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NOPEvember 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 11/30/18 by ModDee; 81521 views.

From: overdoz


Cook County is the hot spot now? I am with you about being over Illinois, my brother lives in Arizona way more affordable than here, people seem more laid back and less stress, but its also a vacation destination, close enough to California and Vegas. Congratulations on 18 months, did you have any significant cravings past the year mark?

Overdoz quit 04-17-2020


From: spartanfan


Definitely one of them, though I think likely because of the amount of tests IL is doing as a whole...makes sense our numbers would go way up, you know?

i was doing pretty well with cravings until the pandemic hit, then they came back and really surprised me!   Maybe 3 weeks total of pretty intense cravings, but I think all due to boredom and the fact that I had always used cigarettes to cope in the past.  Now I have maybe a little twinge here and there but nothing horrible.  Did have to go back to the basics with those strong cravings though...deep breaths, ice water and distraction!

how are you feeling?  Congrats on hitting the one month mark!


From: overdoz


yeah i believe you with the cravings. The newness of the quit at about 5 weeks wears off a little, but i managed to go for a run/walk before for about an hour, half running half walking. 

Stress is definitely a strong trigger, back home now. Wish the gym was open, we have had so much taken away from us last 2 months, i was just on the bus, its getting more crowded now, i hope there isn't a second wave of infections, till there is a vaccine or something i didnt like feeling crowded in a bus. 

Have a good day, thanks for the congrats.

Overdoz quit 04-17-2020