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Alexandra's Quit Story   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 9/23/15 by alEXsmoker (afrancis333); 75172 views.
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I got one week!  Yay!  So happy to be free again.  I did have some smoking thoughts this morning, but nothing I couldn't overcome with the help of this forum.  Thank God for you people.  I was thinking too...I think that I like support groups because I get to talk about myself all the time.  I am so self-centered.  Yikes!  I may need to start reading or something.  LOL.

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More venting here!  I'm just sitting at work listening to people work while I'm on this forum and having chest pains.  It is absolutely hilarious to me that I still want a cig after all this.  Ugh.

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Here are my reasons to stop smoking:

1.  My daughter

2.  My husband

3.  My life

4.  My lungs

5.  My health

6.  Hope

7.  Love

8.  Fear

9.  Meeting my grandchildren

10.  Meeting my great grandchildren



From: Rick342day


Hey Alex,

First congrats on getting though hell week. Also, I do recommend keeping a journal. When I transferred my journal here from the old forum I could really see the growth. And I did a lot of complaining!!!!
But it was all worth it to be over two year free.
Staying quit with you,

Thanks Rick I'm so glad to have made it thru hell week.  Now into heck week.  I'm so tired.  ??  Hope that emoji works here lol.  I'm freakin' exhausted.  I feel like I could sleep for daaaayyyysssss hahahahaha

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I am freaking exhausted!  I'm supposed to be working on contracts, but guess what?!  I don't want to!  All I want to do is sleep for 3 days straight.  Then, I'll be good to go.  Sigh...

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I am having chest pains this morning.  SMH.  Please God let this go away quickly.  Amen.

ModJenn (blakwolf013)

From: ModJenn (blakwolf013)



How are you feeling? Your last post says you were experiencing chest pains. I hope you are doing better. Let us know whenever you get a chance.

Hugs and love, Jenn

Hey Jenn, 

Thanks for asking.  My chest still hurts.  This always happens when I smoke now.  It sucks.  In a way its good though because I honestly think I would not have quit if I never experienced pain in my chest.  I'm hoping it will just subside as it always does after I quit for about 3 months.  Sucks.  I really hope I didn't do permanent damage, but after smoking for 20 years, I wouldn't be surprised.  

I still have my quit though.  For today.  And that's what is important.  Amen.   

ModJenn (blakwolf013)

From: ModJenn (blakwolf013)


Hi ((Alex)),

I also had the pain in my chest and reasoned that after 24 years of smoking it's going to take some time for my chest to start clearing itself of the crap I have been continuously putting in there. Although everyone's quit is different perhaps knowing that you aren't the only one can help. At the same time, if it continues or you are worried please go see your doctor and get it checked out. Better safe than sorry and then at least it will  help to put your mind at ease.

How are you doing?

Hugs and love, Jenn