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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 200041 views.

Hey Brian,

Always happy to hear from you. So now you have had another surgery?! Wow...don't you have better things to do during the lockdown and pandemic? Isn't that enough for you?stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

I am SO Happy to not be a smoker during this time. Such a wonderful feeling and one less worry and hassle to deal with during these stressful times. 

Take it easy and rehab well. I will be celebrating (virtually of course) my 2 yr anniversary of quitting this week. It is truly hard to believe that going thru quitting in 2018 were the good ol' days. New World Order now. Our groups are so QUIET and mostly DESERTED now. I am now back encouraging some of the newbies that really need the support. Trying to be there for them as you and others were there for us. Thanks again for being such a wonderful support...when we needed it most. I still feel so much JOY and FREEDOM in my life due to quitting smoking. It's a Wonderful Life (except for the pandemic at this time).

Not fighting on the battlefield like I used to. I think I am a retired Warrior now. Nick is gone from my life forever. Still have my armor on but not on the battlefield anymore since Nick surrendered to me. 

Take care and warm wishes. Please stay safe and take care of yourself.


Freedom and Smoke-free since 30 July 2018...How Sweet it is!sunflower

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone doing ok. I am here standing proud today that I made it to my 2nd anniversary of quitting smoking. I last smoked on 29 July 2018. I had anxiety, joy, and anticipation about doing this but I knew it was something I was going to do. I had been smoking for 42 years and was finally ready to stop because I did not want to smoke and smell like stinky cigs any longer. I was also fearful for my health due to smoking for 42 yrs. It never bothered me before as I rationalized that I was a light smoker: half a pack a day. As long as you do things in moderation, it can't be too bad can it? While reviewing my life and making serious decisions about Medicare, etc. and realized I had been smoking for 42 years, I actually became frightened. Even though I was a light smoker, I had smoked for 42 years (VERY scary thought). No more excuses or rationalizations about continuing smoking. I did research about the best ways to quit smoking now in the social media age and decided to do an online support group which I found here in Delphi forums. This was the 2nd best decision after deciding to stop smoking. Made some great online quitters from all over the world and the support & caring was immeasurable. Made it thru with the support and camaraderie of my July Smoke Free Warriors, the mods, March 2018 Warriors, and of course my best comrade Molly from August group. She became an honorary Smoke Free Warrior as her group disappeared or at least were not verbal online. What a rollercoaster ride. We had to fight hard, had to have armor on and we remained on the battlefield until we weakened and finally subdued our enemy. It was so much more easier to get thru with my fellow warriors having my back. We followed our war plan and did not underestimate our enemy. He tricked so many and refused to leave us alone. He was a formidable foe but my Warrior squad was up to the challenge. We refused to lose and never gave up. We remained passionate, determined, committed, steadfast, TENACIOUS. brave...and patient. It was a marathon, not a sprint. It was a war, not just a battle. We had to be in it for the long haul to make it. We had to be in our armor and stay on the battlefield to FIGHT at a moment's notice. We took it one day at a time and let the days add up. We proudly displayed our stars and quit dates...we deserved and had earned them. We finally made it to the clubhouse after earning our hard-earned KEY. It was wonderful to arrive at the beautiful Clubhouse...we sure deserved a break and reward for all our hard work and effort.

And life goes on. Smoking is almost forgotten...it is something that we used to do. Glad to have been on this fulfilling journey with some wonderful folks. Hope everyone is doing ok and will do something even if it is small to honor another year of not smoking.  I still feel the Freedom, Peace, Joy, Happiness and Satisfaction that comes with stopping smoking. It was a hard fought for Freedom. And we did it.

Here's to another smoke-free year. Happy Trails my Friends.


Freedom and Smoke-free since 29 July 2018...How Sweet it is!sunflower

JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)


hey Gloria,

Congratulations on Two years quit! You have really done a great job on the battlefield for yourself and the rest of us too. I hope you were able to celebrate today. 
It really is wonderful to be free from that addictive drug. I ave been having some light cravings lately. Not strong ones thankfully and I am not planning to jump back on the nicotine merry go round at all, but it has been shocking to have cravings this far in. 

JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)



Was good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about two surgeries though. This has truly turned into an eventful summer with all that is going on. Bristol Motor Speedway had a race here a couple of weeks ago with 22,000 people and now two weeks later we're skyrocketed on Covid infections. It just didn’t sound like a super intelligent decision to have it in the first place. 
I assume your surgeries have taken you off of the golf course for a while but hope you can get back to it eventually. 

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Yeah, my bad luck. My wife and I were just wondering whether kismet was against me to retire with all that is going on and my shoulder preventing me from playing golf. But, I was becoming able to perform other activities, landscaping, cooking, shopping, etc. to help with the household while she still worked from home. Then, bam! Down to one leg.  I get out of the cast/splint and into a boot today that I get to wear for the next 2-2.5 months and no weight bearing for at least 6 weeks. Yuck. I can't do crutches well with my recovering shoulder and expect to get a scooter today so I can get around and hopefully, cook, clean around the house. Thankfully, I don't have to go upstairs for anything.

Enough complaining, at least I am dealing with all this without smoking. Can you believe how this would be if I had to get up to smoke all the time. Smoking in the house would be divorce court. How have you been? I hope you have been feeling well and attending to hobbies and dogs without trouble. Crazy times, but I didn't have to go anywhere. Wish I could see my two boys more often, but we talk on zoom from time to time. We were thinking about sharing a zoom movie, but that would be expensive. 

Anyway, thanks for reaching out to me. I am taking advantage of this forum to connect to buddies and as always I remain grateful for those buddies in helping me quit smoking. I truly cannot believe the disappearance of the addiction over the 2 years, gone. I rarely think about the noun 'cigarette' or the addiction.  I do read how well newer quitters are doing and remember those days, but the days did get better and here we are now.

Take care and stay safe. We'll talk again soon.

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Congratulations Gloria, Hurray, another year behind. 

Tough to think back to "those days" sometimes. I can't believe how I have forgotten the addiction and pain of recovery from 2018/19. Scary, I never want to be complacent because I would just as easily forget how quitting would be if I smoked again.  Reading your post keeps me safe, thank you. 

Crazy times and I hope you stay safe and find some great ways to celebrate your success over this addiction. I am having to delay some of my retirement times, but look forward to golfing, hiking, cooking, (no more pickle ball) smoke free in a few months. In the meantime I remain grateful to have quit buddies like you and look forward to talking again.


From: arlcruise


Very, very well spoken. Dang I got all fired up. Wanted a craving! So I could punch it in the nose!


From: Molly010


Hello Gloria!

Congratulations on two years smoke free!  Who would have though this second year would go by so fast?  My anniversary is tomorrow, and it feels great.  I do miss all of you from time to time.  You were all such a great support and I don't think we could have gotten through those early days without each other.  

It also good not to be smoking during this pandemic.  It is my understanding most smokers who get this disease have a greater risk of ending up on a ventilator.  My friends husband recently passed away from Covid.  He quit smoking for a while and went back to it.  He was on a ventilator for almost 3 months before he passed away.  It was heartbreaking to hear about his struggle.  His story is a reminder to continue taking care of ourselves.  Not smoking is one less hurdle to deal with if we were to get the virus.  

That said, I had a slight craving a few nights ago.  It was a beautiful summer night and I was sitting on my porch thinking how I used to enjoy smoking.  It was more of a memory actually because I have no intention of going anywhere to get some.  The cool breeze could have been a trigger had I not been smoke free for so long.

Brian, congrats on your two years smoke free!  Sorry to hear about all of your ailments and surgeries.  It has to feel good not worrying about smoking on top of it all!  I hope you heal quickly.  Did you tear your achilles?  One of my friends had that surgery a few years back and she healed fairly quickly.  Do you have to do physical therapy too?  Would be curious how they are doing that these days.  Glad you are keeping in touch!

JR, so good to hear from you!  Not sure where you live, but masks are mandatory in Los Angeles and people have been good about wearing them for the most part.  At the same time our numbers are really high also.  Our state started to open but we never got past the first phase.  I have gone to restaurants with outdoor patios, but won't eat anywhere indoors.  How are things with your heart these days?  Are you working at all right now?  I am lucky to be working remotely.  It is a bit more tedious, but at least there is some certainty about my job right now.  

Lori, hope you are doing well.  Would be nice to hear from you when you get a chance.  :)

So glad to hear everyone is doing well.  Stay safe and take care of yourselves!  Hope to hear back from you.  

  • Edited July 31, 2020 4:08 pm  by  Molly010

Happy to hear from you Brian. Yes you have time to be online more now since you can't do housework or fun stuff like golf. Good Luck with the Boot and NO WEIGHTBEARING as recommended or you will be longer recovering. No weight on one leg too much as that will cause significant problems as well.

I am feeling particularly isolated as I live alone, retired, and can't hang out with my BFF, go out to eat, go shopping like I enjoyed so much. No social life for me at all. I still take care of Dad 14 hrs/day 2 days per week. I see one sister and one brother on those days but no other social life actually. Even church in cars is really no interaction with others. I am getting lonely and wish I had more real social interactions. I am now again online alot as I was in 2018. I am really stressed out due to trying to get business done during the pandemic and it almost takes an act of Congress and so much time on the phone to get anything done. My bank even closed this month and was taken over by another bank and had to change accounts, debit cards, checks, and getting everything set up to continue direct deposits, online bill paying...so much stuff I took for granted. I pay all of my bills online and all my funds go Direct Deposit. I am still trying to take care of all of this thru the pandemic. "Expect longer than normal wait times" on phone calls. Aghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Glad my quit is solid or else I might be chain smoking trying to deal with all of this. I could NOT have quit during this pandemic for sure...I would have been too stressed out to maintain smokebriety for sure. An inner small voice loves to remind me that you could almost use a cig now. I still sometimes think about a cig when I have my coffee. Still have to ignore and delete those thoughts sometime. So I still keep my armor on...

NO MORE PICKLE BALL FOR YOU!!!sweat_smile Stay home and stay away from Covid. The silver lining.

Wonderful to hear from you.  I enjoy NOT smoking too much to ever return to smoking. Nicodemon knows better than to mess with me anymore. I still get the quiet whispers sometimes. Not a chance I would dance with that demon again. 


Freedom since July 2018...How Sweet it is!!sunflower