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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2291808 views.

From: JavaNY


Glad you enjoyed the trip, Ernie. 

Susan, I'll be at my sister's house for Thanksgiving. Probably go there Wednesday till Saturday.  It seemed like it was just May.

Enjoy the day,



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

A gentle rain since 7:30 am. The sparrows are enjoying a bath…. Rain predicted almost all day!

Finn is still sleeping soundly. Praying we have another good day with eating. I bought some Israeli couscous (pearl like) and will add chicken broth and chicken bone broth plus carrots to make a gruel for the kibble.  Pray he continues to eat!  

Jim’s grands will be here after school and most of tomorrow. He will busy himself with taking them to all of their various activities. Modern parents who put their children in all of these extracurricular events. I think my kids were just kids back in the day……

Carry On. Hope you and your wife feel better!  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

It’s always good to be with family on a holiday. As odd as it sounds, we will dine at Morton’s Steak House in the city. They do have a traditional Thanksgiving entree on their menu…. and dessert here.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Raining here, looks like our walk is washed out.  Don't dare take

them out an hour late, first day of deer season here.  Multitudes get discouraged after the first few

days but they will be out there after the rain stops this morn.

Glad Finn is doing ok and you two are getting him some food.  Brandy's sister, Dixie is 12, and only walks

about one mile same as last couple years.  She went over to my wife's parents house for a good part of the

next day.  If I lived close I would take them out often.  Both of their humans have businesses to run and they

aren't inclined to walk dogs anyway.  They do take them to ponds to swim in the Summer.  There was 4 teens

growing up there but all gone now.

Sounds like Jim kept busy.  Our grands are home schooled and it's getting so daughter takes them anywhere they

go away from home. 

Wife is still sick so looks like out Thanksgiving will probably be postponed, weeks likely.  I'm still a little sick but able

to function.  Turned in the plates from the SS yesterday and turned the receipt into insurance.  A very sad time after

all the work and money that went into it this year.  Will be a celebration to get it back in the Spring though. 

Paul, glad you will be with family on Thanksgiving. Good not to be alone.  With wife sick, our day will just fly by but we

will celebrate in the near future.  I went up north to walk the dags a different route on bike yesterday.  Saw the hugh

flat fields along route 81.  I remember seeing them with expensive farm equipment farming 50 years ago and more

when wife and I were dating and then later when visiting while in the Army.  Never would have thought would see

those same fields a lifetime later. 

Heard wife yelling at Belle for barking in the middle of the night.  Hard to say if she heard something or not.  Doesn't

take much to set Belle off, then she doesn't want to stop. 

Hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner you have planned Susan, less prep and clean up. 

Enjoy the day all.



From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie, Paul and Kitty, Jerthie, Denim, Carolyn

May we all be so grateful for the Forum and the abundance of blessings we have.

My SilkQuit meter is on my old Dell computer.  I walked away from the horrendous addiction 14 years ago, the day before Thanksgiving  THANK YOU  to all who helped me!!


From: Jerthie123


Thanks so much for sharing Susan. 14 years quit... Amazing. I wish you a blessed night. To the rest of us all as well, may the good Lord bless and keep us.


From: Denim50


Hey everyone, 

Have a great day. relaxed 


From: Denim50


Hey Susan, 

Congratulations on fourteen years smoke free! That's such a great accomplishment and a double reason for you to celebrate this holiday. tada  I hope you, your family, and Finn have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving together. Also, thank you for continuing to help, encourage, and inspire others around the forum. Again, big congratulations to you. 

Have a great day. relaxed 


From: Susan1206


Thank you SO VERY MUCH for posting this 

The Forum, most assuredly, has allowed me to overcome the addiction and add years to my life.  Allow me to be just one example of how this can be accomplished!  God Bless you and all of the Angels who helped me accomplish this!  Love and hugs, Susan