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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by slowblumer; 318136 views.

From: Cazza2468


 Hi Denim, thank you so much for wishing me well on my 10 months of no smoking. It’s lovely that you remember me. I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist for my frozen shoulder and my bad hips. My shoulder has made a phenomenal recovery due to the exercises that the physio therapist has given me to do. He also gave me exercises for my hip. The hip is coming along but not as quickly as the shoulder. I live in hope ha ha.

 We are currently in the middle of summer which is lovely, and we are currently free of community transmission of coronavirus. We have a couple of cases of people who are in quarantine who have returned from overseas. But at this point we are currently free of Covid it’s amazing. All of our restrictions have been eased but we still have to wear masks in busy shopping centres and other places where there’s lots of people. I really hope that we can travel again next year because I really want to go back to Fiji. I do talk to Suzy occasionally on the phone so the next time I’m talking to her I will certainly mention you to her and say you said hello. Yes I am looking forward to getting to the clubhouse and I am fully expecting a right royal greeting. Giggle!   I hope all is well with you and you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Stay safe 



From: Denim50


Hey Caz, 

     Happy New Year!  

     I hope your shoulder and hips are continuing to improve and that you’re enjoying the warm Summer weather. 

     It’s wonderful to hear that it’s free of covid there. That is amazing. I’ll be happy when it’s eradicated everywhere. Hopefully sooner rather than later.  

     Only a few days until your 11 month celebration. Can’t wait to celebrate with you. I hope you’re planning to treat yourself to something special. 

    I’m going to make a few other post on the forum to send more Happy New Year wishes.

Talk soon.  


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From: Denim50


Cazza, Cindi, Brian, Tom, Mike, Marilyn, Suzy, 

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From: Denim50


CONGRATULATIONS princess CAZZA! Celebrating eleven months smoke free!  

Sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner. Did you do something special to celebrate? I hope so. 

The car broke down last week and I had to have it towed and fixed. I finally got it back this week, thankfully. 

How are things with you? Please keep in touch as you get a chance and I’ll try to the same. 

Have a wonderful day. Talk more soon. 



From: Cazza2468


Thanks for the shout out.  I didn't do anything actually.  I forgot it was my eleven month anniversary!  I planning on making a bit of a big deal next month for the key awarding ceremony!  I haven't planned it yet but it is bound to be big.  Its not everyday that a queen gets to show up at an amazing house where so many other greats have come before her.

Hope you had a great Christmas and New year.  I actually flew to Queensland and spent New Year with a girlfriend and her family.  First time on a plane in over a year. High hopes of getting vaccinated and being able to go places again.

Have a great month Denim and i will see you in the big house