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January Bravehearts 2019   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/31/19 by ModAndrea; 598137 views.

From: sibby123


Happy 11th to you!!!


From: Denim50



Hey Sibby, 

     Congratulations on nine months smoke free! What a wonderful achievement! 

Have a great day. 


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From: sibby123


Thank you Denim

it is indeed a miraculous thing

not easy, nor predictable, but miraculous none the less.


From: Robin212


Hi Julie! Ty and happy 11 to you! You must be so proud of yourself..almost to the clubhouse! I'm taking a break from the forum. Doing well but get tired of reading about smoking. Sounds like many of us are doing well! Happy 9 months to you Sibby!

Kepp going strong Bravehearts!

Xo Robin

CC to sibby123

From: sibby123


Thank you Robin

happy 9 months to you as well.

i do think about those that left us and hope they are all smoke free


From: leighmomof2


hello any remaining Braveharts that check this thread!  I just wanted to stop in and share a milestone I hit this weekend. My husband and I went to Foxwoods Casino overnight for a friends Birthday on Saturday. I was very excited that I could finally be in a social setting for many hours without have to worry about how I would sneak away for a smoke.   What I was not expecting was the fact that the whole place was full of smoke. Yes, they still allow people to smoke in the casino!   Initially, I was like "oh boy.. after a few drinks this is going to be very hard".... Happy to report, I had not one craving all night. If anything, the mixture of fresh smoke and stale smoke was making me sick!   I am so happy that I am at a point where watching people and smelling people smoke does not trigger cravings.  YAY!!! Hope everyone is still smoke free and enjoying life.  


From: SenseiShido


Excellent!!!! Gratz on the milestone!


From: jean111


Hi Robin and Julie.  I miss you guys!  Ditto what Robin said, I had to stop reading/talking about smoking.  Best wishes to all the Bravehearts, wherever you are in your journey.


From: Robin212


Hi Jean and all the Bravehearts!

All is well here...almost 10 months. Unbelievable!

Savoring the last of the warm days here. Busy w work and kids. Not many thoughts of smoking. It actually turns my stomach. To go back, feel terrible and try and quit again would be unbearable! I pray for strength. Need to be on guard and never let complacency set in!

Hope you are wellblush


From: Cruz1977


Hi everyone,

I haven't been on much but I just wanted to check back in and say hello. I am currently at 8 months, 24 days, and 4 hours smoke free. :)

Congrats on almost 10 months, Robin! I am glad you are still here. :) 

I am actually still waiting for it to cool down here in Central Florida. It is still hot as hell here. 

See you all around.