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3 months and not feeling healthier...   Health Support and Encouragement

Started 2/8/19 by PrpleHippY; 766 views.

From: PrpleHippY


hey everyone.. 

was kinda expecting to feel amazing by now.. my chest has stopped wheezing but I have really bad post nasal drip and my smell and taste aren't coming back when will I feel better?

still not sleeping great either 

Sorry to be all moany

thanks x


From: JEM777


Hey Purple!

I hope it does get better. People here have said it does, and I believe them.

I downloaded a free tracker called SmokeFree that tracks how long I've gone without a single puff but also highlights physical changes. The app says coughing and wheezing may take 4+ months to clear up. Some people here have said they were plagued by insomnia for 6 months. I hope someone who has a lot more quit hours than I do can share their first-hand experiences. 

Be moany! Be venty! That's what we're here for. 


new_moon 8 days free of smoking


From: BlueDahlia29


Hi PrpleHippY. I know what you mean. I'm about to hit 4 months and while the wheezing is better I still have it occasionally and the weight I've put on is so frustrating but I also love not smelling awful and that I'm not thinking of smoking all the time.  I also have hope that I'll live longer than I would've if I continued to smoke and for me those things are huge. I believe it will get better and better it's just a slow process so be patient and persevere.

Blue starstarstar


Neats (1146)

From: Neats (1146)


No need to apologise here for having a vent or moan as you call it. You are being honest about how you feel and sharing your experience with us all.

You are still in the early stages of your quit. Things will slowly improve maybe you just need to allow a bit more time for you body to right itself. Think of all the time we have to smoking so it is only fair to give invest more time into your quit. Eat well and drink loads of water and try to get exercise even if it’s a daily walk if you can. Your sleep pattern should improve with a bit more time if not perhaps have a chat with your doctor. 

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