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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 250040 views.

Hey Molly,

Happy June...At least I hope it is Happy. SO SO sorry to hear about your precious doggie!!! You have my sincerest condolences. I know you were devastated. It is SO hard to lose them. Heartbreaking. Hope you are doing better with less grief at this time. Great that you did not desire or think about smoking during that emotional time. You are truly an ex-smoker who has finally QUIT smoking. Kudos.

My broken ankle is better though still not healed. Almost 5 months!!! I stopped wearing the brace a week ago--Dr wanted me to try to not wear in June anyway. I quit physical therapy 2 weeks ago as I was paying $50/ weekly to attend. I got tired of paying and I am now able to walk down steps again (my last goal). I am so tired of all these unexpected medical bills since I broke my ankle. They keep coming!!?? I have Great Insurance but all these extra unexpected bills keep coming. I pay the co-pay and a bill...then receive another bill about 2-3 months later. I have great insur but will look for magnificent insur during the next open season. I cannot afford or plan for these unexpected multiple medical bills. I stopped therapy and probably not going to go back to the Orthopedic Dr due to probably having to pay $200-300 more than the copay and bill due. I have to pay for my continuing educ classes and renew my social work license this month. Plus my doggie with the heart failure got sick with vomiting and diarrhea--wouldn't eat and had the runs for 5 days. Home treatment did not work so I had to take him to a Vet. Could not find a Vet initially (his Vet died unexpectedly last year). The temp vet was out sick and only avail 3 days a week anyhow. I had to BEG another Vet practice to see him (they squeezed him in the next day at my pleading and crying). Of course that was a $300 bill. So no Drs or therapy for me in June--rather treat my dog!!


Hey Molly,


But the worst thing of all: My Sweet Precious Dad died on April 27th after a brief acute illness. He was 92 and developed a fever. He could not tell us he was sick due to his dementia. He had a UTI and gall bladder infection. I had just returned to caring for him in Mar since I broke my ankle in Jan. He had started holding food in his mouth in March and would or could not swallow sometimes. He was put on thickened liquids and pureed food by the end of March. He developed a fever Apr 7 and was hospitalized. We stayed with him in the hospital. (Thank God Covid had improved enough that they let one of us stay with him in hospital. We were SO thankful for that!!). He was too frail for gall bladder surgery so they treated with IV antibiotics. He improved but then got pneumonia. They added more antibiotics. But they finally told us that he would not survive. He was in hosp 16 days and was discharged home for 4 days before he died. He almost made it to age 93 this year. 

I am SAD and GRIEF Strickened at this time. I am now sitting home everyday with hardly any outside contacts now. I have to find a new life now that I am not taking care of Dad 2 days per week and we are almost out of a pandemic. My siblings have their lives, spouses, children and grandchildren. I have my two little doggies. 

I did not think of smoking once when Dad died and dealing with this grief. Smoking a cig would NOT have touched this grief anyhow!! What a gut-punch this was.

Talk more later. Hope you are having and looking forward to a Good summer.