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Fighting February MustQuiteers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/2/18 by slowblumer; 322744 views.

From: Denim50


Hey Caz, 

Almost a week late but belated or not definitely deserved. You’re a bit of a angel yourself too imo and I see you posting around the forum helping newbies and even cheering those further along, so thank you too. You’re great. Can you believe two years in four short months? I can’t wait to celebrate your wonderful two year milestone with you, and of course Princess Lola. How’s she coming along with her training btw? Have things there improved or are you still in lockdown? I hope things are better. There have been a few people return to the forum lately. I hope Becka does one day too. I still miss her around here. I’m going to go ahead and post this before it gets later than it already is. Sorry about that but still sending good thoughts and wishes your way. Congratulations on 20 months! Talk again soon. 

Have a great day. Hugs.  



From: Cazza2468


Hello wonderful denim

thank you so much on the warm congratulations on being nicotine free for 20 months I can hardly believe it myself. Princess Lola is coming along, slowly but surely she is improving. I have high hopes for her now which I must say I didn’t have a couple of months ago.

I hope becka comes back too, and Suzy as well.

We are finally coming out of lockdown next Thursday. Hooray. Everyone is so excited because it has been such a long haul. From November 1 we are going to be allowed to leave the country .  Maybe the world will get back to normal again. I really hope so. You are really doing a great job around here. There doesn’t seem to be any moderators any more, so it’s up to the community to put in and tryto help support the newbies

I think you’re really great Denim and I really appreciate everything you do around here.

caz former queen of the  Fighting February Mustquiteers

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