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October 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 95508 views.

From: Loreficent


Eve! You’re gonna be excommunicated from Sainthood. Or maybe it’s called de-canonized. Not sure. Will look it up though so I can warn you!joy You were smoking funny cigarettes at 15?? Well, I was too. So maybe that’s why I can’t remember the analogy joy. Yeah, personally, I think weed should be legal everywhere and cigarettes illegal. Maybe. Not really sure I’ve thought about it much. I’m still recovering from Georgie and her gummy excursions. Well, good thing we don’t smoke either now I guess. Smoke in general probably not so good for the lungs. Had my share of smoke around here this year too. 


From: Eve1973


I am not upset about being removed from Sainthood, I only got in because you recommended me. I never applied. I knew I would not get in lol. 
See we started with the illegal stuff, now legalized and will no longer be smoking the legal stuff, what will happen to drug dealers?

Imagine if they make cigarettes illegal........the drug dealers could sell cigs then to people. No tax! Probably be cheaper. 

so I rambled... are edibles legal in Oregon? I guess so if aunt was going to town on them. Boy that was an adventure! I remember those POSTS. Haha.....can you laugh yet? 


From: Loreficent


Not sure how I missed this Eve! Sorry!

I was wondering that too. Maybe all the pot dealers work in the weed shops? There are an unbelievable amount of those. Yes, gummies legal, and yes, was Georgie’s choice of “candy”. By like the pound! Lol!

So weed and gummies and cigarettes are all taxed here. Weed stuff pretty high actually. Was one of the selling points to legalize it. The tobacco tax passed here too this past election. There has always been one, but now it is going up two buck more a pack. They will be almost $11 a pack. My old brand are $8.79 now. It is going to include all Bape stuff too. No other sales tax. Maybe alcohol? Not sure. I don’t really buy it except for the gallon of Everclear I got to make hand sanitizer earlier in the Pandemic. Still have a little less than half. That stuff is like over 95% alcohol!! The fumes alone do me in! joy


From: SusanK1960


 This last weekend, my youngest child was married.  I saw a lot of friends I had not seen in quite a while, most of them from out of state.  My matron of honor at my wedding, (39 years ago) was visiting with me the evening before the wedding,  At the reception, she asked surprisingly if I had given up smoking. It took me by surprise because everyone around me has gotten used to not seeing me smoke.  I haven’t had anyone notice that change for a while.  That was a nice reward!

21 months ago today!


From: Loreficent


Oh, that is fantastic! I bet you were thrilled and so proud to tell her yes, smoke free almost two years!! Where does time go these days? 
So do you have this elusive peace all the time yet? I will say I’m noticing being comfortable. Definitely feel better physically and emotionally and aware I just don’t want the drama of being a smoker anymore. 

Married for 39 years? Wowza. I think if one can be married for 39 years, one can quit smoking, right? joy In my book it shows you definitely got some ability to be committed. 
I have every confidence in you Susan. You have been and remain my rock. kissing_heart


From: Anne2020


Well done Susan.  It's so great to feel your self-esteem with pride when you can say 'yes, I quit - several months/years ago'