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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 308697 views.

Hello Warriors & others. Happy Happy New Year.  Nice to make it to another year as a non-smoker...loving it! Keep the faith & let's keep going. Still proud to be an ex-smoker.

Gloria - smoke-free since 30 July 2018...How Sweet it is!!!sunflowersunflowersunflower

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From: Molly010


Hello and Happy New Year!  I have not been on this site in a while but wanted to reach out and say hello.  

So sorry to hear about your pup passing Gloria!   It is such a difficult thing to go through.  I still think about my dog who passed away last year everyday!  I did adopt a new pup - her name is Evie.  She is young and needs lots of exercise but is adorable.  She had some bald spots and was under weight but is doing well now.  My other dog Captain is still going strong.  He is 12 years old now.  He doesn't like to play with her but she is good for him because she inspires him to move around more than he used to.

I have been vegan for a few years now, so if you want to look into some recipes, let me know.  It is so much easier to go vegan now than ever before!  It does take some trial and error, but I have learned to make the same recipes with some vegan substitutes.  Gardein is a great brand for meat substitutes and there are plenty of recipes online.  Funny enough, when people were first buying out all the meats at the grocery stores, all the vegan foods were still available!  For years my father avoided my vegan cooking when I would visit, but tried a lasagna I made with vegan cheese, spinach and vegan sausage and he loved it.  He froze the rest to save it.  Let me know how it is going!

Congratulations on three years JR!  Sorry I am late.  My mother had a heart attack in December and had a stent put in.  She is recovering with physical therapy.  She never smoked or drank, but had a bad diet.  Lots of sweets and junk food.  She is trying to change her diet and stay away from all the bad stuff now.  Omicron is now getting to a lot of people at my job.  We already have a mask mandate so I try to be as careful as possible and many of us are working from home.  I picked up a few Covid home tests just in case, but they are difficult to get.  One of my coworkers waited for over two hours to get tested last week. 

It is a good thing we quit smoking when we did.  Smokers have a much more difficult time with the virus than non-smokers.  A friend of mine caught the Delta variant - she is one of those people that did not believe in getting the vaccine.  She had to be hospitalized and is still on an oxygen tank two months later.  She was not a smoker but had underlying conditions.  She was struggling about whether to get the vaccine because her doctor kept telling her to get it, but she has so many like-minded friends that she felt pressured not to do it.  She now plans to get the vaccine in February.  Just sad that she is struggling so much when it could have been prevented.  There is very little information about the long term affects of Covid after you get it.  Although you can still get it with the vaccine, at least the symptoms are milder in most cases.  

Hope you both are doing well and staying safe!  So happy to be smoke free!