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March 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 107633 views.

From: AsadAKhan


Hi Jan,

Sorry I didn't read your message earlier as I didn't get any notification for it and I am not that active on the forum now.

You are 100% correct about it. Stress is a big factor and it will have multiple triggers in our life. I am very sure that we will crave for the cigarettes whenever we will be stressful as this is what we did in major part of our life i.e. smoked cigs when we are in stress or when we are happy etc.

As an addict we need to always remember that we are only one puff away from the complete addiction coming back to us. Good thing is that now I can believe that those cravings and urges are temporary and  will go away.  

Staying strong is the key as stressful time will pass and will not change even if you smoke or not.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.




From: Denim50


Hey March 2019 group, 


Congratulations to all of you on having reached nine months smoke free this month! What a wonderful achievement! You’re 3/4 of the way to your first year smoke free!  

I hope each of you are having a wonderful Holiday Season. I wish you happy holidays and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and great New Year!  



From: Jan2185


Jan2185 said:

There seems to be no rhyme nor reason when a craving strikes. Here I am 293 days smoke free and, today, it hit me between the eyes.  I really havn't thought too much about smoking but, today, I could have so just had one (yes i Know it wouldn't have stopped at 1 which is why I used all my inner strength to control the urge).  I have to admit Christmas stresses me a bit and also I am retiring from my job of 12 years on the 3rd January and am finding I am having an inner battle as to whether I am doing the right thing.  Its a very big step to draw a line under your working life but its one I, mostly, feel ready to take.  However, it doesn't stop your mind thinking and overthinking and thinking again and that's when, in the old days, I would have had a smoke!! Anyway, I didn't and I feel quite proud of myself that I didn't but it scares me that when I have more time on my hands, the urge will return more..... thank goodness for this forum and a place I can write this down and release my feelings.. it helps to say it "out loud" and share with someone....

.... and more stress but still smoke free.  Hubby taken into hospital on Sunday and still there with severe chest infection.  He has no immune system (due to heart transplant two years ago) and, as yet, is not responding to the antibiotics - there are only certain ones he is allowed to have.  Also problems with son-in-law but that's another story which is too long to go into.  All in all a stressful time... i have resisted this long - i really, really don't want to give in now!!  303 days - very nearly 10 months... too much to lose to start again... anguished

Jan sunflower


From: l1717mary


To Jan

Please don't give in smoking does nothing for you. Put your fait in your  higher power you are so near to be one year quit your husband needs you to be strong.

Your daughter need you too. Just think they will get tru this and you will be smoke free.



From: Ovivi


Thinking of you through this difficult time, Jan! It maybe that you will have to revisit all the coping skills you developed when first quitting. With all you are doing to be supportive to your husband and family, don’t forget to take time to care for yourself too.


From: Jan2185


Thank you for your kind words Ovivi... I have still resisted but its hard at the moment - :)

Jan sunflower


From: AsadAKhan


Hi Jan,

I guess this is the first time you have faced that much stress in life after your quit. As you know, you will get triggers based on situations etc and you have go through those situations again without smoking to get used to them. 

Hang in there. I know you cannot do much with what is happening all around you but smoking a cig will not make any difference except that you will be an addicted smoker again. 10 months tomorrow is a big achievement. Don't lose your quit because of situation which is not in your control.

Best Wishes,



From: Jan2185


Well here I am again and  have now been smoke free for 10 months today.  I am proud to add my 10th star as it has been a very difficult time with all the things that have been happening, but earned it I have :D... thank you Asad, Ovivi and Mary for your kind encouraging words... they have certainly helped :)

Jan sunflower

Congratulations Jan you are nailing this!! Your posts give new quitters the hope that they too can make it. Show everyone that you can earn your key to the One Year Clubhouse! relaxed

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