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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by slowblumer; 357879 views.

From: CindiS319


Hey Brian and Marilyn,

Sorry to hear about your injuries.  Yeah that really sucks so heal up quickly.  I've been working from home since March and have to admit, I never want to go back into the office.  Other than that, I'm glad to be living in the country and not the city.  Nothing else is really new.  Hoping to visit my parents sometime soon...maybe October.  Saw my kid around Memorial Day...still the same crap with her.  My work is laying off people left and right...I'm one of the few left.  Problem is banks aren't foreclosing and evicting so we have no business.  The minute that changes, all hell is going to break loose.  I haven't checked in here for a while and do miss you guys.  I still think about smoking now and then but only because hubby still smokes.  He tried a patch 2 days last week but kept smoking anyway.  I told him to give it up.  Either he wants to quit or not.  Other than that I'm really happy that I don't smoke anymore.  Good to hear from both of your and like Brian said, I hold a special place in my heart for this forum.  I may try and check in more.  Hugs to everyone....

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BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Thanks for the reply and well wishes. I feel for you and you wanting so much for your husband to find a reason/spark to quit. As we know, we had to keep trying - it only took one time- until we found the lasting purpose. You should be so proud of yourself for staying quit and being an example for him and us. I hope all goes well with work. It was a good time for me to retire, since the bank I worked for was not getting much in the way of new equipment finance requests given that most companies are pulling in the strings. I would only have been working on the increasing portfolio of existing problem loans. Yuck. This injury was just so benign. I was playing an easy game of pickle ball with my older neighbors, no big exertion or competition and I was so surprised when my achilles snapped on such a small move. I am not a physical stud, but believe I am in reasonable shape and had been walking/hiking a lot while my shoulder was healing. I was just getting back to some semblance of normal activity, now I am flat on my back for a week, then on crutches for 6 weeks and unable to drive for 2+ months - just shoot me.

Anyway, you can tell that I am relegated to my laptop, so I do not want to go long-winded on you. I am glad that you can hang out in the country and feel that you cannot see family. I did have a socially distanced dinner with my younger boy last month, but have not seen my older soon since January. He lives in downtown Portland - he's not involved with the protests and lives away from that area. Bloody drag. Oh well, this too shall pass. Think about, when we could look back on that first year of quitting, how fast it seemed to go, although each day felt like 30+ hours sometimes. Sure glad I don't have to manage a smoking addiction along with this virus life, I can't image it. 

Take care Cindi and we will talk again soon.

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Thanks Marilyn for your reply. Crazy times. I hope your new freedom provides for more happiness opportunities, even among this new virus normal. Do you have folks and family to hang out with? Tough to see your new granddaughter these days. We haven't seen our one son who lives up in Portland since January. He lives downtown, but not close to where the protests are. The protesters are only around one small block of downtown, so its not like the whole area is on fire. 

I remember Virginia as being a beautiful state when I traveled from Manasas down the Shenandoah, thru Fredricksburg  to Williamsburg. Are you able to hike or check out the state? I cannot remember if you are a walker/hiker. Do you have dog(s)? What are you hobbies? Will you be returning to the class room? I recall that the students you worked with require hands-on teaching - would remote learning work for them. 

I was just getting to hike here as the state parks opened back up, then the betraying achilles happened. I feel so bad for our neighbor. He was baiting and begging me to play with them and needed a stand-in. I couldn't believe it failed, what a hassle and I cannot drive or walk for 2 months now. I plan to get one of those scooters that I can rest my knee on to move about. The crutches are a pain.

Well, seems like we are all on "hold" as we either develop better habits for a new normal or are blessed with a viable vaccine. I am lucky that golf is an acceptable activity, but I sure want to get back to the family and friend outings and get togethers again. My wife is loving working from home - she has only had to wear about 2 different outfits over the last 5 months. I hang out in the recliner downstairs and she is on the phone all day upstairs. At least they are an essential business and she kept her job.

I hope you are getting along through these times and please feel free to give me a shout. Stay strong, enjoy that we no longer smoke.


From: Denim50



princess Cazza, 

Congratulations on six months smoke free and making it to the halfway house Majesty. relaxed I hope you have a great day celebrating at the halfway house, complete with indoor heated pool and strawberry cheesecake (low fat and low carb) with drink. You deserve a wonderful celebration. To think, tomorrow you’ll be beyond halfway to your first smoke free year celebration and moving closer to the Clubhouse. I’m so happy for you Caz!  Hugs. 



From: Cazza2468



Thank you so much. I just love the pool. All the pools are closed here because of Covid and I miss swimming. And a LOW FAT cheese cake. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate and spend my day. I am definitely going to have to bestow some kind of Royal Title on you ...... well as soon as I get my Crown back! 

Ot feels so good to be 6 months free of the terrible addiction. Keeping firmly focused on the Royal Palace\club house because I am sure that was where I left my crown a few years backstuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Thanks for being my personal cheer squad



From: Denim50


Hey Caz, 

     Glad you got your bike back. I hope the massage helped your shoulder as you hoped. Hard to believe it’s almost two and half years but I’m so grateful for them. relaxed Thank you! I’m so happy the Champix helped. It helped Cindi a lot too when she quit. However you did it, you’re doing amazing. Six months! YAY CAZ. That’s wonderful! You’re doing great. I hope that Suzy is still doing good with her quit also. I haven’t heard from her for a while. It’s good to see Anthony still posting. I wish him the best as he continues on too. How are doing otherwise? Still staying busy? We’re supposed to have storms here tomorrow, at least that what they’re predicting and, of course, I have to go out tomorrow. How did they know? Lol. On another note, I’ve lost a lot of weight throughout these months. That’s good with the except that I don’t have any idea what sizes of clothes I actually wear these days, lol. Makes it difficult to buy more when I don’t know what size I need! blush Nonetheless, I’m glad I lost the weight that I initially put on, plus some extra. How’s the garden? Are you still doing the virtual walk? I’m sorry I didn’t get to get back here sooner to answer the post from you and others. I’ll continue to try though as much as I can and as often. Hopefully more so soon. Continuing to cross my fingers. Anyway, I want to get this posted so hopefully you’ll see it and we’ll talk more soon. Hope you have the terrific and fun day you deserve. Hugs. 



From: Denim50



    You must have answered as I was typing another post to you, lol. Great minds.... grinning smiley

     I’m so happy you’re enjoying the cheesecake. I hope you’ll find the drink refreshing also. 

     The pools are closed here too. Thankfully the Queen can have her own. relaxed BTW, I love to go swimming too. 

     Majesty, I humbly thank you and I’ve no doubt about your crown. I’m sure it awaits you at the Royal Palace and I look forward to preparing the grand banquet to celebrate your return. In the meantime may I say, welcome back to the Palace of The Six Months. princess 


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From: Cazza2468


Hi Denim

im still having problems with the shoulder. I will probably have to have it scanned or something as resting it doesn’t seem to have worked. I think it’s a couple of months now. I sometimes talk to Suzy on the phone. I might give her a ring again soon. She was well the last time we talked. 

I completed the virtual Camino and am doing 2 more now. Hadrians wall and the Ring of Kerry in Ireland 

it has been amazing how motivating it had been. We have gone back into lockdown 2. It’s harder than the first time. Kind of feels like life will never go back to what it was.  Haven’t been in the garden much because it been very cold and the shoulder is not helping. Been busy painting knitting and re doing all my old Italian lessons.

well the sun is out today so I will get out there and ride again. Spring is probably not far off as I see some of my daffodils have decided to flower. 

Thanks so much for the on going support and I guess we will talk next month

sll the best



From: Cazza2468


Hello Denim, just reporting in to let you know that I’m still smoke-free and celebrating seven months. I’ve still got a problem with my shoulder but I finally went and had it scanned last week so maybe we will find out what’s actually wrong with it. The last massage massage I had about six weeks ago, the masseuse managed to stuff my hips as well so now Both my hips and my shoulder are giving me a horror of  a time. I’m still getting out on the bike every day. The problem is when I get back my hips are so bad I have to lay down for half an hour which feels like I’m kinda defeating the purpose really. Oh well I’m not gonna let it beat me. We are still in lockdown over here which is really starting to get boring. But it is what it is I guess not much we can do about it. It’s spring time now though and the weather is improving which is also making the grass grow so now I have to go next door and ask my neighbour if he can come and start my lawnmower for me so I can mow some grass .

The grass  waits for nobody.Have a great weekend and will talk again next month the queen

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