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NOPEvember 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 11/30/18 by ModDee; 85741 views.

From: spartanfan


Happy 6 months and 2 days Screwadriver!!  I had it in my calendar to congratulate you and Pam and then the holiday weekend messed me up.  Halfway house, woohoo!!!


From: Screwadriver


Thanks Julie and now I even have freshly polished teeth as my little treat. It was an up and down ride so far so now just time to be stubborn to actually get our keys. 


From: SteveAll


Its funny.  I was trying to remember when my last craving was on Friday and then yesterday, while firing up the grill, I got hit with a fairly strong one.  Its wild how some addiction connections can hide for that long.  It passed relatively quickly and I feel as strong as ever but its just wild how long a stray connection can hide out.

That said, I have seven months today and I am so proud of all of us.  Pam, Julie, Screwadriver.  Man! We are ACTUALLY DOING IT!  After those scary first few months, the cautiously optimistic middle months, the recent dull drudgery.  Seven months!!! This time last year I was pretty certain I was just going to smoke until I died of cancer, maybe I might get lucky and have a heart attack or something first.  I can't even believe that I used to accept that.

Congrats everyone! This month might not be some fancy milestone but for some reason I feel pumped about it. We totally have this!  We are ACTUALLY non-smokers! We aren't "trying to quit" anymore. Its like, really happening this time. The worst is over, all we have to do is not smoke!  Sounds a heck of a lot easier today than 7 months ago right?

I'm going to go home tonight, pour a glass of wine, and watch my robot lawn mower mow my lawn.  Paid for entirely by money that I used to spend on poisoning myself.  I love it.

7 months!


From: spartanfan


Late to the party, Steve, but congrats on 7 months!!!  Yes, we are doing it!  And I was the same way, thinking I would never quit, that I’d be one of those old ladies unhooking myself from oxygen so I could smoke.  Thankful every day that i was able to stop for good!

i had a huge craving this past weekend...first road trip as a non-smoker and the first time we stopped I was really jonesing!  And the craves are different now too...just a momentary annoyance, nothing I’d actually act on.

enjoy the wine and lawn mower all summer long!!    And I’ll meet you at 7 in 2 days!


CONGRATULATIONS STEVE 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 months!!!

You and your fellow quitters really are nailing this!!! 

Always remain proud of yourself as this is a battle you will win! I promise you will never regret all the crappy stuff you've put yourself through as freedom feels awesome!! Keep on NOPING along with all of us.

Now, nail month 8. relaxed

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: SteveAll


No worries!  Its probably good that everyone is around a little less.  It means everything is getting a bit easier.  Man, I hadn't even thought about road trips.  That will be another demon to confront.  You are right though, they are just minor annoyances.  I used to get a lot of self pity whenever I realized I couldn't smoke but that has been replaced by a small well of pride.  smiley

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From: SteveAll


Thanks Deb, appreciate all your enthusiasm and positivity!  It must feel amazing be working on year six!


From: lizwilfred


Hi Pam,

I’ve been lurking rather than posting. So much happening at home, there’s only so much time I can neglect my children to forum !!

Hope you are feeling better. I pop on to the Jan group where I claimed squatters rights!

Keep fighting on.

Liz x


From: AsadAKhan


Hello Julie,

I have a question for you. You mentioned that you have a huge craving past week (first road trip) and then you mentioned that craving are different now.

Is the first time craving you have on your first-time road trip (past week) after quit is different from craving you have in 2-3 month for any first time thing you did?  

Or the first time cravings you are getting now on something you are doing for the first time after quit are also less in intensity then first time craving in 3 month or first time craving will be always hard even if it is in seven month


From: spartanfan


They are definitely not as strong as they were when I was in my 2nd or 3rd month.  It was a "huge" craving in that it was my first time taking a road trip and not smoking, so my brain automatically wanted to smoke when we stopped, but I truly was able to just dismiss the thought.  I still will have cravings once or twice a day, but they pass within a minute, maybe not even that long.  The intensity level is WAY down as is the frequency.

I had it in my brain that getting past this addiction will take at least 1 year, maybe longer if I'm still doing "firsts" after I hit the one year mark (for example--if my first plane ride is after the 1 year mark, I would expect a craving to hit at the airport since I haven't flown without smoking first since 1989!)  The positive part of this, is since I'm expecting to have cravings, they don't have a lot of power over me--I'm ready for them!

Hope this helps blush