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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by slowblumer; 306409 views.

From: Cazza2468


Arhhh Miz Suzy

yes the great jama challenge of 2020!  Ha ha ha. I really do struggle some days to find a good reason to get dressed.  Today I was was n my civvies.  Did some mulching in the garden and finished the day with 14 k on the bike.  So of course I’m rewarding myself now with wine and chocolate.

another week has passed so now I’m clocking 2.5 months.  Closing in on the 3rd of the ickies.  Have a lovely weekend my dear friend and stay safe


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From: Denim50





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From: Denim50


 You’re doing great! So happy for you and proud of you! You did it! Wooohoo! GO CAZ!  



From: Denim50


This is a wonderful achievement! I hope you had a great day celebrating. Sorry I’m a bit late but I’ve brought a party. 


From: Denim50


Complete with karaoke. 


Add any song you like.  



From: Denim50



You deserved a big celebration and I wish this wasn’t late arriving but I wish you the the best as you keep moving forward with your quit. Thanks for being such a great friend and quit buddy. I’m sorry I was absent quite a bit lately but hope to change that. I sent you a pm before, did you get it? I’m asking because I didn’t get a answer back. If you’re able to see my pm’s let me know and I’ll try to explain through there what was going on. I’d rather not post it here though as it’s personal. Okay, let me know. In the meantime, you’re really doing great with this. This is not only a amazing accomplishment under normal circumstances but under the recent state of things it is extraordinarily amazing and a testament to you and your resolve. You and Suzy and all of those who have quit and held on through these difficult times are such a inspiration to anyone starting out and those further ahead who know and recall what those months were like under so-called normal conditions. You have so much to be proud of! Again, I’m so happy for you! And so glad you’re here! Okay, about this party and that delicious cake, lol. Crank the music and grab a plate, it’s time to party and celebrate!  



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From: Denim50


Queen Caz, 

Had to take a break from dancing and eating, lol, not for long though. I read through some of what I’ve missed while sitting here.

I hope you’re still enjoying your rides. It’s so true about taking care of our brain health and our physical health. They are starting to lift restrictions in cautious stages. Still, they’re saying there may be a second wave of it. Who knows when this will truly be over? Though we all definitely hope soon. I feel so sorry for those families that have had to endure loss during this mess. Thoughts and prayers are with them. 

Oh goodness, I agree. Some plants at nurseries are priced ridiculously. I have a few here that I started from others. A vine type. I wish I knew how to do that with a cutting from a rose bush. I have no clue though. If you have any thoughts on that or ideas of how to do it I’d love to hear them.

Would love a slice of that sour dough bread. I haven’t baked anything recently but thinking about making some banana nut bread or lemon pound cake.  Would like a couple slices of that sour dough bread. Toasted with meat and melted cheese. Yummy. 

Speaking of food, I hope your cholesterol has much improved. 

At the beginning of all this I was adding a bit of weight again (snacking a lot) but quit eating as much as it went on and have started losing weight again. Not sure I’ll know what size I actually wear anymore when this is over, lol. 

How are things your way? How are you doing throughout all of this? Good I hope. 

Talk more soon. 


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