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September Ash-Kickers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 10/1/18 by ModSue (VentasSue); 256982 views.

From: Mrissa


Hi Nan!

Congratulations!! 2 years we did it!! I think keys, bells, trumpets, a dancing line will do!! I need to change my pic and take the wings off my keys since they have landed.

Congratulations on your expecting daughter as well!

I'm glad to hear that you are staying safe through this pandemic. The best thing we did was quit smoking. No way am I ever going back. I love the freedom I have. The coronavirus attacks the lungs and people who smoke and vape are at tremendous risks.

I'm looking forward to taking a vacation. I'm glad that you had a cruise when you did.

Hope everyone is doing well and celebrating our freedoms!



From: Vic091718


Hi gang.  Nice to hear from you all.  Congrats to all of us as we hit 2 years!.  All is good here.  A lot of my golf buddies and their families and mine have tested positive for antibodies.  A bunch of us got tested in June.  We did a 2nd test a week later to be sure.  Me and my wife had a stomach bug for a few days in early May - was the only time we were “sick”.  Was no big deal luckily.  I blame all my kids (They were never sick) as they all went to beach with lots of friends.  Oops!  Lol.  Anyway, it is a real danger to some so stay safe!  Congrats again!

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From: awaken1961


Happy 2nd anniversary  Vic, hope all is well !


From: Vic091718


Super congrats!!!  All is good. I miss the old Pats already. Haha

Big Congrats Vic on another year smoke-free. Isn't NOT smoking wonderful?? I do NOT miss smoking at all and have so much Joy and Peace to be smoke-free. My brain still remembers that I used to smoke and pings sometimes when I have a very enjoyable cuppa Joe and if I get extremely tired or stressed out. My brain remembers that I smoked for 42 years and ALWAYS had a cig with my coffee. A morning ritual. That thought is not extinguished yet but it is just an occasional thought. Just a PING. 

Happy to see some of the Sept '18 gang around. Most groups disappear before or once they arrive at the Clubhouse. I tried to keep my group thread alive but then I was just talking to myself. Not on here as much myself. It was hard to give up my support and lifeline here but life goes on. Other projects to work on. Glad and thankful not to be smoking during this pandemic. 

I was just so grateful that this forum was here when I needed it most. I know I will NEVER smoke a cig again...I LOVE being a non-smoker too much to ever go back.

Take care and stay safe.

We still kicking cig butt...Love it!! Working on our wings. 


Emancipated since 30 July 2018...How Sweet it is!!sunflower


From: awaken1961


hello Gloria, glad everything is going well and you still have your warrior mentality, I really embraced that and it helped my out so much, I am forever grateful !

Hey Austin,

Good to hear from you and see you still around. Hope you still going strong. I am still a warrior but don't have to fight much now. I am sitting on the sidelines of the battlefield. Still Alert. Nicodemon doesn't show up much now. He knows he will get beatdown and has NO power with me. He knows I will kick his butt again.

Take care and stay safe.

We still kicking cig butt...Love it!! Working on our wings. 


Emancipated since 30 July 2018...How Sweet it is!!sunflower


From: Vic091718


Happy Halloween everybody!  Turkey next month.  Hope everyone is doing well.  


From: awaken1961


same to you and everyone else, doing well , staying safe and hoping for the best !


From: TigerWolfs



Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 2 Year Aniversaries for everyone, sorry I am a little late lol

I am still smoke free!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and christmas.

Tigerwolfs  Sept. 2018