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Article I found helpful about brain receptors and nicotine    Quit Support

Started 9/30/19 by Makeitstick; 1098 views.
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From: Majomar


Great recommendations for infusions, I agree with your choices, melissa and lemongrass are my favourites, I'd add lavander. It's reeeeally calming. 

I agree there should be more talk about the ways our brain can recover more easily.  The only time I feel my brain finds balance is after exercise. And it makes sense, many research show unbelievable benefits of physical exercise on the brain. I wish I could exercise all the time while this crisis lasts, but I can't. I'm sure it speeds up this process of helping brain chemistry to balance... I take a lot of Omega 3, Neuroforte (HealthAid) and Mg. It seems to work. I'm not off the hook, my depression and breakdowns were scary at one point, but this combination with support from some people seem to have helped. And infusions calm me down really nicely, I'm just lazy to make them sometimessmirk

Lavander makes antidepressants work better, I think there is a study on that. 

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