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January Bravehearts 2019   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/31/19 by ModAndrea; 610941 views.

From: IainZAR


Hi andnso great!! Almost two years, amazing what you have done and you are doing so well. I think a lesson for us all, looking where we all started 

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From: IainZAR


We are doing well. Surving the covid chaos and in what feels like a space walk. But good to hear from you. Sending prayers and happy thoughts 

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From: Anne2020


I totally agree with you about shedding the associations.  I have the odd 'wish I could smoke', then realize I can if I want to.  I just don't want to go back to that again.  It took too long to finally quite and hey, after all, we are romancing one cigarette.  When in fact, that one cigarette turns into years of smoking with ugly side effects.  It's never just one.

A lot like the mermaids in the Pirate movies - they look so pretty, you really want one and then, if you invite one in, it turns on you like a ferocious animal, dragging you into the depths of addiction and depravity.   Nope, I can see right through that facade.

Cheers on your 2 years!!! Well done.