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How to Post Personal Message   Forum Navigation and Rules

Started 9/24/15 by ModAndrea; 568 views.

From: ModAndrea


Want to know how to send a private message to a quit buddy or other forum member?

How to Send a Private Message

Method A

Click on the forum member’s name after the “FROM:” in the upper left of his/her post. From the menu that appears, select “Send Private Message”. A box will open. Enter your message and click “Send”, then “Close”.

Method B

  1. Click on your profile pic in the upper right hand corner.
  2. From the drop down menu, select “My Profile”
  3. Select the folder tab “My Inbox”
  4. A table of messages sent to you may appear.* [To read a message, click on the small box (enclosing a plus sign +) in the far left column, next to the member’s name and profile pic. You have the option to reply or to delete each message.] Or the table will read “You have no messages at this time.”
  5. To send a new message, select New Message (A bright green plus sign + precedes it.) It is located on the right, below the folder tabs, directly across from My Inbox
  6. A box will appear “Send a Private Message”.  Fill it out with forum member’s name, etc. and click “Send”.

How to Quickly Check for Private Messages*

In addition to going into “My Profile” to check for personal messages, you can quickly see if you have any while in the forum. Look at your profile pic in the upper right hand corner. If you have a message, the box to the left will be red with a number (to indicate how many messages). Click on the box. From the drop down menu, select “Inbox (Private Msgs)”.  A box will open with the message including who it is from and the time sent. To reply, click on “Show All” in the lower right hand corner. Enter your reply and click “Send”.


From: JoJoMn


When you read PM you have choice to delete it. If you don't, they will be saved - all the PMs from me will ALL be saved together, with the most recent showing. 

For example,  I send ModAndrea a PM. She opens it, responds, and closes.  Next PM I send her, she opens abd responds.  She can click on Private Messages To Me, she sees JoJoMn - the most recent one, she clicks on "Show all" on the bottom right if the most recent PM - and all other messages I have sent her that she has NOT deleted, will be there, one after the other in date order.

I found this very helpful.  If you do NOT delete any, you will find it hard to find the really important ones. Sort of like never deleting emails - a mess.  

Hope this is helpful.   

Jo *


In reply toRe: msg 2

From: ModAndrea


Thanks, Jo! wink