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Where is everyone from?   General Chit-Chat

Started 8/26/19 by Jan2185; 5548 views.

From: Jatchat


South Coast NSW Australia in Nowra

Kind regards



From: jos67


Antwerp - Belgium here


From: Loreficent


Hi, I’m in Portland too and today is my first day. Having a little difficulty figuring out the forum, but saw a fellow quitter in PDX and wanted to say hi!


From: Matt1961


Hi Loreficent, and welcome to the forum!!  This is a wonderful place, and I attribute my success, as limited as it is so far, to this and Allen Carr's book.  There are great people on here, and all of us are going through this together.

I struggled with the forum a bit at first, too, and posted in the wrong place, but everyone is very forgiving, and I quickly learned.

Just click on the menu on the left and hit Reply at will.  Also, there are terrific articles on here to help you along.


From: Majomar


I'm from Montenegro (former Yugoslavia). 

Struggling for three weeks now... I quit cold turkey and where I live, there is no other option, no nicotine replacement therapy, no therapy or support of any kind. I rely on my resolution and support I find in reading articles on the internet. That is how I discovered this forum.

My mother died three months ago, she was a heavy smoker, it literally destroyed her. I was by her side.

I might be too traumatized and stressed out to quit so soon after what's happened, but the stress brought health problems which cigarettes only made worse for me, so I just had to stop delaying the moment I quit. And  I just quit. And she'd be so so happy for me, she wanted me to quit so badly.

I'm having really hard time these days, crying and being miserable all the time, but I try to hang on...

Hope we all make it...

Maja <3

P.S. English is not my mother tongue, and I rarely use it actively, so I apologise for mistakes I make.

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)



    Hang in there, it really will get much better and you will be so glad you quit.   I also quit cold turkey and glad that I did.  Take it one day at a time and don't worry about the future or the past, just concentrate on today.  You can do this and you will be proud of yourself for doing it.  Wishing you all the best.


From: Ovivi


I’m so sorry about your mother, Maja.

She would surely be so proud of you that you’ve decided no more smoking. 
Keep going, you are doing fine, and it’ll get easier soon I hope!  

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From: Majomar


Brenda and Ovivi,

thank you. Your words of support mean a lot.

It's been rough these days and I'm sorry I didn't answer earlier.

But, I'm hanging in there, hoping it will get easier. Some days it seems as it will get easier, but other, last week... depression was the biggest problem, complete breakdowns and getting up and again breaking and feeling terrible. And, as all of my friends smoke, I was exposed to abnormal amount of smoke - in the middle of three chain-smokers two nights ago, for hours, and my skin allergies were back and depression hit harder, I had almost a nervous breakdown and brain fog just doesn't go away... as if I'm back to the beginning, even if I didn't smoke! I knew it was not good to be exposed to smoke (it is not the first time since I quit), but I just wanted to get out of the house, as I'm stuck for months taking care of the house and father and everyone in the family who is not feeling OK, or is ill, or has different problems... and I haven't had the time to deal with the loss and trauma of losing my mother. I'm just... tired. And sad.

She would be really proud and happy, she suffered so much for not being able to get rid of her own nicotine addiction, she got every possible chronic lung disease there is and, at the end, cancer on top of that... her end was inexplicably painful and hard. No being should suffer like that. 

She was the strongest person I know, who could bear unbearable, but this one weakness... took her away and made her life really hard for too long.

So, be smart, everyone, just as we all should be strong, for our own and for the sake of our loved ones.

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From: nomosmok


Hi Majomar

Please accept my condolences for the lose of your mother. Death of a loved one is never easy & grieving is the hardest thing we humans have to go through in this life.  I’ve lost my father, my mother & my husband. Each grief was very hard & each one was different depending on our relationship. Don’t let anyone tell you how to grieve or how long to grieve because it’s individual to each person. 
I appreciate you sharing your feelings & respect how you are walking through them without smoking. In the past when I would quit, when I would have strong feelings, I would smoke because I couldn’t deal with them. This quit I have vowed to walk through my feelings whatever they may be & not smoke. So you are a big inspiration to me because I can relate to what you are feeling & still you don’t smoke. So proud of you!  You can do this & it will get easier. Don’t forget that you’re grieving & grief just takes time to heal. Be patient & loving with yourself during this time.  
Your English is perfect & you express yourself so well that I could never tell it was a second language to you. Keep posting, Majomar!  So far you’ve been very helpful to me with what you share.  I only wish I can be there for you & be supportive for you too. 


ex-tobacco user 1/21/20 7:34pm


From: AliceMay5


Laughs.  I am from NSW, Australia.  The beautiful shore of Lake Macquarie.  I am not going to fill up the pavements ANYMORE!