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Alexandra's Quit Story   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 9/23/15 by alEXsmoker (afrancis333); 57402 views.

So today, I smoked.  Ugh.  I couldn't resist the temptation.  There were several people outside of the place I went this morning.  And the excuse is "at least it isn't 'x' you know".  Will renew my quit tomorrow.  Dang this addiction is strong.  

I will say this though.  I didn't go buy a pack.  So I am happy about that.  :D


From: youdi


New day, new attempt... will check with you tomorrow...


From: youdi


Just for kicks :) try and see if you can avoid taking another puff rest of the day ... Simple goal, don't think about tomorrow, just no puff today...

Ok - I'm going to do it. blush


From: youdi


Hi Alex,  are you all set to start the quit journey today?  Were you able to remain smoke free rest of yesterday?

Yeah I'm finally ready now.  Big sigh...




But I am ready.  

I didn't make it thru yesterday.  I'm starting right now.  2:38pm ET.  11/19/15.  Here we go...

I'm ready for all the crap that comes with smoking cessation.  Bring it on.

This is a helpful article.  Here's my renewed list of why I want to quit.  Or why I did quit and want to stay quit:

1.  I want to see my daughter grow. 

2.  I want to be a good example for my daughter.

3.  I want to be at peace.

4.  I want to be guilt free.

5.  I want to stop worrying about lung cancer.

6.  I want my heartburn to stop.

7.  I want to meet my grandchildren.

8.  I want to stop lying to my husband about this.

9.  I want to be healthy.

10.  I want to be smoke free.