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January Bravehearts 2019   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/31/19 by ModAndrea; 500887 views.

From: AsadAKhan


Hi Robin,

I am doing great at around 7.5 months. Oddly I don't think I am getting any irritation because of quit. Although at sometimes I am not feeling good which I am not sure why. May be it is the same irritability which you are talking about but I cannot link it to cigarettes or my brain has lost that pointer.

I am getting very few thoughts of smoking which is really amazing and I am feeling much better now. 




From: jean111


Hi Julie!  Glad I checked in and saw your general post on November 7.  Congratulations on making it to the club house!!!  I am SO happy for you!  You made it through some tough stuff . Yes, I remember when your hub lost his job...and all the other stuff the Bravehearts went through. Your cholesterol drop blew me always.  I always thought my cholesterol would drop after quitting, but I figured maybe 10%.   49 points?!  That is amazing.  I just can't express how happy I am for you.  Cheers!


From: spartanfan


Thanks, Jean!  It blew me away too!  So much so that I kept putting off going in for the bloodwork because I was convinced it would be horrible news given the weight gain...but just goes to show how smoking truly is one of the worst things we can do to our bodies.  Dentist tomorrow for a cleaning, hoping I get a good report there too!

you’ll be in the clubhouse soon...this time of year time just flies by.  So thrilled for all of us, what a huge gift we’ve given to ourselves!!

  • Edited November 11, 2019 8:52 pm  by  spartanfan

From: Robin212


Hi everyone! Celebrating Thanksgiving today and so grateful for all the support from the forum.

It will be 11 months soon.

Struggling  a little bit today as this is the first holiday of the season without smoking. Thank goodness nobody smokes here where I am!


From: jean111


I'm struggling with that too, Robin.   


From: sibby123


Hello bravehearts!!

as I celebrate my 11th month of freedom from cigarettes, I am thinking of you all and hoping you are still travelling the path.  I have a wicked case of bronchitis that the doctor said is my 30 year old smoking habit biting me in the butt..booooo

other than that, I am thrilled to be reaching the year milestone 

it has been a rough ride but well worth it and I pledge to never ever smoke again

it would be great to hear from you all


From: AsadAKhan


Congratulations on 11 months. Your are doing great.


From: Denim50



Hey Sibby, 

     A couple days late but, congratulations on reaching 11 months smoke free! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating and did something special for yourself. I’m sorry to hear about the bronchitis but hope you feel better soon. Sending good thoughts to you. It’s great to see you reaching these milestones. Only a month to your one year milestone. Can’t wait to celebrate your amazing accomplishment with you. That’s awesome! Have a great day. Hugs.  



From: sibby123



thank you so

much for the kind words of encouragement.

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


A great big congratulations to you on 11 months of freedom !!!

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