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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by slowblumer; 357207 views.

From: Cazza2468


Oh Wow Denim

you beat me to it. I was just thinking about coming on here to brag about my 5 month milestone and you were already here before me ha ha.

The virtual walk of the Camino de Santiago is going well. I am over half way now but I did fall off my bike on Thursday. A few scratches and bruises but the bike fared far worse than me and had to go to the repair shop. I was riding on a bike path that occasionally had post to stop cars entering and my phone rang and I went to a wet it and ran into a post!!!  The moral of this story is plain for all to see. 

OMG I love cheesecake but even though I manage to get my cholesterol down I can’t let it get out of hand again so I have to be careful about what I eat.  It a bit sad really because I have lost motivation in cooking amazing thingssob

talk soon and thanks so much 

the Queen princess 


From: Denim50



     I made it back and hopefully I’ll continue to do so more frequently. relaxed 

     I’m sorry to hear that you fell off the bike. I’m sorry you got hurt too but so glad the injuries weren’t worse. I’m also glad that your bike can be fixed. 

     There are some wonderful cholesterol free and low cholesterol desserts you can make. Many of the recipes can be found online. It’s great that you’re taking such good care of your health, that’s such a important thing. 

     I’m currently trying to rearrange and change up (redecorate) the living room and kitchen a bit. I’m not quite sure how they’ll turn out yet, but hopefully not too shabby, lol. blush 

     I’ve need to go do something but I’ll try to post more tomorrow. I need to try to respond to a couple messages I’ve missed too, so hopefully I can do that soon also. Have a great day. Hugs. 







From: Cazza2468


Good morning Denim, well it’s morning here ha ha.  Finally picked up my bike from the repair shop so I need to get out there again.  The weather has been freezing cold this week though, hopefully it is on the improve.  I have recovered from my minor injuries from the crash but I have an on going shoulder problem, not related to the crash, so I’m off for a massage this morning.  Hoping for a good result.  Managed to get out in the garden yesterday and do a wit of weeding.  We had some rain so it’s a good time because the weeds come out easily.  I was looking at your stats and it’s almost 2.5 years since you quit and we all met.  Where does the time go.  It is so easy to forget to quit and next thing you know years have passed.  Well done you BTW.  I used champix to quit this time round.  I think it certainly made things a lot easier. Ok my friend, chat again at the halfway house.



From: Denim50


Hey Suzy, 

     I don’t know if you’ll see this or not but I wanted to congratulate you on five months smoke free. Hope you had a good day. I also hope that you, Mike, and your family are staying safe and healthy. Please stop by sometime and let us hear from you. Sending a big hug and best wishes. Thinking of you.  


BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Just shouting out to folks in the group. I hope all is well in the non-smoking world. I know it is tough for us all to stay in regular touch, but at least we have no resentments or regrets with each other when we go dark for awhile. I still hold this group in a special place and always look out for posts.

 It has been an interesting year. Just as I retired and was rehabbing from rotator-cuff surgery (that was delayed 4 months due to the virus situation), I completely tore my achilles tendon playing pickle ball on the tennis court. When it rains it pores. I had surgery last Friday to reattach the tendon and am stuck on the couch for 10 days until I can get a boot on and get around some. What a drag, I was just getting back to some activity as my shoulder improved and could do some one-handed cooking, etc. this comes along.  I guess with all that is going on, I should not cry the why-mes, but I am running out of new mini series to entertain me. I certainly was not expecting to have 3 surgeries this year, but thank god I am breathing deep and often, just have to do it from the couch for another rehab period.

Fortunately, through all this, I have not had any real thoughts about smoking. Tough to think back the 2+ years and remember those obsessions/compulsions to smoke, especially in stressful "why-me" moments. I would not have thought that the addiction would be this absent in the 3rd year. I could probably use psych help from a dozen bartenders, but no need for smoking help right now. The promises definitely did come true.

Other than this new injury, all else is going as well as expected during these times. I sure hope all are adjusting and doing well. Please stay safe, patient with all and above all stay strong for yourself and others.

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Sorry Cindi, I see that I got the wrong screen name on the above post. Been awhile and I hope all is well with you in these crazy times. Be well.


From: Rassister


Hey Brian, 

(and all the other non smokers on this forum that helped me stay with the program and never look back   (Like you Brian I have fond memories of our times together and how we stuck together and did not give up. Eating is definitely my go to now but I believe it is boredom from this virus.  Brian, I remember from the beginning that you could not wait to retire.   Ii can’t imagine you having three surges after you have waited so long to quit  somehow that just stinks.   I hope that you recover from all these injuries by three time this mess is over though it might be a very long time.  I do not see many smoking these days but I do see a tremendous amount of vaping   This scares me greatly   Unfortunately I’m afraid that people could not survive the virus .  On another note, I must be honest that I left my husband last year shortly after we moved to VA   I am not happy and the only reason I can tell you is that the anger got the best of me and I coukd not do it anymore   I’m still in VA and he is 30 miles from me.  No screaming and yelling   No trash talk. I’m not getting any younger but thendeprg I was taking to keep from spinning righnoff my head.  I am hoping the virus will disappear I did not end up on the psych ward . Trying to focus on the future and to ding happiness  please get better soon  so great to hear from you   
all ny best to all of you, Cindy, denim,Michelle Mollie and Kushno and suzie and Caz   


From: CindiS319


Hey Brian and Marilyn,

Sorry to hear about your injuries.  Yeah that really sucks so heal up quickly.  I've been working from home since March and have to admit, I never want to go back into the office.  Other than that, I'm glad to be living in the country and not the city.  Nothing else is really new.  Hoping to visit my parents sometime soon...maybe October.  Saw my kid around Memorial Day...still the same crap with her.  My work is laying off people left and right...I'm one of the few left.  Problem is banks aren't foreclosing and evicting so we have no business.  The minute that changes, all hell is going to break loose.  I haven't checked in here for a while and do miss you guys.  I still think about smoking now and then but only because hubby still smokes.  He tried a patch 2 days last week but kept smoking anyway.  I told him to give it up.  Either he wants to quit or not.  Other than that I'm really happy that I don't smoke anymore.  Good to hear from both of your and like Brian said, I hold a special place in my heart for this forum.  I may try and check in more.  Hugs to everyone....

CC to Rassister
BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Thanks for the reply and well wishes. I feel for you and you wanting so much for your husband to find a reason/spark to quit. As we know, we had to keep trying - it only took one time- until we found the lasting purpose. You should be so proud of yourself for staying quit and being an example for him and us. I hope all goes well with work. It was a good time for me to retire, since the bank I worked for was not getting much in the way of new equipment finance requests given that most companies are pulling in the strings. I would only have been working on the increasing portfolio of existing problem loans. Yuck. This injury was just so benign. I was playing an easy game of pickle ball with my older neighbors, no big exertion or competition and I was so surprised when my achilles snapped on such a small move. I am not a physical stud, but believe I am in reasonable shape and had been walking/hiking a lot while my shoulder was healing. I was just getting back to some semblance of normal activity, now I am flat on my back for a week, then on crutches for 6 weeks and unable to drive for 2+ months - just shoot me.

Anyway, you can tell that I am relegated to my laptop, so I do not want to go long-winded on you. I am glad that you can hang out in the country and feel that you cannot see family. I did have a socially distanced dinner with my younger boy last month, but have not seen my older soon since January. He lives in downtown Portland - he's not involved with the protests and lives away from that area. Bloody drag. Oh well, this too shall pass. Think about, when we could look back on that first year of quitting, how fast it seemed to go, although each day felt like 30+ hours sometimes. Sure glad I don't have to manage a smoking addiction along with this virus life, I can't image it. 

Take care Cindi and we will talk again soon.

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Thanks Marilyn for your reply. Crazy times. I hope your new freedom provides for more happiness opportunities, even among this new virus normal. Do you have folks and family to hang out with? Tough to see your new granddaughter these days. We haven't seen our one son who lives up in Portland since January. He lives downtown, but not close to where the protests are. The protesters are only around one small block of downtown, so its not like the whole area is on fire. 

I remember Virginia as being a beautiful state when I traveled from Manasas down the Shenandoah, thru Fredricksburg  to Williamsburg. Are you able to hike or check out the state? I cannot remember if you are a walker/hiker. Do you have dog(s)? What are you hobbies? Will you be returning to the class room? I recall that the students you worked with require hands-on teaching - would remote learning work for them. 

I was just getting to hike here as the state parks opened back up, then the betraying achilles happened. I feel so bad for our neighbor. He was baiting and begging me to play with them and needed a stand-in. I couldn't believe it failed, what a hassle and I cannot drive or walk for 2 months now. I plan to get one of those scooters that I can rest my knee on to move about. The crutches are a pain.

Well, seems like we are all on "hold" as we either develop better habits for a new normal or are blessed with a viable vaccine. I am lucky that golf is an acceptable activity, but I sure want to get back to the family and friend outings and get togethers again. My wife is loving working from home - she has only had to wear about 2 different outfits over the last 5 months. I hang out in the recliner downstairs and she is on the phone all day upstairs. At least they are an essential business and she kept her job.

I hope you are getting along through these times and please feel free to give me a shout. Stay strong, enjoy that we no longer smoke.