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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 242896 views.

Hi Molly, Marilyn, Brian, Cindi, & Denim

Happy New Year & 2021 to All!!kissing_heart I was gonna get on here in Jan to send good wishes to all and to celebrate surviving 2020 (What an AWFUL HORRIBLE year for most!!). I was SO hopeful, positive & looking forward to 2021 being so much better than 2020!! And guess what happened on Jan 9th??.....We got snow here on Jan 8th but it did not stick on road and most melted the same day. On Jan 9th when I went outside to put fresh water in my dogs outside water pan, I slipped and fell on some refrozen black ice on a stepping stone in my backyard. I was on the cold ground and could not get up for 5-10 minutes. I kept trying to get up but couldn't. I kept looking at my left foot and kept noticing it was at an odd angle. I could not get up because I had broken my ankle. I am single and live alone except for my 2 little doggies. I was in my back yard and it was early in morning. No one could see me from the front yard and street. One neighbor could see me if they were outside. I was trying to figure out how to get up off the cold ground. I thought about yelling hoping one of my neighbors would hear me and I thought about crawling back to my house. I decided not to panic and just kept trying to get up. I was finally able to maneuver to get on my R knee and was finally able to get up (adrenaline) and hop back to the house. I texted my family and told them what happened and that I was going to get myself together and go to Urgent Care. My family came like the calvary. Was hoping I had a bad sprain but figured it was broken as it swelled so fast and I could put no wght on it. One bone was cleanly broken.  So on top of this dam pandemic, I now had a broken ankle. So 2021 started off pretty badly for me. Was unable to help take care of my elderly father like before...and I felt so guilty as I was one of his primary caretakers. So my siblings had to take up the slack. It has now been 10.5 weeks and I am slowly healing. I wore a BIG boot for 8 wks...now in a brace for 6 weeks. Doing physical therapy 2x weekly. Had to board my 2 little dogs for 3 weeks as I was unable to care for them and take them outside 5-6x daily. They would run thru my walker and almost trip me. They were also afraid of the walker when I walked towards them. So this has been an experience. This has been really hard living alone and trying to do household chores and ADLs. I thought I was patient but really had to learn patience.


Hey Molly, Marilyn etal,

Sorry to hear you broke your ankle as well Marilyn...no Fun!! 10.5 weeks for me now and I am still not healed and back to normal. President Biden's Dr did not release him for 12 weeks when he broke his foot in Nov. I had no idea how long this recovery would be.  As bad as breaking an ankle is, I was still blessed as I broke my L ankle and could still drive. My family helped out alot but I hated bothering them as they had to cover my days taking care of Dad. Due to the pandemic and working remotely, more siblings were able to be available at Dad's to help more with his care. I felt more isolated and alone than I have ever felt...not even my little doggies around. Some people offered to help but did not really mean it. My family really came thru but were not always available due to taking care of Dad 24/7. I am doing better...resuming normal activities as tolerated now. I am wearing 2 shoes again! I am getting myself and my life together again. Will be glad to return to just the pandemic at this time.

I got my life-saving vaccine on Feb 6 & Mar 6 so I am fully vaccinated against covid 19. I also helped family and Sr citizens in the community get an appt to get the vaccine. I became a Serious Vaccine Hunter while laid up with this broken ankle at home. I found appts for at least 15 people...and people kept asking me to help them get an appt. I knew some olders folks may not be computer savvy enough to make an online appt that was required here to get an appt. I do not know of anyone else now who is looking for an appt for the vaccine. More clinics and vaccines available now.

Congrats Marilyn on retiring this year. My cousin who has been teaching 41 years retired in Jan...she was SO stressed out from the online teaching and tech required to do her job this year. Teaching was no longer fun. I felt sorry for teachers since the pandemic started. I know you are looking forward to your retirement and moving since your divorce. 

What is it with us Virginia women breaking our ankles? I am looking forward to being completely healed and able to walk without pain. And looking forward to this pandemic being over.

SO Thankful and Joyful to not be smoking since 2018. It is a distant memory now and I hardly ever think of a cig. Not even any dreams of cigs anymore or cravings when I have my coffee most mornings. I am overjoyed to be a non-smoker...How Sweet it is!! Looking forward to my 3 yr anniversary in July. Happy Spring to everyone.

Gloria (still kicking high with one leg at this time).


From: Molly010


Hey Gloria,

So sorry to hear about your leg!  Was just thinking about you and was going to post the other day but didn't get around to it.  Must have been scary laying there for a while wondering why you could not get up!  Glad you are healing and getting around a bit better.

I received my first dose of the vaccine and have my second scheduled for April.  My parents are having a hard time getting an appointment for some reason.  They live in Mass so my sister and I are trying to help get them an appointment.  So great of you to help other get appointments.  It is difficult for so many other people.  My state has been pretty easy for most. 

I lost my sweet dog on March 6.  We had to put her down.  She was acting strangely for a couple of days and then started having seizures.  I took her to three vets and they all sent her home thinking she was fine.  It was so frustrating.  The pain of her loss has been very difficult.  She was an absolute sweetheart and a big part of our lives.  Took her everywhere - stores, hiking, vacations.  I just got her ashes yesterday and am hoping to have some jewelry made.  Ironically, the thought of smoking didn't even cross my mind and I would have chain smoked if she died while I was still smoking. 

The year started off okay, but this month has not been so great.  My other dog was diagnosed with a degenerative disk disease two days ago, a long time friend of our family passed away on the 12th, and my boyfriend is having some minor health issues.  I am trying to focus on all the great memories, but I will miss her terribly and need to give myself time to grieve.   

Take care of yourself and write back when you can!  Below is a pic of my girl.  sweat