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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by slowblumer; 370060 views.

From: CindiS319


Hi Brian and congratulations on your 3 years too!  Glad to see you on here.  I definitely don't get on here as much as I'd like to.  Denim is always pulling me back and reminding me of anniversaries (thank God).  She's always on top of it!  I do miss everyone though.  I still have my moments of thinking about it (just one) because my husband still smokes.  I hate it but feel myself romanticizing how it was.  I won't do it because I never want to live that first year again.  I feel bad for people trying to quit during all this craziness.  Boredom was always my worst challenge... and that would be tenfold today.  

Hearing about your hair actually made me lol.  That's pretty funny!  Good for you!  aka Hippie Golfer.  Good luck getting your vaccine this week.  I'm actually still on the fence about getting it.  I tested positive for the virus in January and was on lock down for 2 weeks.  Health Commissioner called me every day.  My symptoms were a really bad sore throat/cold for 4 days.  By the time I got my results, I had no symptoms.

Anyway, good to hear from you.  Good luck with your travel plans and check in again soon!  Hugs,

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Hi Cindi,

It is good to hear from you. You were the miracle quitter in my opinion - there is no way I would have been able to quit with my wife still smoking. You are amazing. I do think we all experience brief times of romanticizing smoking - a fix all for all our problems like, stress and boredom. I have had those thoughts, but they are fleeting when I just go on about my day and think of something else. I hope your job is still going well and soon we will all be able to get back to canoeing on the rivers.

Take care Cindi and we will connect again soon.


From: Denim50



Hey Brian, Cindi, Tom, Marilyn, Mike, Michele, 

I’m keeping the light on.