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Rocktobers `11   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 930 views.
Obi (Obi-Waunday)

From: Obi (Obi-Waunday)



So very glad to hear from you.  Praying all is well with you and yours. 

Six years nicotine free!! Isn't it great? You are so very correct. We must day vigilant and all costs. Not sure if you read the blog lately, but I shared on my anniversary date that another family member (My Mom) was diagnosed with breast cancer this past June, so kind of revisiting more intense feelings than I had when you talked me down off the ledge after my aunt passed away, when we made it to one year, back in 2012.

I am careful not to even put myself in a situation where I would want to light up. 

Have you heard from any other Rocktober Members?

I emailed back and forth with Honefone up until last year. Praying that he is well. Last time we talked he was in Columbia.

Welp, Not gonna talk your ear off...LOLOLOL!!

Keep in touch, Buddy. **major hugs**

Buddy Clyde

From: Buddy Clyde


Great to hear from you Obi and congratulations on your 6 year milestone. I never get on the forum anymore, but received an email notification today from Delphi forums reminding me that I hadn't checked in for awhile and found your message. Sending good thoughts and karma to your Mom and hoping you have a great Holiday season. Haven't read your blog for quite awhile so that is my next stop! Take care Obi and stay strong!grin