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Tips and Advice   Diet and Exercise

Started 1/21/19 by Molly010; 7879 views.

From: boylant22


Hello everyone!  Looking into the archives of this forum and came across this one. I know it has been a long time, but interested to know now 2 years later if you were able to lose the weight gained during your quits?  I have been quit for something like 110 days and am ready to tackle the 5 pounds I gained during the 3 months after quit. I have been doing the 16/8 fasting technique for a week or so now and find that to be pretty easy and effective. I’m down 2 pounds without really feeling too deprived. I also work out 5-6 days/week, but always have so that’s not terribly new and really kinda just helps me maintain. Any other tips to share?


From: Molly010


Hello Boylant22!

First, congrats on your quit!  Regarding weight loss, I was doing well until the last few months for personal reasons.  I have not been working out as regularly as I was because of COVID too.  The dance classes I used to take stopped along with some other classes I used to teach, but I haven't gained more than what I did after quitting.  Quite a few people I know gained a lot during the last year because of COVID. 

I don't really like dieting per se but have tried the fasting technique and have had some success with that.  Went away to visit family last week and am trying to get back on track with exercise this week.  I am only seeking to lose about 5 pounds.  I gained a total of 10 after a year of quitting and sort of maintained that.  I also turned 50 last year and noticed my metabolism has slowed down as well.  However, I am excited and motivated now that places are opening up.  I do better when I have classes to go to rather than working out at home.  For me, my diet is pretty good.  I just need to get back on the exercise wagon so fingers crossed!


From: boylant22


Thank you, Molly. Congratulations to you on your quit!  Almost 3 years!  Glad to hear the weight gain evens out after some time and that you have found the key to keeping at an even keel. I am not overly worried about it as I know I am so much healthier without smoking, even if I put on a pound or two. I am maintaining a mix of weight training and cardio (which is so much easier than it used to be) and hope that the weight gain will come off with consistency. Again, congrats to you in much success with your quit!!!!