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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 249232 views.

From: Molly010


Great to hear from you David and JR!

I think the goggles recommendation is a great idea for people who are high risk.  Covering your mouth and nose with a mask is good too, but the extra precaution is a good one especially while you are working.  So many workers are getting sick elsewhere and protesting because they are not getting the protective equipment they need. 

Sorry to hear about the loss of your co-worker.  My coworker's husband has been on a ventilator for almost 4 weeks now and it doesn't look good.  He has diabetes and that created numerous complications.  He is eligible for a clinical trial for plasma so we are keeping our fingers crossed, but it is a small glimmer of hope.  The hospital let her in to see him when they thought he would not make it.  She could not touch him, but was allowed to stand 6 feet away at least.  Glad some hospitals are allowing this. He is currently stable and awaiting the plasma.  

Time really does go by fast after that first year, doesn't it!  So happy to hear you are still going strong and healthy.  Can't believe we are going on two years, but I am so grateful! I have been working from home this entire time, but my boyfriend had to file for unemployment.  

David, I have been walking my two dogs also, but need to be more active because I was already doing that before.  Started doing exercise videos I found on youtube and managed to find a couple that are not annoying!  LOL  The problem is eating and watching TV- period.  Glad I was not trying to quit smoking during this time, because I don't know if I would have made it.  I like to think I would have been fine, but getting out and doing things was a huge part of distracting myself for that first month.

Nice hearing from you all!  Stay healthy.  :)

JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)


Hey David,

I just sent somebody on Etsy my phone number.  I hope I went to the right thing and sent it to you.  I really am interested in some of your pottery.


JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)



I'm really glad that I stayed quit this time too.  Especially because they are listing smokers as high risk for this virus.  And with the cardiac stuff I really need all of the advantage I can get against it. 

It is really terrible about your co-worker's husband.  This disease is terrible!  A guy I used to work with has tested positive for it now for the third time.  He gets over it and then a few weeks later he gets it again.  That really worries me.  Makes me wonder if once you have it does it just stay dormant for a time and then re appear in your system again.  This guy has no idea how he got it to start with.  

I really stocked up on food in the pantry and freezers in early February because I just didn't see how we could avoid getting such a contagious virus in our country or in any country worldwide as far as that goes. 

At that time my co-workers were laughing at me for buying up so much food.  Now let me add that I didn't stock up enough for an apocalypse, LOL. But I did buy enough for two of us to last about 3 to 4 months in case of shortages.  The thing my co-workers thought was so funny was when I told them I bought 100 rolls of toilet paper.  Now many of them are having trouble finding toilet paper.  You wouldn't believe how many people have told me now that they really wish they had listened to me and taken this seriously back when I did.  

It's so good to hear from you. Definitely stay safe!

Hello Molly....I am Baaaaaccccck!!! I left this forum in Oct after JR arrived at the Clubhouse and most had stopped messaging anyway. Could not get back on with my old login info name and email since cancelled then and would not let me use my email for a new account. Finally figured my way around this. I am well during this Covid-19 pandemic. Our Governor just lifted our stay at home order but today his mandatory face covering starts. Ages 10 and up are REQUIRED to wear face masks inside public places...in addition to social distancing of course. Enough about that.

I am still smoke-free and Loving it!! Nice hearing from you. I will be on this forum more if our buddies stay in touch. I left when I stopped hearing from everyone. 


NOPE since July 2018

Hey David,

Glad to see you back on this forum. I hated when our group got quiet and silent. You have some wonderful pottery and I read that you are on Etsy. I use Etsy sometimes and more lately to order masks. When the CDC recommended that everyone wear masks 3 weeks into this acute pandemic, masks were not available in my area at all. I had to go thru GREAT LENGTHS and jump thru many hoops to get masks for myself and family. I am taking care of my 91 Y O father and really needed to stay safe to protect him.  Our Governor made masks mandatory today for everyone ages 10 and up in public places today. Only one place sells them in my area. I put that info on FB. I have got most of my masks from Etsy and I give them to the elderly and friends in the community that cannot find them. 

Nice to hear from you again. I had a recent urge to smoke and thought "where is this coming from"? NOPE for me since Jul 30 2018.

How Sweet it is!!


Hi Brian,

So good to see you on here. I missed you last year when you disappeared. Glad you still smoke-free...with some smoking thoughts of course. I started having some unusual smoking thoughts this year during this pandemic and upsetting news on tv. It is pure Stress. My body still remembers that I smoked for 42 years and that I used to smoke to reduce stress. I still get pings sometimes about cigs. I even had a dream about them again about 2 weeks ago. It was after a nightmare about being surrounded by a huge crowd of people outside (like a concert) and I did not have a mask. It freaked me out so much I woke up.

Glad to see you still around. I had cancelled my membership in Oct but back now. I was sad that everyone left once they made a year. Glad to see my buddies back.


NOPE since Jul 2018...How Sweet it is

Hi Lori,

HOw nice to see you on here again. I cancelled my membership on here in Oct as everyone disappeared and I felt like the support was no longer here. I could not reopen my membership and It would not let me open a new membership under my old name or address. I finally decided to figure it out and return during this pandemic.

I am SO thrilled that I no longer smoke. Smoking is such a scary thought during this time. Maybe this will make some quit. I would not want to take my mask off to smoke. I am still helping take care of my 91 Y O dad...I sit/take care of him 2 days per week. Our state is opening up some but masks inside public places are mandatory for ages 10 and up today by executive order. Controversial so will see what happens. I wear my mask FAITHFULLY in public and not feel safe without one so this is nothing new for me. I even order masks from Etsy and give to folks in my community as you cannot buy them (one place sells to the public now). I have been on an emotional roller coaster about this pandemic like I was on that roller coaster when we stopped smoking in 2018. No wonder we are having thoughts (and dreams) about smoking. Maintaining the course proudly.

Really great to see you, Molly, Brian, JR and David on here. Our group thread is still alive and well. I am BACK.


NOPE since Jul 2018...How Sweet it is

Hello JR,

So nice to hear from you. I left this site (closed my account) in Oct and could not come back or open a new account using my profile name and my email address. Couldn't open the old one and would not let me open a new one as my address was already on file. I had to finally use a different email address and use my old profile name as my nickname here. I am catching up on reading messages here. Will write more later. I was just determined to get back on here today to see how everyone is doing. I was so happy to see recent messages from my best buds on here...I got so excited!! You, Molly, Lori, David and Brian had all posted recently. 

I did not get to go to Vegas in Feb (booking issue) and was gonna go on Apr 16th for sure but I did not pay for the trip at that time. I am so happy that I did not pay. Vegas was closed down by that time and I would not have flown even if it was open. I was gonna go by myself last month if I had to. I had 3 folks lined up to go with me as I am sure one (out of 3) would not have backed out. But it did not work out. Oh well...

Will write more later. Glad to see you here and glad you still smoke free.


NOPE since Jul 2018...How Sweet it is

JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)



It is so great to hear from you. I read your posts to the others as well.  So I had planned to ask about your dad and how he is getting along now. We have really missed having our Warrior on here with us. 
It is the middle of the night and I am at work so I know you won’t see my reply until tomorrow.

I ordered some of David’s pottery pieces from Etsy and I think they will arrive tomorrow (Saturday). I am so excited to get them and as I told David...it will feel like Christmas for me. I love hand crafted things.

Sorry to hear about your trip to Vegas.  It would have been a good trip before this pandemic set in but even back in February I think it would have been dangerous health wise to go.  Our world has changed drastically since October hasn’t it. I got a pacemaker in February and have been wearing a mask and goggles out in public since then. Also wearing them at work. 

We had a cruise booked for the middle of May but of course that didn’t happen. I took my vacation time from work anyway and spent two weeks making a quilt from start to finish. I’ll put a picture of it at the end of this post. 
Welcome back to the forum and we will get caught back up with each other.

 This pandemic has a lot of us stressed out and I am so thankful to have some quit time behind me because I think it would be very stressful trying to quit in the middle of all of this.

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Hi Gloria,

Great to hear from you. this is short as i am typing one handed after just having shoulder surgery. love being quit and staying in touch with our crew. i will say more later