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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2291914 views.

From: Cocoa60


Congrats Susan.  Didn't get up until the alarm this morning, a good thing I guess.  Got a little sick again after trips

south and north.  Wife is still sick from beginning.  Our Thanksgiving dinner postponed for a week or two until wife

is up to the dinner.  Glad to hear granddaughter is going to make it. 

Haven't been doing much.  Did make it out for dog walk this morning and have been using the elliptical when we

didn't get out for a walk.  Started taking two of the diabetes meds at beginning of November, just couldn't keep

the Glucose down.  Doing much better now and sleeping better. 

Very thankful for all.  Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.



From: JavaNY


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I arrived home from NJ, last night. 



From: Cocoa60


Hope was a good trip Paul.  We postponed our Thanksgiving get together for now.

Probably be the end of this week.  Getting colder, snow showers out here away from

the ocean.



From: JavaNY


Thanks, Ernie, it was. Picked up a cold, but I'll survive.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

A balmy 26 degrees here by the Lake.  Wind chill makes it 14 degrees.  We received a few inches of snow the last day or two ~ much much more to our east.   I have taken to walking the common ground around the condo rather than chance the icy streets and sidewalks.  

Decorating the past few days although there is much to be done.  The prelit tree no longer works…so we have individual lights to string and ornaments.

Hope it is warmer in NYC.  I watched a bit of the parade on Thanksgiving Day



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

You are perhaps getting ready now to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family.  I hope you and your wife are feeling better.  Daughter and son--law down with Covid over Thanksgiving.  So far so good with myself and spouse.

We celebrated my granddaughter’s birthday in a heated igloo in Bay Village last night.  Always fun to see a darling six year old with her presents and cake.  

Cold here as I am sure it is in your neck of the woods.  Much to do with decorating.  Finn continues to do well, back on his regular food and the liver detox meds.    Susan


From: Jerthie123


Hey Susan...

So Finn is on the mend! So happy to hear that he is slowly recovering. Dogs are cherished, just like family members and best friends. I am out with a bad cough and cold, but I am slowly feeling stronger and better with each day that goes by. The Buckley's cough syrup my doctor prescribed for me to take, is working. It tastes horrible, but it works!

I love decorating for Christmas too. But it is a big task, as you mention, there is much to do! My mom is also not well, so we probably won't start decorating until this weekend or next week.

A heated igloo sounds amazing! What a cool thing to do, especially at the age of 6! I am sure it was a magical moment for her, and I assume you also felt the awesomeness and wonder!

I am searching for a new job, after I quit my old job last week. Though part of me doubts whether or not quitting was a good move, the better part of me knows that I escaped from an environment that often challenged my mental health in a way that wasn't good for me. I will end my post here, and wish you a peaceful day! God bless you and keep you!!


From: Susan1206


Hi Jerthie,

I hope you will be happier in another job.  Being stressed is not good for your physical or mental health, to say the least.

Finn is o.k. but the diagnosis of the mass on his liver is still the way it is.  I think the medication for liver detox may be helping.

Decorating is fun but it is always a lot of work!  We have a flocked 8 foot tree and must put all of the lights and ornaments on.  The outside windows  wreaths and plaid bows and a spotlight on the front door.  Some of our neighbors have professional decorators who put lights all over the house and greenery.  The best to you and to your Mom.    Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, Jerthie, and all.  We had our great weather day yesterday, rain starts around 11 AM

today and continues for the rest of the day.  Got some stuff done outdoors yesterday, moved stuff over from the

SS to the Baja since the SS is off the road and will be using the Baja for everything until Spring.  Put the bike in the

basement yesterday also.  This morn will probably put the heated mats out on the deck and steps.

I was just thinking how great and powerful PCs are now and I'm having trouble now.  When I reply to a post the program

resets to the main page of the forum.  I have to reply to an older post to actually get a reply window.

Susan, I'm glad Finn has stabilized for now.  I know how important it is to you to enjoy these times with him. 

Wife and I were sick for a while.  Don't know if it was the virus or not.  If it was, wasn't worth worrying about.  Was like the

flu.  Hope your family gets over it soon.

Jerthie hope new job will help you stay calm and leave the lozenges behind.  After I quit my wife went to vaping and is stuck

there.  Instead of using them to step down to quitting.  She did try using Chaniix years ago, didn't work for some reason.

I will probably go down to the farm soon.  Dryer has quit but brother probably won't even buy the parts after I analyze it. 

He sends enough money to the scammer to buy 4 or 5 dryers a month.  Soon the taxes will be past due and he will lose

the farm.  Won't be putting our families money into the farm as long as he owns it. 

Hope you are over your cold Paul.  I know it's no fun.  At least you had a fun trip to sisters I think it was.  I try to get down

to the farm when my sister isn't there because she believes my brother and his internet scam is a real relationship.  She

started cooking him a meatloaf to eat all week until she returns because he sends all his money to the scammer and doesn't

have money left to eat.  It's a lose lose situation.  Sister doesn't see if you are in a relationship and sending money it's a scam,

defines itself.

Hope you are all doing well this morn.  Don't know when we will have our Thanksgiving, not this weekend looks like.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, all,

It's been decent weather the last two days, rain coming in the afternoon. I still am congested, but it's not very bad. 

Headed to the dentist so he can look at a tooth that was extracted a few weeks ago. I wasn't going to replace it, but it feels funny, so I may anyone. I'll see what insurance pays. 

A shame about your brother, Ernie. So many people fall for scams. I read about some, and they seem ridiculous, but unfortunately a common thing. 

Be well everyone,