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Octonopers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 11/1/18 by ModAndrea; 183074 views.

From: ModAndrea


Greetings Octonopers 2018 Group!

Welcome to your kickoff buddy group thread! This is a place for you to continue to get quit help, information and just hang out and get to know one another.

As we like to say around here, an educated quit is a successful quit - so keep reading and absorb everything you can on this site, the forum and elsewhere around the web. Arm yourself with knowledge and it will help you start the work of changing your relationship with your old smoking habit. Once you do that, you are on your way.

Settle in and get comfortable. This is your home base, but as always, the entire forum is here for you. ;-)

((((( Octonopers 2018 )))))

Hugs to all of you.

P.S. Hope you like the pool.

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From: claire0331


Thanks so much for our cool new home! I am loving the pool. 

Doing good so far this morning, day 2 for me. It was nice to go trick or treating with my family last night and not be wondering when I could smoke.  I feel like as a non-smoker I am more fully present in the moment, not mentally planning my next smoke break all time.

ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Andrea and all you Octonopers 2018 winners!!

Hope you don't mind me popping in and sharing the pool with you occasionally:

You've got a great group going here.  Just be patient and, pretty soon, you'll feel more benefits from quitting than you ever dreamed possible.  

Have a great day.


From: BlueDahlia29


Thank you Andrea for our new home, the pool is wonderful!

Blue globe_with_meridians

JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)


Wow I love our pool. Thank you for helping us through October. It occurred to me last night that starting today I can say I quit smoking last month instead of saying I quit this month. Makes it sound better or longer like that. lol 

To all Octonopers, hope you have a wonderful and peaceful day today. 


From: claire0331


Lol, I suppose I could say that too since my last cig was on 10/30. stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes I am actually just happy to say that I have quit at all. 

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From: claire0331


I have definitely had some bouts of junkie thinking today. So far I have been able to recognize it and work through it, using distraction and/or deep breathing mostly. I’ve been reading lots of articles that are posted on here. They are so helpful for keeping my thoughts on the right track. I feel a little spacey or loopy today. Anyone else have that early on in their quit? 


From: munk58


Yeah! A NEW month! And so the calendar turns. Happiness is: 

-Waking up today without an ugly cough

-$300 bucks saved in my pocket in one month!

- Smelling hand cream instead of smoke on my hands

-The disappearance of that UGLY yellow stain on my right hand middle finger


Keep on keeping on! 


Came Back to Life October 2nd, 2018


From: claire0331


Wow! Almost 1 month for you, Munk! That is awesome. 


From: ModAndrea


Good Morning, Claire. I like how you put it about being "more fully present in the moment". It's important to recognize and appreciate the positives we experience when we quit smoking and think of them when cravings hit.

I'm glad you're doing good on Day 2, Claire. Stick close to the forum.