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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by slowblumer; 370492 views.

From: Denim50



You deserved a big celebration and I wish this wasn’t late arriving but I wish you the the best as you keep moving forward with your quit. Thanks for being such a great friend and quit buddy. I’m sorry I was absent quite a bit lately but hope to change that. I sent you a pm before, did you get it? I’m asking because I didn’t get a answer back. If you’re able to see my pm’s let me know and I’ll try to explain through there what was going on. I’d rather not post it here though as it’s personal. Okay, let me know. In the meantime, you’re really doing great with this. This is not only a amazing accomplishment under normal circumstances but under the recent state of things it is extraordinarily amazing and a testament to you and your resolve. You and Suzy and all of those who have quit and held on through these difficult times are such a inspiration to anyone starting out and those further ahead who know and recall what those months were like under so-called normal conditions. You have so much to be proud of! Again, I’m so happy for you! And so glad you’re here! Okay, about this party and that delicious cake, lol. Crank the music and grab a plate, it’s time to party and celebrate!  



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From: Denim50


Queen Caz, 

Had to take a break from dancing and eating, lol, not for long though. I read through some of what I’ve missed while sitting here.

I hope you’re still enjoying your rides. It’s so true about taking care of our brain health and our physical health. They are starting to lift restrictions in cautious stages. Still, they’re saying there may be a second wave of it. Who knows when this will truly be over? Though we all definitely hope soon. I feel so sorry for those families that have had to endure loss during this mess. Thoughts and prayers are with them. 

Oh goodness, I agree. Some plants at nurseries are priced ridiculously. I have a few here that I started from others. A vine type. I wish I knew how to do that with a cutting from a rose bush. I have no clue though. If you have any thoughts on that or ideas of how to do it I’d love to hear them.

Would love a slice of that sour dough bread. I haven’t baked anything recently but thinking about making some banana nut bread or lemon pound cake.  Would like a couple slices of that sour dough bread. Toasted with meat and melted cheese. Yummy. 

Speaking of food, I hope your cholesterol has much improved. 

At the beginning of all this I was adding a bit of weight again (snacking a lot) but quit eating as much as it went on and have started losing weight again. Not sure I’ll know what size I actually wear anymore when this is over, lol. 

How are things your way? How are you doing throughout all of this? Good I hope. 

Talk more soon. 


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From: Molly010


Hello Marilyn, Denim and all the March warriors!

Sorry I am late, but wanted to congratulate you all on two years!  This year seemed to go by so much faster than the first one, didn't it?  The first few months felt like a snails pace, but look at you all now!  I am right behind you and ever so grateful we were able to get this far.  My only issue right now is weight gain.  Still haven't lost what I gained and with the stay at home orders here in Cali, I have gained a few more.  

Found some not-so-annoying exercise videos on youtube, but I really need to stop eating and watching TV and just get more active.  I have been working from home, which is nice, but also more available for snacks.  LOL

Anyway, glad to see you are all still healthy and happy.  Stay safe!


From: Cazza2468


Hey Denim 

Thanks got the party. Sorry I’m a bit late. Well actually I am a week late cause I just clicked over another week of quit time

Rose cuttings. Hmmm. I think I saw somewhere that you cut a stem and insert it into a potato then plant the whole thing into a pot. I haven’t actually tried it but I might give it a try. 

Diet and exercise reduced cholesterol from 7.5 to 5.5 so I’m off the hook re having to take the pills which pleases me greatly

Thanks for putting on this lovely party for me  .  Looking forward to actually being able party in the big house this time. Ha ha



From: Denim50


princess Caz, 

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on four months smoke free! That’s great! I’m so happy for you! You’re doing amazing. relaxedtada starstarstarstar 

     I’m also happy to see you’ve brought your cholesterol down. That’s great too. You have a lot to celebrate. Congratulations on both of your achievements.  

     How are your plants coming along? Thanks for sharing the advice/idea. I haven’t tried it yet but I aim to. Fingers crossed. 

     I logged in yesterday to message you but had to log back out before I could post it here. Nonetheless, I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating yesterday. You deserve it. I hope you have a wonderful day today too! Please know that I continue think of you and others often. I’m sorry I can’t post as often as I’d like but I’ll post as I can. I hope you continue to post too. Hope you have a good weekend. On to month five! Hugs. 


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From: Cazza2468


Hi Denim

thankyou so much for the accolades.  Very much appreciated. I didn’t do much to celebrate as we still have movement restrictions here.  I have signed up for a virtual walk of the Camino de Santiago so I have been busy trying to cover the 700 odd kms by riding my bike.  It is really a great motivator and it’s keeping me out there every day.  

As for gardening, that has slowed down a bit.  The weather has cooled done considerably so I have not done that much.  My winter vegetable garden is coming along nicely though.  I have Fava beans, snap peas, cabbage, cauliflower and carrots all doing very well.  Enjoy your weekend and hopefully see you next month



From: Denim50


princess Caz, 

CONGRATULATIONS on five months smoke free! relaxed tada So happy for you. One more month and you’re half way to the Clubhouse. YAY YOU! 

I hope you’re having a wonderful day! You deserve it and I continue to wish you the best. I’ve really missed our talks and being here. I’m going to try to get back on here tomorrow too, and hopefully a bit more often (fingers crossed). How are doing? I think I asked before but can you see pm’s from me? Your virtual walk sounds amazing. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m also glad to hear you’re still riding your bike. Your garden sounds great too. Do you can or freeze any of it? I want to say more but I’m going to go ahead and post this so you’ll see it. I wouldn’t miss your celebration Majesty. Talk more soon. P.S. I’m thinking about making a chocolate cheesecake next. 



From: Cazza2468


Oh Wow Denim

you beat me to it. I was just thinking about coming on here to brag about my 5 month milestone and you were already here before me ha ha.

The virtual walk of the Camino de Santiago is going well. I am over half way now but I did fall off my bike on Thursday. A few scratches and bruises but the bike fared far worse than me and had to go to the repair shop. I was riding on a bike path that occasionally had post to stop cars entering and my phone rang and I went to a wet it and ran into a post!!!  The moral of this story is plain for all to see. 

OMG I love cheesecake but even though I manage to get my cholesterol down I can’t let it get out of hand again so I have to be careful about what I eat.  It a bit sad really because I have lost motivation in cooking amazing thingssob

talk soon and thanks so much 

the Queen princess 


From: Denim50



     I made it back and hopefully I’ll continue to do so more frequently. relaxed 

     I’m sorry to hear that you fell off the bike. I’m sorry you got hurt too but so glad the injuries weren’t worse. I’m also glad that your bike can be fixed. 

     There are some wonderful cholesterol free and low cholesterol desserts you can make. Many of the recipes can be found online. It’s great that you’re taking such good care of your health, that’s such a important thing. 

     I’m currently trying to rearrange and change up (redecorate) the living room and kitchen a bit. I’m not quite sure how they’ll turn out yet, but hopefully not too shabby, lol. blush 

     I’ve need to go do something but I’ll try to post more tomorrow. I need to try to respond to a couple messages I’ve missed too, so hopefully I can do that soon also. Have a great day. Hugs. 







From: Cazza2468


Good morning Denim, well it’s morning here ha ha.  Finally picked up my bike from the repair shop so I need to get out there again.  The weather has been freezing cold this week though, hopefully it is on the improve.  I have recovered from my minor injuries from the crash but I have an on going shoulder problem, not related to the crash, so I’m off for a massage this morning.  Hoping for a good result.  Managed to get out in the garden yesterday and do a wit of weeding.  We had some rain so it’s a good time because the weeds come out easily.  I was looking at your stats and it’s almost 2.5 years since you quit and we all met.  Where does the time go.  It is so easy to forget to quit and next thing you know years have passed.  Well done you BTW.  I used champix to quit this time round.  I think it certainly made things a lot easier. Ok my friend, chat again at the halfway house.