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December 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 38236 views.

From: SusanK1960



Congratulations on earning another star!  I hope your new you is doing fantastic.  

I had a bit of a rough patch emotionally this last month, however, I am doing better.  I went back to work, so I credit the distraction of work helping my psyche.  Have had a couple of smoking thoughts when leaving work, but they are easily pushed aside.  

Don’t forget to reward yourself for being quit for 7 months!  Take care.


From: Matt1961


Thank you, Susan.  I am sorry you went through a rough patch, but isn't it nice that you did not revert to the old standby ciggie?  The ciggie never did help us, we just convinced ourselves that it did.  Now we know better.

Hard to believe 7 months have passed.  With the pandemic, it certainly has been an interesting 7 months.  Unfortunately, I fear it is far from over.  It is definitely messing with my vacation plans.  Somehow, I have to get tested and have results back all within a 72 hour window of boarding the ship.  Still working on that one.  I can pull some strings, but will only do it if it means going or not going.  If the pandemic blows up in the next few weeks like it is supposed to, the demand on testing supplies will take away my strings. 

If you don't hear from me in August, know that I was successful and am in remote Alaska without any tobacco accompanying me for the first time.  Nice not to have to pack in enough to get by for the duration like I always have in the past.


From: SusanK1960


Hello there,  Dropping in to tell you how happy I am for you!  7 months is an awesome accomplishment!  I hope you are feeling good and celebrating your victory!


From: Arielle2019


Hey sweetie relaxed Sorry to say but I smoked some when moving to a new place. I know some people dont count that but for me, even just one puff means I am back on day 1.

That said I am doing really well, no more puffs since moving to a new home. Feeling good, eating healthy and walking a lot as well as doing breathing exersizes. Overall I feel relaxed and thankful. Honestly Susan, it's been ages since I felt this good. I feel like me againheart_eyes

So my dear, how are you doing, what is going on in your life? 


From: SusanK1960


Hey Cherbear,

Just being nosy and checking in on you!  I also wanted to tell you congratulations on another month of not having to smoke!  I hope you are enjoying your independence!


From: cherbearquit


Hi Susan! Yep, still going. Hard to believe it has been 8 months. I still have an occasional day where I think that I am missing the old habit but it’s just a fleeting thought that I ignore by reminding myself of all of the reasons why I quit. Nope, never going back! I enjoy my freedom from that nasty addiction and the money I am saving as well! Thanks for checking on me. I haven’t been online much, so I hope you are doing well! Take care! 

Quit 12/6/19