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August Champions 2015   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 9/3/15 by ModDee; 367629 views.

From: amfsmokefree



I am doing pretty good Kim!! How are you?!

The vacay was sooo great! Alaska is seriously breathtakingly beautiful! I would love to spend more time there - I kept telling my hubby we need a summer house there one day! LOL Let me send a photo!

How is everything on your side? Have you guys moved to Georgia yet? How are the babies? 



From: MomandNana


I’m doing fantastic!!! I started an aquatic aerobics class a few weeks ago and I’m LOVING IT!!! It motivates me beyond anything else I have tried. I go M-F every morning. I am adding a yoga class to my regimen starting Thursday. I can’t wait!! Elijah goes to the kid center while I’m working out and he loves it too! Huge relief since he’s so attached to me. Speaking of baby....ALL the grand babies are doing well. Noah’s Birthday was the other day....4 already!!

We haven’t moved to GA yet but our youngest son is moving there in less than two weeks. We are going with him to help him get settled but it’s a very short trip. Then we’re back there again in October for my daughters wedding. She’s already married but never had a formal ceremony so they finally decided to have one.

Alaska sounds so beautiful! I would love to maybe do an Alaskan cruise one day. Our next vacation is back to the Dominican next year. We’re going with 3-4 other couples. I can’t wait!!

Glad you checked in! Talk to you soon!!

(Oh and, next month is THREE YEARS GIRL!!)



From: amfsmokefree


Hi Kim!

I know - 3 years - it is so funny to think about now - because I often forget that I smoked at all! I am so proud of us..I wonder how everyone else is: Sooz, Janet, Angelina, Jo, Yodi, etc. I pray all smokefree still!

I can not believe Noah is 4!!! Holy moly! A big boy now! Speaking of water aerobics - I am trying to convince my mom to do that - as she has arthritis so most regular exercising is too high impact on her body, and I have heard that water aerobics is really good for keeping up strength and mobility in arthritis patients. How long are your classes?

Today is Mia's 12 birthday, Kim!! I seriously can't believe it! With all of the ups and downs with her health wise - I honestly thought her 11th birthday would be her last - and here we are and I am SO grateful for it!! I am attaching her birthday photo this year - it was "breakfast themed" LOL

I didn't know your youngest son was moving to GA - is it for school or a job or something? Or just to be closer to his siblings? 

Yes - I definitely recommend the Alaskan cruise! It was just beautiful and more unique than other cruises i have been on - plus seeing the wild life was so cool - whales, bald eagles, bears! I need to show you some photos - but I dont have them on my computer - soon I promise!

Hope you're having a good week - I am already ready for the weekend LOL



From: slowblumer


Hi Angela,

I just loved Mia's picture.   Give her a pat.   I think I remember a real nice one last year as well. Yum!!!


From: amfsmokefree


Hi Marge!

Thank you - I will definitely give her a pat for you!! Yes, last year we did photos of her too (my hubby works in film, so naturally her is a talented photographer too) thinking it was maybe the last one we would have with her - thank God we had another birthday with her this year!! :)

Hope you're doing well!


ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Angelina and all the August Champions 2015-ers!!

Wishing you all huge congratulations - what an achievement.

Thanks, also, to you and all the other members of your group who helped me so much in the early stages of my quit.  


From: amfsmokefree


Thanks so much, Sue!! 3 years for me in a couple weeks - can't believe it! It is funny that I forget I ever smoked sometimes - it feels like it was so long ago!


From: MomandNana


Hi Angela!

Love the pic! Mia is so adorable!! I’m happy you got to share another birthday with her. :-)

I also hope everyone in our group is still smoke free. 

Your mom should absolutely do water aerobics!! It so helpful! My class is 50 minutes but I go early and stay late stretching so I’m there a couple hours. I’ve lost a couple inches so far.

My son moving to GA was not planned but it was the BEST thing for him! He is happy and loving it there. He’s living with our daughter until he saves to get his own apartment. He started his new job today so I gotta check in with him now.

Your cruise sounds amazing! Definitely want to do one one day. Ok, talk soon!!



From: MomandNana


Thank you, Sue! I’m happy to see you’re doing well yourself! Keep up the good work!



From: kittymom413


3 Years Smoke Free!!!  I am so incredibly proud of you!!! 

(((BIG HUGS)))

Kitty cat