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Where is everyone from?   General Chit-Chat

Started 8/26/19 by Jan2185; 5912 views.

From: DebraAnne60


Hi Majomar,  I think you have a point about what I am eating and when before bedtime.  Like Scrooge says, it could be an under-cooked bit of beef - lol.  I will pay more attention to that and hopefully the nightmares will subside.  I like your analogy - starving the monster - maybe that is what is trying to play up in my sleeping mind.  The anxiety from all day is creeping in while I am sleeping and trying to frighten me back to the smoke chair.  lol   Not going to happen though - I quite out of the blue without even a plan to do so.  I just quite.  I didn't even try the first three weeks.  It just happened.  Only this past week or so that I have noticed the odd craving to smoke and I have had to make an effort not to give in the craving to smoke.  Just do something to distract myself and think about how I have come this far why waste it by having a smoke.  Not sure why this all happened.  I wasn't planning it.  It feels like a gift so I am not going to waste it.    



From: Majomar


Hi, again :)

I understand. Some crisis I didn't feel before I only felt after could let of weeks, like, some things got better, some I expected earlier, hit later for the first time. It's different than how you quit in terms of trying, your quitting came naturally, my didn't... But the path isn't "written in stone" ( if you say so in English?) But I now people who had your experience. It  i s  a gift and you will make it, you already did...

Even if they lit one after that "strange" quitting or felt smoke - it disgusted them, a lot. Cigarettes left you, it's how they would describe it. Wave them goodbuy before going to bed and have a good night/life :)

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From: DebraAnne60


That's a good one - I like that - cigarettes left me....bye bye  so long, adieus amigo