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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by ModMarge (slowblumer); 256806 views.

From: Denim50


Hey Tom, 

     Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I don’t have anything set up to alert me to post. Probably should. I’m glad you’re moving on from the call center. I hope whatever job you hold is something you’re comfortable with. It didn’t sound like that call center even came close. So how is the training going with the Enterprise Roadside Assistance? It sounds like it would be interesting. Do you think you’ll like it? Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best with it. Are you continuing to drive Uber too? I hope the training is going good and I’m so glad you were able to find something else so quickly. Anyway, I hope it’s something that you think you'll be happy doing. It’s great hearing from you. Thanks for the congrats too and the same to you! I agree with you, I remember trying to get through the days, much less years, lol, but we did it. Two years this month! So happy for all of us. We’ll talk more soon. Have a good night.  



From: Kusho50


The Enterprise road side assistance sounded horrible.  People upset because they rented a car and it broke down.  That all day every day.  I told them I didn't want to do it.  I don't know yet if they will let me work on another project when they are hiring again.  I applied for the TTech which was the call center I do from home again.  Hopefully I hear something soon on that.  Other than that I am back to doing Uber full time.  At least I have that to fall back on.  


From: Cazza2468


Hi Marilyn 

yes I have returned. Will try and get on here more often soon. Got a few family things to get through this week. You have done so well



From: Rassister


I AM SO HAPPY to see you again.  I’m smiling so hard My jaw hurts.  Please do come back as soon as you can.   I have such fond memories of you and Suzy and Becka  keeping me totally hooked on this forum.  I could not wait to read your hysterical interactions with each other while you were all totally starting your quit in February.  Your interactions kept me laughing,  I truly thought you were all crazy.   Luckily for me, Suzy kept nagging me and telling me that I could join your wonderful group.   I was chicken and did not join until March even though I had quit 2/25/2020. I just want you to know that you gals got me started and led me to where I am.   I will never ever forget you.  Please come back and let’s plan a party with lots of food, drink, the jukebox and absolutely your incredible cakes, casseroles and English words I still need to learn. I am not on here every day anymore however the 2018 Warriors are arriving with bells and whistles.  There Anniversary will be Monday 3/9/2020 and I am on the second floor of the clubhouse waiting for them. Kusho is also on his way. Then, Brian will be here before you know it.,,  I’m going to say goodbye for now but I’m am keeping my eye out for you.  Could you go find Suzie.  I really miss her.  
all my best. 
and all my hugs 



From: CindiS319


Hey guys!  Congratulations on 2 years to us! Still can't believe we did it. On my phone now so that's why message is short. Will check back in later.  Hope you can check in with us Mike! Have a great day Denim and do something special for you. You deserve it!  Love and hugs!


From: DebraAnne60


Wow, that's so amazing to me (only 2 months and 2 weeks).  I just have to ask, do you still have enormous cravings, and/or do you still miss smoking?

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Hey Cindi,

Congratulations.   You not only did you do it, you did it in style.    


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From: CindiS319


Thanks Marge!  YOU were a huge part of my success and right there with me the whole way!  You have 5 years coming up this weekend... that is AWESOME!!!


From: SusanK1960


Congratulations Cindi and Denim!

CC to Denim50

From: CindiS319


Hi DebraAnne,

No I don't get any cravings anymore... just passing thoughts of it occasionally.  My husband still smokes so sometimes that annoys me.  But for the most part, I just feel free.  I don't miss being addicted and having my life run by them.  It doesn't even phase me when my husband NEEDS to go smoke.  I'm like... sucks to be you!  Sometimes I get bored and think "I'd probably be having a cigarette right now" but eh, it feels great to be free.  Yes I might be a littler fatter, but I'm going to start working on that next.  

Big Congratulations to YOU on 2 months / 2 weeks!!!  That is awesome!  Keep up the great work!