi Denim….nice to see you posting too   Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Denim,

I love Fall colors too but dislike what season follows…….I live about. mile from the shore of Lake Erie, 20 miles west of the city of Cleveland.  
A pretty community, Avon Lake.

Where are you from?    We tend to get snow and ice and gray skies that go on forever.  Must have a good attitude when the sun shines!  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Wife and I both sick with cold of some type.  Hope doesn't last too long. 

Feel bad for Finn, hope your solutions work.  Not fun for him to be old and sick.

Got the exhaust cleaned up on the Baja.  Then the etching compound.  Then 2 coats of hi temp

POR15 over the next few days.  Slow curing in the upper 50s in daytime and 30s at night.  Glad

to have fit it in.  Soon they will be spreading the salt with chemicals, almost acid. 

Pancake emailed me a few times way back when.  Someone was harassing her, telling her she

was stuck on herself and other things.  She was only trying to help in a area where most needed help. 

She came on the forum around January 2007, 5 months before me or so. 

Our leaves are down but wife has fake ones all over inside so we are still Fall.  Cold weekend here but

warming up after, same as your area probably.  I might take the SS for a ride down into PA before the

salt gets spread.

Enjoy the day and weekend all.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Very pretty picture of the tree that you posted.

This is a picture from our am walk to the pond. They have turned off the fountain so the water is very calm. Love the reflection of the trees upon the water.

Sorry that you and your wife have colds. Tis the season.  Hope that you feel better.

Enjoy the weekend.



From: Susan1206


Dear Jerthie, 

I always love this time of year too.  Of course, it’s all become very commercial with stores displaying Christmas items before Thanksgiving!  I know the true meaning of Christmas, so that keeps me in check.

I do love to decorate with wreaths on every window, swags inside and all of my Christmas ware!

I hope you are having a good smoke free and stress free weekend!



finn in his favorite spot last year!


From: Jerthie123


I love this shot of Finn before your Christmas tree. Finn looks like such a kind soul. I have a lot on my mind and on my heart as well. It is tricky stuff that is so very hard to describe, yet alone explain. I have been praying all day everyday under my breath. That is what is keeping me going. No smokes and have cut down a lot off the lozenges. Will write more later on. Douglas, I want to get back to you as well. Still praying.


From: Susan1206


We are all proud of YOU.  Prayers are good .  Please keep my dear Finn in your prayers. He has stopped vomiting but has not yet eaten.  

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From: Jerthie123


Oh dear... Will be praying for Finn. May the Lord be with Finn and with Susan during this challenging period with Finn's health. We ask that you wrap him in your gentle arms, and bless him with healing, with love and care, and peace. Peace be with all of my forum family tonight.