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August Champions 2015   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 9/3/15 by ModDee; 281014 views.

From: MomandNana


I can’t wait to go back to this resort!! I’ve never felt that way before! It was perfect....we walked so much yet relaxed all the time! Speaking of which, I saw how many steps you did too....AMAZING! 

OMG....a typhoon!!! So scary girl! I’m so happy everything was fine. I can’t wait to see pics!!



From: amfsmokefree


I uploaded a few photos above but Ill give you a little description:

1) Tokyo Disneyland Castle lol

2) This is out in the country - Mt. Hakone close to Fuji

3) At an owl cafe - this is Squirrel the Owl :) He was adorable

4) At the gate walking to one of the most popular temples in Tokyo

5) Hakone Shrine - this is my FAV photo of the trip!! I want to get it printed on a canvas!!

6) Us with Sumo Wrestlers after we got to watch their practice!

Back to real life - work is crazy - and I am studying for my 2nd exam! I plan to take it in December (I think lol)


From: MomandNana


I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics!!! You two are the cutest couple! I love how you guys wear matching shirts!! First, let me say....I’m OBSESSED with owls so that is SO COOL you are holding one! 

Oh my goodness....the temples and shrines would’ve been my most favorite thing to do there. It must’ve been so beautiful. I’m so happy you guys got to make one of your dreams come true!

Our next dream trip is Ireland! :-)

Hows the studying going? How did you do on your last exam? 



From: amfsmokefree


Hey girl!!

Aww - thank you! YES - the owl experience was unforgettable - my hubby held a barn owl and he decided to climb up my hubbys arm and literally nested on his head! LOL I will have to find a photo to share - it was so funny, and a once in a lifetime experience!

Ireland!! Oh that would be so awesome - so beautiful and green!! 

Studying isnt going all too well lately because work is so insane - however, I took a month long leave from work starting the Monday after Thanksgiving, so I will have ample time to study because I plan to take my next exam the first week in January. The scores for my first part wont be released until the end of December, fingers crossed!! Lol

I was just thinking about everyone on the forum that hasnt been around in a while - Sooz, Youdi, etc. hope they are all doing well! I am sure they are all still smoke free! I STILL have those moments where I remember that I used to smoke - lol it feels like it was sooo long ago I almost forget how demanding the nicodeamon could be!! So proud of us! :)



From: MomandNana


It nested on his head?!! LMAO!!!!

I’m glad you get to take the time off from work to study. Less stress is exactly what you need.

Yea, I think about everyone myself. Hope they’re doing well too.

I think about smoking every once in a while. Some moments I wish smoking wasn’t bad so I could have “one” but then reality sets in and the thought goes away. I’m so proud we didn’t waver. :-)



From: amfsmokefree


Here is the photo of the owl on my hubbys head!! lol I'll answer the rest of your message tomorrow!! Hope you had a great weekend :)


From: amfsmokefree


Hi Kim!

Yes - I am glad to have time off too - I need it - work has been so crazy, but I think we should issue our report either today or tomorrow - which means it will be out before I leave - so that’s good! :) This one has been dragging on longer than they should, so I am glad to almost have it off my plate!

Speaking of plates, LOL, what are you all doing for Thanksgiving? We are just having a quiet one - go to my hubby's family for a few and then to my parents for the rest of the evening - my friend from college was supposed to come down and celebrate with us and bring her dog - but Miss Mia had another setback with her little heart this week (it is starting to slow down more and it not able to pump strong enough to properly circulate her blood - so she is not getting enough oxygen - like on Thursday she was on Oxygen for 6 hours straight and her oxygen levels actually dropped slightly...so the vet put her on prednisone (steroid) which is kind of a catch 22 for her as it will make her feel better and breathe better, but it isn't good for her little heart - but essentially the vet thinks we should focus on quality of life versus quantity at this point and believes the prednisone will give her a better quality of life - which is HEART BREAKING for me to think that we are nearing the end of her little road :( Any who, the reason my friend isn’t coming now is that the vet said we need to do our best to keep her as calm as we can, as the more excited she gets, the heavier she breathes, and the harder her heart has to work - and having her and her dog will be so chaotic, I feel bad rescinding the offer but she understands totally - she would do the same if it was her dog I know. Sorry - that was a lot - I am just not accepting it very well - but I am so happy to have this month off to spend time with her! :)


From: MomandNana


Hi Angela!

Awww....poor Mia!!  :*(  As sad as it is to accept, the vet is right that quality is more important. I know that hurts to hear honey ((((hugs)))). 

It must be so scary for her and you guys when she struggles to breathe. It’s great you get to spend your time off with her. She’s going to LOVE it! 

I agree with your decision to cancel your friends visit. I’m certain she understands and would do the same if the situation were reversed.

We are having Thanksgiving dinner at my daughters house. My sons and their girlfriends are coming over too so it’ll be nice. My hubby is doing the turkey and gravy. I’m doing candied yams and my famous stuffing. Therese is doing all the other side dishes and the boys are bringing drinks & desserts. We plan on eating early and then everyone has to head to their SO families. My hubby and I will head to the mall to grab a gift and then head home to relax. Easy peasy! Lol

If I don’t get back on before then, Happy Thanksgiving!! <3


ModMarge (slowblumer)

From: ModMarge (slowblumer)


Hi Angela and Kim,

Happy Thanksgiving to you both!!  I just love the pics esp the one with the owl on top his head.

Kim -  You said, 'Some moments I wish smoking wasn’t bad so I could have “one” but then reality sets in and the thought goes away. I’m so proud we didn’t waver. :-)' I think that is the dream of every ex-smoker, including myself:))  But as you said, then reality sets in.  I am so proud of all of us.  Enjoy.


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