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October 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 95684 views.
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From: juliannsc63


Hello, I’m quitting today and know that I’ll need support. Any ex-smokers out there?


From: AsadAKhan


Hello Juilan,

Best of luck. As Joel (whyquit.com) says treat quitting smoke as if you are fighting for your life. We all started from the same place and have seen all the ups and downs of this process.

Initially it will be one hour or minute at a time and in few day it will one day at a time. Take as much support as you want and I can tell you that it does improve with time. Try to read as much as you can and understand how this addiction works and how one cigarette or puff can bring you back to from where you have started. First thing first get all the nicotine out of your body.



Quit Date: 20-03-2019

  • Edited October 3, 2019 2:11 pm  by  AsadAKhan
Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Welcome Juliann and make yourself at home.  A big congrats to you for quitting.  A lot of wonderful people around here that will support you all the way.  Read as much as you can about this addiction and post, post, post.  It keeps your quit going strong.  Take it one day or moment at a time, call out for help if you need us and tell yourself you CAN do this and you can.


From: Myrtel


Hello! Yes Im also here for support and also I love to support others so I will try to support you ( and as Ive said alot - its scandinavian thing I suppose since english is not my first language: please excuse if I write a bit funny and wrong.) Im on day 15 and I really cannot believe that I have made it for so long. First four days were hard. I managed by walking a lot, drinking a lot of tea and eating green vegetables. We call them selleri. They are really healthy. I have stayed away from alcohol and have only been drinking two cups of coffee a day instead of ten. I red Allan Carrs book easyway also. Inspiring book.

Then I understood that I was a slave of those ciggs and that they only dragged me down to sickness, death and they destroyed my looks. My skin looks so much clearer after these 15 days and my there are actually other positive improvments in my life also. But I have been struggling several times a day, showering and crying a lot cause I just dont know how to really relax or enjoy without smoke ( been a big smoker for 25 years.) I stopped cold turkey. Not had one draw. Have not had any ciggs in the house and just not buying them makes it unable for me to smoke, so throw them all away, and dont even take one single puff. That will destroy everything Ive heard.

Then I told everyone where I live ( small place where everybody knows everybody.) also the persons in my local shop. I feel like Im really on an emotional rollercoaster and my mood flips all over the place, mostly now I feel so proud of myself for not smoking but the cravings do come, especially in the evenings..like right now..but this forum is really great, so it helps to read about others going through the same and also just read alot about all the damage smoking do and so on. And I try to take one day at a time. Like today I have been stressed and a bit angry, but I havent smoked and now soon the day is over. Tomorrow new day. So Im trying to not think so far ahead and even though I have been so tempted many times I try to wait it out and thinking that I will at least wait until tomorrow..so the motivating thing can be tough. But believe me, I was a big lover of smoke and..sometimes I still feel like I am, but at the same time my self esteem is so much better now. Smoking not only destroy your body but actually does things with at least my brain. Hope you will make it!! Just try to find things to do, stay active for the first days and drink lot of water!


From: leighmomof2


Hi Julian! My name is Leigh... I am an ex-smoker. I quit 260 days ago. You will get support here, for sure.  The first few weeks were really very hard and challenging but it does get so much better. Life as an ex-smoker is so rewarding.  Please stick with "not one puff ever" and post here in the difficult times. Someone will be here to help.  Good luck!


From: SteveAll


Hi Juliannsc,

You will get a ton of support here, its a great community.  I quit last November after years of trying and this time I made it.  Its definitely been a fight but the rewards are absolutely worth it. A couple thoughts as you start this journey:

1.  I used to fear that I would never enjoy certain experiences again without smoking.  100% FALSE.  There isn't a single experience that lost ANY enjoyment from quitting.  Well, that isn't entirely true, I no longer stand around in the freezing cold or rain for no other reason than to smoke a butt. That whole experience is ruined.  :)
2.  I felt like quitting was a personal journey.  Its not. I am an introvert by nature but forcing myself to join quitting communities and *actively* quit rather than *defensively* quit made all the difference in the world.  When you hit any milestone regardless if its 1 week or 3 months go find some person just starting that leg and encourage them.  Remind them that it gets easier and they can do it.  If you take the offensive in your quit you feel less victimized and stronger.

Good luck and you absolutely can succeed.  I probably tried and failed a dozen times over the years so stick with it and we will all be celebrating your 1 year this time next year. 


From: juliannsc63


Thank you for your supportive words Asad!