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June 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 69535 views.

Thanks Marge,

The Bupropion is very good I have had only the faintest of cravings so far. If I can not get supplies then I will go back to the Doc. see what he suggests.

Kind regards



From: Owen0318


hello Anthony, glad to see you back, I guess I will be posting here on the June quitters page because the May one seems to have no activity, stay strong lets beat this addiction for good !    

Middle of the year everybody's on holidays Owen. Stay strong indeed, I must stay strong to beat this innocuous weed. 2 days almost up, looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight.

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Frank (Azriel57)

From: Frank (Azriel57)


Good morning!

How is everyone doing today? June is just about half way over, can you believe it?

Anyway I wanted to just say had a bit of a rough morning today. Woke up to that crazy insane morning smoke craving. Had what I thought was a panic attack, but now believe it was just a physical response to "needing" a cigarette. I went down let the dogs out and played a game on my phone while my body begged for a smoke. I made it, the start of day six for me. I don't get heavy cravings often but this morning was an exception.

I hope all of you are continuing to fight the good fight. I want to see us all celebrating our one month together and many others after that. I will tell you doing the daily NOPE pledge helps me to stay focused, if you aren't doing it, consider giving it a try.

Good luck to everyone getting through whatever day you are on!! YOU CAN DO IT (worse Rob Schneider impression).  :)


From: theboi123


Thanks for the welcome, Azriel and Marge, pleasure to meet you guys. 

Day 3 now and I have been getting a lot of splitting headaches, all part of the quitting process!

Ive been eating a hell lot of fruits too. Mostly apples and grapes, really helps a lot. 

Frank (Azriel57)

From: Frank (Azriel57)


Good job! Frozen grapes are my favorite especially on a hot summer day lol.

Keep up the good work, Boi!


From: slowblumer


 Good Morning,

Yes, it sure is part of the process.  Day 3 can be a bear.   Take it one day at a time and you will get there.

The fruits do help.  here is an article with more suggestions.


From: suemegan


I am on day 7 of my quit! Thanks for all the support and encouragement...

Frank (Azriel57)

From: Frank (Azriel57)


Morning all,

Today is day 7!! Made it through the first week! I hope everyone is doing well and still fighting!


From: wannaquit123


Thank you for this forum

i am not sure how long I will need it but I figure I try it 

I had quit smoking three years ago, for a year, I made a promise to God and bargained with him, my promise was to stop smoking for a year and then God would give me something I really wanted 

I did not smoked for a year as I am a faithful person, but after the year, I did not get what I was praying for , so stupid me, I was angry and I decided to smoke again 

yes, I know that was dumb 

now fast forward another attempt 

this time , I realize that God will give me strength but I should have never bargain with him, so I decided to quit, now I decided to quit because I hate the smell, and I keep telling my sister and others NOT to smoke, I would hide from them and they never saw me smoking 

so I realized that I was not honest and this time I cold turkey stopped 

it has been two weeks 

and It is hard but I am proud and happy that this time is for the right reasons 

health and to be honest and good role models