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September Ash-Kickers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 10/1/18 by ModSue (VentasSue); 256994 views.

From: awaken1961


really great to here from you TigerWolfs , glad your staying strong and staying safe !


From: Denim50


September Ash-Kickers 2018, 



From: Vic091718


Hi everyone. Have a great 2021!


From: Denim50


Happy New Year Vic! 

I hope those delicious cookies of yours made it into your New Year’s celebration. I miss those. I did bake some Christmas sugar cookies during the holidays and had some snickerdoodles, but still missing your wonderful chocolate chip cookies (and maybe another slice of pizza).  

I hope you and your family are all doing good, staying safe, and enjoying the New Year. 

Here’s to all of us and a hopefully brighter, better 2021.  



From: Vic091718


Hi Denim. So nice to hear from you!  All is good and healthy here. I hope the same for you and your  family too.  I just made some yummy for dessert after chowing down my Domino’s .  Join me for a snack.  Take care and stay safe!


From: Denim50


Hey Vic, 

     It’s great to hear from you! I’m glad you and your family are all doing good. I hope the same is true with our other quit buddies too. Things have quieted down a lot. Thank you for keeping in touch and sharing those delicious snacks. I’ve got some cake here, if you want to join me. I told a friend a while back that it had been a mild Winter so far, and I had no sooner said it than it decided to prove me wrong, and has been doing so ever since. Anyway, lesson learnt and grateful for four wheel drive, lol. 

Have a wonderful day.        


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From: Vic091718


Hi Denim!!  I hope you n family are well!  I surprise myself sometimes as I type on this site still.  I never really give stuff up so I guess I’ll be here a while.  I do miss the regular contact  with you Mrissa Wuffie Awaken Nancy Gloria and everyone else, but as long as everyone is still smoke free n doing well .....  Anyway take care  stay safe n healthy.   I’ll stop by time to time.  List is below as a reminder.

March 2018

       9             Denim (Denim50)

July  2018

     30             Gloria (Missdogs2018)

August 2018

      1              Molly (Molly010)

September Ash Kickers 2018

1             Selina (SelinaQ)

1             Bo (1sept18)

3             Robert (RoberTu)

4             Mark (Mark03071964)

6             Mrissa

9             Wuffie34

11           Loriann1622

16          Colleen (ColainMC)

17          Awaken1961

17          Vic (Vic091718)

20           Tigerwolfs

21          DLGR

22          Nancy (Nan123)

27          Ermmre (Esperanza)

27          Lori (Lorir1104)

29          Lori (Lgor)


From: Mrissa



Hope you are doing well!  I think of all of you quit buddies quite often.... I am enjoying life so much without cigarettes I feel like such a different person. I never thought I could make it and it was with the help and encouragement of all of you guys that I did. I am so thankful to God and my quit Buddies.

I really enjoy physical activity like riding my bicycle and spending time doing things without the burden of cigarette addiction nagging at me. It is such a wonderful freedom that I never think of cigarettes anymore.

I will stop in and say hello from time to time as well!!

I hope and pray the best for everybody.


From: Nanp123


Hey Vic and everyone! Doing OK, staying healthy during this pandemic and real glad I am not smoking! No trips planned yet, but hopefully we will be cruising again in a year or so. Became a grandma again in November to another little boy. That makes 3 grandsons. It’s so nice that when I babysit, I don’t have to sneak outside nor do I stink anymore! Lol! Take care everyone.


From: Vic091718


Nice to hear from you guys!!!!  Glad all is well. Stay safe n keep in touch.  Happy Valentines Day to everyone!!